David Sheen – April 8, 2019

3 responses to “Judea-Africa-America”

  1. Brave and honourable man, Mr Sheen.
    Even knowing much of this and worse,
    it is still shocking, always, to acknowledge such evil doing,prejudice, insecurity masquerading as superiority and their monumental ignorance and possibly some spiritual/psychic disorders. This article lays bear probably in the milder end of ‘Israeli’ blood lust … yet exceedingly valuable to open the door to solutions and facing up to the immediate name for serious change.

  2. I should also reinforce the fact that those of the ‘tribe’ that were part of the civil rights in US and in all other acts of courage and integrity should be supported and embraced – we have need of their wisdom and ballast.

  3. No we have need of neither their “wisdom” nor their “ballast.”