Forget Facebook, They Want to Revoke Your Access to Banking

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News May 6, 2019

The biggest threat that social media censorship poses is not you being unable to access Facebook or Twitter, it’s you not being able to get a mortgage or have a bank account.

The end result of Big Tech silencing conservative voices is banks and corporations removing your access to the marketplace and severely restricting your basic right to buy and sell.

We have already seen numerous instances of people being deplatformed by BANKS for the political opinions, from Mastercard telling Patreon to remove Robert Spencer’s account, to Martina Markota and Enrique Tarrio having services terminated by Chase Bank over their support for Trump.

Mastercard also recently indicated that it would hold a vote on whether to cut off payments to “global far-right political leaders”. But this will extend to everyone. Mastercard will ‘monitor’ your financial activity for indications of dissident behavior. That’s chilling.

Before Infowars was banned by Paypal and numerous other payment processors last year, despite having an impeccable credit score, the company was slapped with a designation akin to having ties to terrorism, making banks averse to doing any business with Infowars.

Payment processors and banks are now using similar ‘dangerous person’ designations as Facebook and other Big Tech outfits to not only deplatform, but to designate a person an “extremist” for life.

I was banned by Facebook under the same designation which bans users from the platform who engage in the following behavior;

– Terrorist activity
– Organised hate
– Mass or serial murder
– Human trafficking
– Organised violence or criminal activity

Once marked as an “extremist,” this designation is then intended to apply to every other area of your life.

This is the ultimate nightmare scenario – a Communist Chinese-style social credit system where you will be denied banking, loans and given poor credit rating if you associate with people or espouse views deemed “dangerous” by the establishment, which at this point is anything that counters their narrative.

Facebook already announced it will ban people merely for mentioning people like Alex Jones or Gavin McInnes or sharing their content without simultaneously denouncing it. In the near future, AI will make this process instantaneous.

Let that sink in. A giant corporation which controls the new public square is telling its 2.3 billion users what political opinions they must hold in order to be allowed to have free expression.

This is nothing less than one giant digital re-education camp.

The Paypal ban against Infowars was handed down just weeks after George Soros-funded group Right Wing Watch published an article demanding that PayPal terminate its agreement with Infowars for “egregious violations of the platform’s own terms of service.”

With PayPal now buying up global credit card payment processors and moving into conventional banking, we are approaching a time when a handful of corporations will control all banking just as a handful of Silicon Valley giants now control free speech.

What about Bitcoin as an alternative? Facebook is now moving into cryptocurrencies. Imagine a day when Facebook controls virtually all online payment mechanisms but you’re banned from using them because you posted a spicy meme or spoke out against mass immigration.

All of this will only be exacerbated by the fact that we are moving towards a cashless society where hard currency is eliminated. You will be forced to use a credit card and you will only be able to have access to a credit card if your social credit score is good enough.

Banned by Facebook? Punished for sharing an “offensive” opinion on Twitter? Now you’re an “extremist”. Now your social credit score has collapsed. Now your bank informs you services have been terminated. Good luck dumpster diving for tonight’s dinner.

Unless we stop this now, unless Trump takes executive action to halt corporations being able to refuse service based on political beliefs, not only will you be silenced, your life will become a living hell.

So you can live without Facebook or Instagram. Imagine trying to live without access to a loan for a car, a mortgage for a house or a bank account period.

They don’t just want you silenced, they want you destitute. They want you broke and homeless.

They want total compliance and obedience under threat of the complete ruination of your life.

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6 responses to “Forget Facebook, They Want to Revoke Your Access to Banking”

  1. the only time jesus lost his temper in the bible was over the money changers
    the crime of the usuer, Islam forbids it and jews are not allowed to charge interest upon interest to other jews, but the christian has always been a ripe beast to be
    fleeced and slaughtered.
    Look at who took fortunes out of 2 world wars.
    Our only weapon is to boycott all israeli shops supermarket cartels and jewish produce
    and to stop freinds and relatives joining the military and fighting the world for israel

  2. Use CASH !! & deal only with CASH !!

  3. In the guise of “employers” and “government”, (((they))) already steal 95% of our true earnings, and up to 90% of what remains is taken as “profit” by the (((merchants))) trading as shopkeepers and middlemen.

    We can’t even begin to imagine how wealthy we would all be if there were no thieves profiting from our hard work.

    Forget Trump. Forget politics. No politician has the will or the power to do anything about this while the banks, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Bayer/Monsanto Boeing, the media, internet providers and many others are effectively branches of government, the “deep state” if you like.

    There’s only one solution to an insane governments, the one it would be “illegal” to mention.

  4. Rothschild back in the 1930s told the apostles ( his homosexual left wingers )
    that he would put them into places of high authority in the war which was to come
    and they would be the untouchables which was true for Sir Anthony Blunt Kim Philby Burgess Mc’clean etc
    He also said “by the year 2000 Britain would be communist, he said it wont be called that but thats what it will be “

  5. As far as I can tell, Bitcoin and such will be beyond their reach. Listen to Andreas Antonopolous and you will find that there s no way they can stop Bitcoin and such.

  6. For the REAL mark of the beast go here: