White House Insider: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019

Israel Today News – April 18, 2019

President Donald Trump and his inner circle are planning an extensive invasion of Iran, according to a source working in the White House.

The plan involves a ground invasion and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, in a campaign planned for the Fall of 2019. Iran will be “wiped off the map” according to the source, and the war effort is expected to cost “two and half times the Iraq War.”

The war will be promoted by the news media and Trump will go right along with it, after an “expected False Flag pinned on Iran, probably something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz.” The False Flag is an “integral part of the plan” as Iran has reportedly no desire or intent to start a war, according to the whistleblower.

The war plans have the White House staff “in an excited tizzy” as war-hawks like John Bolton put the “finishing touches” on the planned strike. President Trump initially showed resistance to the plan, but has since jumped on board with enthusiasm, convinced Iran is an “existential threat to Israel” and as such, war is required to “eliminate them.”

Further details have been revealed, including:

  • 100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.
  • 120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.
  • France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are expected to join a “coalition” in support of the war.
  • CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped up over the past year in preparation.
  • A “False Flag” is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.
  • Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.
  • Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly “smiling ear to ear” during a recent meeting with John Bolton.
  • There are concerns Trump’s “base” may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to “shore up support” for the war.
  • Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.

Due to President Trump’s close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of “sober import” has been placed on the war effort, which is being as a fulfillment of “Jewish prophecy” within White House circles. Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the “Messiah” or Jewish “Moshiach” who cannot attain his “throne” until Iran is wiped out.

The White House source is a high-level official who has been right about many other things in the past, and their identity has been verified.

Further information on the war with Iran is revealed in the video below:


The information in this article was provided to David Goldberg, a Jewish advocate, and fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study, by a former White House employee only known by the name of “Isabel”. Her story has been aired on Mr. Goldberg’s YouTube channel, and she continues to provide valuable information about what is going on in the Trump White House.

Antisemitic attacks against Mr. Goldberg continue, and are documented in his video series. Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of Mr. Goldberg continue to be an issue.


6 responses to “White House Insider: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019”

  1. This makes me laugh, stupid americans going to die for jews, the very people who opress them, rob them and destroy everything they cant steal.
    at least British service men i speak to are at last wising up, mind you a lot of those dont have the brains of a footballer

  2. The Guantanamo tortures on masses of people kidnapped off the streets under the ludicrous Enforced Rendition rulings, turned the British public away from supporting their troops from the illegal war, says a new enquiry.
    The mass people trafficking of the British government means the British are a minority now in their own land
    The enquiry also shows if the British government bombs Iran, a huge amount of unrest and rioting will occur by the new comers to the UK, and taking Churchills advice will attack the wives and children of our soldiers who keep bombing middle east countries
    as one great politician suggested in his ” rivers of blood speech” if we allow these people
    in we will regret it

  3. The fact they’ll need a false flag to kick it off proves the reasons for this war are all lies, but Iran has said if it is attacked by the US and Israel it will flatten Israel.

  4. The information in this report seems credible to me. According to Veterans Today, small micronukes were used multiple times in the Syrian war – and often under the cover of a MOAB Daisy cutter fuel-air bomb – which looks like a small nuke.

    search VT: Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke

    Netanyahu has campaigned for a war against Iran for a long time, and since he narrowly won the last election, I believe he realizes his extremism is fading amongst the voters so he has to go all out in this term. This is his last chance to pull off war with Iran and he’s got Trump in his pocket and on a short leash.

    The MSM propaganda machine and Trump’s sanctions are a dead giveaway that the machinery of war is moving in this direction. WIth Neocons Bolton and Pompeo in the drivers seat war seems inevitable to me. This time they are going to do it.

    They’ve tried before but cooler minds prevailed. Remember the hijacked Minot B-52 that ditched into Barksdale AFB? Here’s wikipedia spin (bullshit):

    “On August 29, 2007, six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles, each loaded with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, were mistakenly loaded onto a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H heavy bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and transported to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.”

    Israeli mole Cheney almost got his Iran war but the crew declared an inflight emergency and landed foiling the plan. Several USAF servicemen were executed covering up the false flag. And NO the nuke tipped cruise missiles were NOT mistakenly loaded – the procedures for moving nukes are extensive and no one makes a mistake like that.

    What will Russia do? Stand by and let Iran get blown away? What will China do, let it’s oil source go up in smoke. We’ll see if pussy Trump has got the balls to carry through. We all know Bolton and Pompeo are both batshit insane for war, let us see if Trump is dumb enough to pull the trigger. I liken Trump Iran’s war as Amerika’s last stand like Custer riding down into the Little Big Horn.


    A good movie clip that of Trump’s predicament is Mule Skinner telling Custer to go down there if he’s got the nerve – “them ain’t helpless women and children waiting for you.”

  5. The USA is using bases in th UK to send our drones to attack brown people in the middle east
    this must be stopped

  6. John Lennons comment ” wouldnt it be funny if they called for a war and no-one came ”
    many british soldiers are saying just this, no more illagal wars for plunder and no more wars for israel, onlya fool would go die for some one who hates him