Germany proposes $2,790 fine for unvaccinated children amid measles outbreak in US

Introduction – May 7, 2019

With the growing influence of the social media word is spreading about the potential dangers of vaccinations, particularly for measles.
So is it just a coincidence that parents in Germany and the US who refuse to have their children vaccinated now face fines? Or that “all possible options” are being considered to force British parents to vaccinate their children?
Or is this part of a coordinated, international campaign to promote vaccinations in the face of growing resistance? The thing is that measles is rarely fatal. I had it as a child and at the time it was just seen as the sort of thing that children went through while growing up. It was not very pleasant for the sick youngsters but hardly a national crisis.
Something has changed since then, however. Measles is now being portrayed as a serious health threat and parents are being compelled to have their children vaccinated with threats of fines. If the disease is not fatal why do we have what appears to be international campaign to compel measles vaccinations? Ed.

Germany proposes $2,790 fine for unvaccinated children amid measles outbreak in US

Frank Jordans – AP May 6, 2019

Germany’s health minister is proposing fines for parents of school-age children who haven’t been vaccinated for measles amid concern that the highly contagious and potentially deadly disease could make a comeback.

In an interview published Sunday with German weekly Bild am Sonntag, minister Jens Spahn said parents who can’t prove their children have been vaccinated for measles should have to pay up to 2,500 euros ($2,790).

The minister also proposed that children without measles vaccinations be banned from going to daycare facilities, to protect others who are too young or medically unable to receive a measles immunization.

Compulsory medical procedures, including vaccinations, are a politically sensitive issue in Germany and it’s unclear whether Spahn’s proposal, which has yet to be discussed by Cabinet, will be implemented.

But worries that a disease once thought under control could re-emerge as a major threat has experts calling for vaccinations to be stepped up. The head of the German Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, on Sunday welcomed Spahn’s proposal, telling Germany’s RND media group that it was “an important step at the right time.”

Germany had 203 reported cases of measles in the first 10 weeks of 2019, more than twice as many as in the same period last year but fewer than in 2017. Neighboring Switzerland last week reported two adult deaths from measles this year: one in an unvaccinated man of about 30 and another in a man of about 70 whose immune system had been compromised by cancer.

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Parents of 3 NYC children face $1,000 penalty for violating measles order

Lena H Sun – The Washington Post April 19, 2019

New York City health officials issued summonses to parents of three children Thursday for failing to have their children vaccinated against measles, a violation of the city’s emergency order mandating immunizations to control a surging outbreak.

The adults face civil penalties of $1,000 if an officer upholds the summons at a hearing. Health officials identified three children who were exposed to the severe respiratory virus but were not yet vaccinated by April 12, in violation of the order. Failing to appear at the hearing or respond to the summons will result in a $2,000 fine but city authorities have said they will not face criminal prosecution. The children are in three separate households.

Public health legal experts said it’s been at least a century since health authorities issued fines in connection with such violations.

Last week, the city issued the order mandating vaccinations in four hard-hit Zip codes in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section, home to tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews and the center of a measles outbreak. Health officials confirmed 359 cases as of Wednesday— an increase of 30 cases in just two days.

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Minister considers ‘all options’ to boost vaccine uptake

BBC – May 4, 2019

Health secretary Matt Hancock has said he is willing to look at “all options” to boost England’s vaccination levels, including compulsory immunisation.

Mr Hancock told the BBC he did not want to “reach the point” of imposing jabs, but would “rule nothing out”.

More than half a million children in the UK were unvaccinated against measles from 2010 to 2017, Unicef says.

In March, the head of NHS England warned “vaccination deniers” were gaining traction on social media.

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One response to “Germany proposes $2,790 fine for unvaccinated children amid measles outbreak in US”

  1. Yeah, measles. In my generation we all had it as kids and everyone knew how to manage it. Two to three weeks later normal life was resumed. Occasionally a more complicated case, but very, repeat very, occasionally. Now, if we don’t accept vaccinations against it we are being pushed towards the sharp edge of “the law”. What is overtly in the vaccines is enough cause for concern, and we know little about the covert. I have thought, often enough, about the craziness being inflicted upon us in so many different ways. The easiest way to stop it is civil disobedience on a massive scale. As in f**k your vaccinations and your fine, likewise. Or f**k your war and your conscription, likewise. Or f**k your taxes and your tax collector, likewise. Choose your cause —. What could TPTB do? Really as simple as that, but would the sheeple do it? Probably not, so roll up your sleeves and take the jab!