Testimony from retired schoolteacher – “White Helmets are more dangerous than terrorists”

Vanessa Beeley – Patreon May 5, 2019

“The White Helmets are more dangerous than any terrorist”.

Find out why by listening to this important testimony from the town of Mesyaf that has recently been under attack from Israel and the Israeli-backed terrorists in northern Hama and Idleb.

God bless the Syrian people whose voices are never heard in the West. If they had been listened to, this war might never have happened, let alone lasted 8 punishing years and left Syria damaged and bleeding.

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Full transcript:

First, my name is Ali Habib

I am from a village here, near Mesyaf

but I spend most of my time in Mesyaf

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt meets Raed al-Saleh, the White Helmets leader

I have witnessed multiple terrorist aggressions on Mesyaf

During one of them, I was only about 50 meters away

when they targeted the hospital few days ago

So, this hospital which is treating the residents of this region

despite all the pressure and siege imposed on Syria

and which is treating patients and injured

was hit by three rockets

I saw that with my own eyes

What is the purpose of shelling such a place?

What’s the purpose of shelling a hospital?

Why don’t that people (the West) write about the terrorists targeting the hospital?

Why don’t they write about the economic siege

which has affected all of us psychologically, socially and morally?

Our psychological state is not normal anymore

Our psychological state is not normal anymore

Why is the whole world talking about the White Helmets

and Chemical Weapons and “They will use CW…”

and “the Syrian government used CW…”

Which Chemical Weapons are they are talking about?

They are targeting us daily using psychological, social and economic poisons

They have burdened us in every sense

and they are the ones who caused that

And now they claim that now they want to protect us and to protect the Syrian people

No, that’s not right

They want to destroy the Syrian people

They don’t want to destroy the Syrian government

They want to destroy the country

to destroy Syria as a country

They didn’t see all that.

Yesterday, they shelled (there) and I saw the injured people with my own eyes

What did these innocent civilians do wrong?

Why don’t al-Jazeera and al-Arabia and France 24

and American media report about these civilians who were killed?

Why don’t they report about the hospital that was shelled?

They have been targeting the hospital for about six months

but they didn’t manage to hit it directly

Of course, shells landed around it

but finally they hit the hospital

and finally,

they injured people and doctors who are rescuing people

But all that, unfortunately, Westerners don’t see

We used to…

I am one of those who used to believe that the French

and the English and Germans have some morals

We know that the Americans have no morals

But the French and Germans and Europeans in general

to be subordinates of the American immorality

This is a new thing for us

and it is frustrating for us

Honestly, it’s seeding an internal (Syrian) antagonism towards them

and we were not like that

We used to love them

When I used to see a foreigner like you here

I would run to you to see what you may need

I speak good French

I would use my knowledge of French to help you

That’s how we used to show our love to foreigners when they come to our country

Now we don’t want to see any of them

because all of them are liars and all of them are deceitful

all of them are besieging us and all of them are tightening the noose on us

and all of them are suffocating the hell out of us – the citizens

and we – the citizens…

Or I as a civilian, I am a civilian

I am a retired teacher

What crime have I committed to be hit by a shell?

Or my car to be destroyed by a shell

Or to be robbed by the militants

Europeans don’t see that

The Europeans only see that they want to overthrow Bashar al-Assad regime

But we – the people, are satisfied with Bashar al-Assad

What does this have to do with you?

What is it to you?

We are satisfied with him

Soon Bashar al-Assad will make elections

and we either elect him or not

We decide, not you

I mean this matter, manipulation of peoples

manipulation of peoples’ thoughts, undermining peoples like that

It is absolutely abnormal

It’s unacceptable

I hope our voice will reach Europeans

We used to love them a lot

We used to deal with them

I have been to Europe a lot

I have been to Europe 11 times

I have visited all the European countries

and I was happy with them

But now, honestly, I don’t have good feelings towards them

as a result of their wrongful positions towards us

So I hope our voice will reach Europeans

and that they will know the truth about what’s going on in Syria

The people are as you see

the level of security in Syria was better than any other place in the world

Billions were spent to create this

and unfortunately, the Europeans and Americans participated in the destruction of this country


What crimes have we committed?

What crimes have these people, who used to live in complete security, committed?

I could sleep in the street and no one would come close to me

I have slept in the streets of Paris and no one robbed me

and one could sleep in the streets here and no one would rob him

It was so safe here

But you – Europeans, came to us and did what you did to us

I hope our voice will reach to you

I hope our voice will reach the people…

The European people, I believe, are different from the governments

But for them to be subordinates to the Americans like this

It is shocking.

It’s unfortunate


European are known for their morals while Americans are known to be gangsters

Yes, I am talking from personal cultural experience

So, that is how we used to love Europeans

But unfortunately, now we don’t (love them) at all

The White Helmets are much more dangerous than militants who slaughter people

What happened regarding the militants, I didn’t tell you, there is the slaughtering practice

in the name of Islam

in the name of religion

while religion has nothing to do with all that

but the White Helmets are more dangerous

The militants used knives and guns explicitly

While the White Helmets are working politically

I mean they are implanting narratives to bring more rockets to target us

We are fed up with rockets

and fed up with killing

The White Helmets are more dangerous than those who have slaughtered people

This is an undeniable fact

They (White Helmets) are pushing the Americans and Europeans to bombard us

on the pretext that we are using Chemical Weapons against our own people.

We – the people…

So, the White Helmets are much more dangerous than those (terrorists) who slaughter people in streets

The White Helmets

They are a terrorist organization

more terrorizing and more bloodsheding than those who slaughter people in streets

and this is probably a public opinion here

We know who the White Helmets are

the White Helmets are more dangerous than any terrorist.

You are welcome

End of transcript.



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One response to “Testimony from retired schoolteacher – “White Helmets are more dangerous than terrorists””

  1. The west are complicit in trying to destroy Syria, the white helmet’s work with them to convince the world that the Syrian and russian governments together are killing the citizen’s and only the west can trusted to defend the rights of the people, the truth is they are the cause of this continued war and I fear it won’t end until they have destroyed the country completely.