Iran War – Public Apathy Could Prove Fatal – May 9, 2019

(Bjerkness is interviewed by Adam Green) 
Christopher Jon Bjerknes says Jewish leaders are working to fulfil Jewish prophecy which calls for a nuclear holocaust that will kill millions including many Jews. He says Israel will join China and Russia against the US in this war. Trump is following this blueprint.
Ninety per cent of Americans oppose war with Iran Why is there (((no outcry))) against recent developments? 
“So will the alt-right abandon its Trump worship and actually put America first by protesting this drive to war? Who will take to the streets and demonstrate to oppose this bellicose posturing, which is already costing us massive amounts of money? … Trump is putting Israel and Russia first and setting America up for destruction.” —CJB

We Need Anti-War Protests and We Need Them Now!

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes — (

I had a premonition that they were going to escalate hostilities with Iran in the near future. A decade ago, I revealed the prophetic ambitions of Judaism to wage war on Iran:
The Jewish Cabalistic Zohar prophesied that Ishmael, today associated with Islam, would provoke wars. The Zohar also prophesied a war between Iran and the West.
Moses de Leon wrote the Zohar in the 1290’s AD, and the Jewish plan to pit Iran against the West dates back at least that far. What we are witnessing today on the World stage is merely theater following the script of the Cabalah, acted out by our crypto-Jewish and Jewish manufactured “World leaders”. Years ago, I predicted what is happening today based on my knowledge of Jewish messianic prophecy and the Cabalah.
The Jews Have Been Planning to Attack Iran for at Least 700 Years in Order to End the World in Fulfilment of Jewish Messianic Prophecy

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One response to “Iran War – Public Apathy Could Prove Fatal”

  1. but there are other prophecies, Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet
    spoke of when the sleeping dragon awakes, he means china
    and you do not do as the zio US senate does and poke a sleeping dragon
    the USA will pay a terrible price but one which it has well earnt
    The bible has been changed so many times, but there are predictions on the destruction of israel by fire, israel only began in 1948, but since then the hasidics have said this will be a nuclear device possibly from the USA, the world waits and hopes israel will be destroyed soon