Why not make Parliament into a Holocaust Memorial?

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk May 8, 2019

Five British Prime Ministers, some of them renowned war criminals, united yesterday in a call to build a Holocaust Memorial in proximity to Parliament.  “A sacred, national mission,” is how Theresa May described the idea and for once, I totally agree with this tragic, sad woman. I would take it further: don’t just build a holocaust shrine in Westminster, make our parliament into a Holocaust monument. We don’t really need a House of Commons; as things stand, we better get direct orders from our true rulers in Tel Aviv.
But there is a deeper ethical rationale that justifies the erection of a holocaust memorial instead of our dysfunctional parliament. Every political commentator in Britain knows by now that the more that Jewish pressure groups terrorise the kingdom, its human rights campaigners, its artists, writers and poets, the more Brits become aware of the crimes of Zionism, Israel and their ruthless Lobby. The more British politicians join Parliamentary friends of Israel clubs, the less Brits trust their political system. The more Holocaust indoctrination is shoved down our throats, the more suspicious Brits become of the manner in which history is told.
Watch our compromised prime ministers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-3vWJizC7o
Mrs May said: “By putting our National Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre next to our Parliament, we make a solemn and eternal promise that Britain will never forget what happened in the Holocaust.” Is that true Mrs. May? Do you really mean what you say? Will our Holocaust memorial bring to light the embarrassing fact that Britain made it very difficult for Jewish refugees to seek a safe haven in the Kingdom or in other parts of the empire? In 1937, as the rate of Jewish refugees looking to immigrate to Britain increased, the British government created stricter standards for those whom they would admit. One was that refugees had to have ₤50 deposited in an overseas bank, but in Germany it was against the law to possess foreign currency. If this was not enough to stop Jewish immigration from Germany, the British government limited the number of immigrants in 1938 and 1939. Practically speaking, the British Government turned its back on German and Austrian Jews.
 The PM vowed that “in the face of despicable Holocaust denial, this memorial will stand to preserve the truth forever.” I am here to tell you with confidence that the British Holocaust memorial will act intensively to conceal British complicity in the destruction of European Jewry.
 Mrs May was joined by all the living former prime ministers: David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major. With the exception of Sir John Major, all our living PMs are involved in a lot of death and carnage. While Blair and Brown led this kingdom to a disastrous criminal war in Iraq that led to millions of casualties, it was Cameron who managed to pull this country into a chain of disasters in Libya, Syria and beyond.
 Tony Blair whom third of the British people see as a war criminal  said in his message that “Antisemitism and hate did not end in 1945. Unfortunately today some of this poison is back from the political fringe to parts of the political mainstream.” Blair was probably referring to his own party that struggles to disown the criminal past he himself inflicted on it. But the truth of the matter is that Antisemitism didn’t die in 1945, certainly not in Britain. The post-war Labour Government went out of its way to make the lives of Jewish holocaust survivors impossible. In Zionist history, British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin (Labour) is remembered as one of the bitterest enemies of the Jewish people. This senior Labour politician had opposed removing the limiting of Jewish immigration to Palestine. Is this Zionist chronicle of Labour anti-Jewish politics going to be explored in the Holocaust monument?
It doesn’t take a genius to gather why Blair and Brown are so enthusiastic about a museum that Chronicles Nazi crimes rather than a proper and timely institute that would explore their own crimes in Iraq. It is pretty clear why David Cameron prefers to divert attention from his own blunders in Syria and Libya. But it goes further. Britain and the Empire have a long list of crimes against humanity to account for: slavery, concentration camps in the Boer war, the partitioning of India, the destruction of Palestine, famines in Ireland and Bengal. Millions of innocent people lost their lives due to the crimes of the empire, yet our ethically compromised  Prime Ministers are committed to the commemoration of crimes that were committed by another people. Is this the ethical message we are supposed to pass to the next generations? Is zero self-reflection a new British value?
 I have learned that Jeremy Corbyn, the person who according to the polls is destined to become our next PM, is not at all different from his predecessors. Corbyn, who at a certain point claimed to care for the many, is now subscribing to the primacy of Jewish suffering. Corbyn was quick to announce that he also would “strongly support permanent commemoration, including a national memorial, alongside extra investment in educational programmes.” I guess that supporting a Holocaust memorial is an entry ticket to 10 Downing Street.
There is a good reason to believe that our entire political class has migrated to Egypt by now, without exception they all live in a state of denial. 
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

8 responses to “Why not make Parliament into a Holocaust Memorial?”

  1. Oh what a good idea, if it were left as just a pile of smoldering ash it would certainly destroy all the lies and the truth then would be a vision of hope for hope is all that is left to gain the truth.

  2. What the very people who killed Jesus, blew up the king david hotel and many british subjects, funded the IRA with drugs guns and exp[losives info
    c ommitted the attack on the USS liberty the Madrid bombing 7 7 and 9 11
    and even had filmed the 5 dancing cheering israelis.
    The people who commit genocide in the middle east
    commit world wide terrorism and banking fraud, the same people who under the Board Of British deputies boss Greville Janner, sodomised and ruined the lives of young boys in 16 London care homes in whch the UK column called ” abuse on an industrial scale ”
    let them pay for a holocaust memeorial, after they have paid reparations for their crimes
    WE must support Gilad Atzmon.

  3. The british people were given trash TV with soaps and football crap full of violencve and perversion, subliminals pushing homosexual perversion etc to british kids who were dumbed down and then robbed with student debt for jobs which have been given to foreign incomers, the country is not working, our hospitals are at breaking point full of the worlds refuse, our police are scared to nick foreign criminals, nothing works anymore
    and the jewbankers sit back rubbing their hands and laughing
    and they expect us to send our young men to go fight wars on brown people in the middle east, ? no way, our only enemies are at home, our own government who allowed these crimes to go on

  4. Censorship Holocaust Cathedral

    Internet spies spreading all their lies
    See the hate they generate by censoring our guys
    Big time lying criminals should head for the confessionals
    Their crimes are known to those who care
    They leave their traces everywhere

    Looking for hate propaganda?

    Check out the Talmud or turn on the boob-tube
    Listen to the hatebeat coming from the boobus
    Waging War for israel and acting like a doofus
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    Paranoid, schizophrenic, manic-oppressive
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    Censoring, shadow-banning, demonetizing
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    Lie amplifiers in big universities
    Dirty money traders in the inner cities
    Teams of horrible fiends in their lying machines
    Reams of whore riddled scenes, terrorizing our dreams

    graham hart – hoax train

  5. re “With the exception of Sir John Major, all our living PMs are involved in a lot of death and carnage”

    Uugh? WHat about Major’s ‘War ON Serbia’?????

  6. Holocaust Cathedral On Burning Temple Mount

    A sculpture of scripture, a majestic fixture
    Gothic architecture of stone mason culture
    Spiritual betrayal a crime unforgivable
    Monumental memorial of time immemorial

    Corrupted minorities misleading the sheeple
    Mistrusted authorities ignoring the people
    Religion of liars dressed up as friars
    Their burning desires igniting fires

    Temple temperature’s risin’
    Holy Smoke on the horizon
    Holocaust Cathedral arson
    Believers abandon reason

    Holocaust Cathedral
    Notre Dame Memorial
    On Burning Temple Mount
    The Church of no account

  7. the number one thing that has to be done is take the fed away from jews . and print money by government not private.nothing is more important

  8. they say it might cost more now.i am bothered by the way they want to chav 60 million from taxpayers to pay for the holohoax triumph of jews winning ww2 monument..60 million is an estimate of the population of the uk.to me it is like they are saying “we are stealing from every single one of you to pay for our triumphal monument”