Soon Your “Credit Score” May Reflect Thought Crimes – May 8, 2019

 I recommend Paul Joseph Watson’s video (above) on China’s “social credit” system, which is Orwell’s 1984 powered by technology. Like the US, China is Jewish-controlled. This is a harbinger of our dystopian fate.

by Henry Makow PhD

We already have a “social credit” system — it’s called a credit score. Try to enact any business once you get on the wrong side of the banking system. You will discover you are a non-person.  As Paul Joseph Watson notes, we are witnessing credit creep. Conservatives are being denied access to commerce and, someday even their own “money” as foretold in Revelations.  
This is the future because social credit is an extension of credit. All money is credit extended by the Satanist (Communist) central bank cartel guaranteed by our government. There are billions of transactions every day. No “money” actually moves. All that changes are digits on a giant ledger kept by the Rothschilds and their franchisees, our banks.
“Money” is actually a mental construct denoting value. Currency is just coupons for this mental construct. It is a medium of exchange which the bankers created in the form of a debt to themselves. Governments could do this themselves without incurring debt or interest.  Money is just a game of “pretending.” It runs on “confidence” working only so long as the illusion is maintained. People will accept “money” as long as they know they can spend it.

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  1. the boycott campaign while supported by Brits saw many muslims still shopping at tesco morrisons and sainsburies stores, the boycott hit tesco very hard and flyers were given out at some branches to say the boycott would continue until
    Israel stopped all terrorism
    stopped the genocides
    stopped all banking fraud
    and word terrorism
    if we are to bring them to heel we need the support of everyone

  2. Princess Diana went to Silfield primary school, this still exists and is at 85 Gayton Rd near the Q E hospital. Norfolk England.
    The head gardener there, i cannot remember his name, but he said as British troops poured into Germany at the wars end, he was shocked at the total appalling desolation,with very few buildings still standing, the whole country was a bombsite.
    This man as a young British soldier said he was part of a team who had to go round with flame throwers, kick in the doors to the cellars and ignoring any screams, give a 30 second burst into all cellars.
    He said he was following orders, the whole team were, but on kicking in one door heard a small baby cry, he called out, come out come out now !
    and a stream of starving dirty frightened German women with babies and small children came out blinking in the sunlight.
    He realised that there were no German men, all either dead or captured, and the FT Team ( flame thrower team ) had been burning women and children, he said the Russians and Americans were the worst shooting hundreds maybe thousands of surrendering German troops and refugees
    Those close to Churchill had told the FT Team that the killing of Germans was the most important goal of the war, he said no one really took much notice of Churchill as most orders he gave were when drunk, he later forgot what he said and changed the orders, this man said the ordinary soldiers hated Churchill.
    Its interesting with the recent Zio-encyclicals that the white Anglo-Saxon race must be exterminated, and it endorses what the old gardener to the School said when he was on the Flame Thrower team, that everyone must be burnt

  3. Just stumbled on this oldie

    Posted on March 3, 2010 in T. Stokes

    Following the Burgess and MacLean defection to the Soviet Union in 1951,
    Varda Proctor the wife of Cambridge spy and fellow apostle Dennis Proctor threatened to inform the authorities on her knowledge of both their sex and black magic parties and her husbands illegal spying activities, she then very kindly committed suicide It is in the records that highly secret treasury documents were found at the flat of Guy Burgess.

    Peter Mandelsons grandfather was Herbert Morrison, who held various ministerial positions in W W II Britain, Intel files from this period, state quite clearly that Morrison was instrumental in informing other powerful Jewish businessmen connected to the russians which products would be going up in the annual budget, three houses side by side in Marylebone London and owned by wartime millionaire black marketer Phil Sher were packed full of goods which would appreciate, Traditionally inside informants have said advance financial information was always available to certain Jewish business people from the office of the Chancellor of the exchequer, and still is today through the synagogues.
    Dame Shirley Porter who is the daughter of Jack Cohen founder of Tesco supermarkets, had close connections to the late Herbert Morrison,
    and all these people are linked to the Rothschilds, who fund both Britains New Labour and Conservative parties, the old joke,:
    “no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in ”
    is perhaps not wide of the mark.
    Britain’s intel apparatus listed names of all those who went to Russia from the thirties onward, Churchill foolishly forbad all Intel gathering on Russia during the war as he said; they were an ally. but the records show visits to Russia from members of the Astor family who wrote letters to with George Bernard Shaw, which are now in the intel archives.
    Lord William 3rd viscount Astor, was to hold sex and black magic parties
    at his grand house, where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies seduced the rich and famous.
    The society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward, was a master occultist
    who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies.
    M.I.5 informant Stephen Ward treated Winston Churchill for alcoholism and depression, and got him painting for therapy, it was said to be what ward knew of Churchill that ensured his murder.
    Sir Anthony Blunt then bought up all Stephen Wards drawings of the royal family and destroyed them, so no links would be found of Satanism and perversion in any enquiry, between the royals and a black magician, but of course Blunt sent word first to his Soviet controllers.
    Attendees at these parties told of Sir Anthony Blunt asphyxiating young boys to death while a naked masked man sodomised him, this man was said to be royalty or a rothschild and always wore his socks, but in killing the boy in this way his body muscels would suddenly contract bringing on the sexual climax of the predator.
    When man is circumcised he often needs artificial help to climax, ora child a s they are much tighter.
    Sir Anthony Blunt could do as he wanted he and his boyfriend John gaskin would trawl the late night London lavatories for young men incapacitated by drink or drugs, to bring back to their flat over the Courtalds institute.
    A mysterious incident with John Gaskin falling from a window high in the building, preceded him mistakenly taking an overdose and going under a train, whether this was suicide or murder to silence what he knew, has never been established.
    In 1987 the greatest jockey ever  Lester Piggott was jailed for 3 years for tax evasion, but what the police really wanted was to nab the jockey for extensive race fixing, envelopes of 3 grand each was given to certain jockeys to throw the race, so Lester Piggott could then win, but special branch police discovered, he raced the miserly queen mothers horses, implicating her in the crime, so this was dropped.
    The queen mother and Lady Fermoy, pushed and plotted Prince Charles to marry Diana Spencer in 1986, the town closest to the royal Sandringham estate, kings Lynn held its annual festival, but they did not hold a British week or even a Norfolk week, they held a Czechoslovakian week where Czech poetry was read out with Czech literature, and no one understood one word said, a telephone tap discovered that a K.G.B operative working at the nearby Czech Skoda cars depot, paid a bribe of 1000 pounds for this, and Lady Fermoy was quietly advised to stand down from being festival patron,
    It was not realized that Skoda cars, was the automobile division of a heavy armaments company who supplied semtex explosives to the I R A and other terrorist groups.
    The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys, the evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britains south coast for Winston Churchills occult Black group experiments.
    Dennis Proctor, who helped run the pre war ministry of power, and helped government supply contracts only go to those Jews approved by Rothschild and Churchill, and explained that Stalin moved the inhabitants of the countries of the old Soviet Union to other areas, to disinherit them of their homelands, essential he said for if they had no homelands to fight for, they would become docile,
    Disinheritance = Docility runs the socialist formula.
    Tony Blairs New Labour has followed this rule, and brought in hordes of foreign peoples to Britain, many towns now have almost no English language or inhabitants, the pro-Israel lobby now has the Millibands in government places for the next mid east conflict,.
    The real reason for W. W. II was to bring the German economy back under jewish control, weaken Britain and allow in one world government, one world currency and one world army, run from Jeruslam exactly as envisaged by Rothschild and the Cambridge Apostles all those years ago
    T Stokes London
    Further reading
    Special Branch files
    Metropolitan police closed section
    Eugene Ivanov
    Col. Bill Magan
    Jon Cohen
    Directorate one KGB documents
    Oleg Kalugin
    Masonic year books 1958- 65
    Jerusalem post/ Aug. 1970
    The climate of treason-Andrew Boyle
    Det. Walter Thompson
    Perversion at Trinity College- Doug Campbell
    John Cairncross a traitor unvovered
    Tube alloys programme

  4. when you think this above was written almost 10 years before, makes me wonder how many others knew ?
    I dont see why we dont take control of our own money