Apocalypse Now – Real V Fake

Mark Windows – Windows on the World May 5, 2019

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3 responses to “Apocalypse Now – Real V Fake”

  1. proof here that the rocket attacks from gaza that always land on israeli waste land
    are fired by disguised IDF teams, if this were not the case, USA suplied F 16s would be on them in under 5 minutes
    but they never do

  2. here we are again ” vague mossad message snd US attack force on its way
    when will the stupid goy learn that israel is the great destroyer ?
    they should fight their own battles, not involve us

  3. Mossad have teams called Kiddon who act world wide killing people who criticise israeli crimes, Oliver Cromwell let them back into the UK
    i think everyone thinks its time they were kicked out again
    BTW an anti-semite is not some one who disaproves of jews and jews are kazhars not semites, the semites are the palestinians