Goal of Zionism & Communism is the Same- Jewish Supremacism

henrymakow.com – May 4, 2019

(In this interview with Adam Green, Christopher Bjerknes explains that the real goal of Zionism is not a “homeland for the Jews” but a world empire ruled by Rothschilds and their fellow Jews. ) 
Historian Arnold J. Toynbee wrote, “There has… been the aim of converting the Gentile world to the worship of Yahweh under the aegis of a world-empire centred on Eretz Israel and ruled by ‘the Lord’s Anointed’: a coming human king of Davidic lineage.” (Reconsiderations, 1961, p. 486).
This, folks, is the hidden agenda determining world history and the goal of BOTH Zionism and Communism. The “Left” (Communism, Demon-rats) and the “Right” (Zionism-Trump) are two sides of the same satanist Jewish coin Your mental if not physical enslavement is the goal of both. A genuinely nationalist conservative party will not be funded unless it swears fealty to Israel. Democracy consists of choosing which path we will take to Masonic Jewish world government.

It Is NOT a Matter of “Zionism Versus Bolshevism”. The Reality Is Zionism and Bolshevism Versus Us!

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes – (henrymakow.com) 

Winston Churchill famously published an article “Zionism Versus Bolshevism. A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.”Illustrated Sunday Herald, (8 February 1920), page 5; in which he posed the false dilemma of “Zionism versus Bolshevism” as if the world of Jewry consisted of good Zionist Jews in opposition to bad Bolshevik Jews.

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Churchill asked us to side with the supposedly good Zionist Jews so as to save ourselves from the bad Bolshevik Jews. This, as the allies were keeping the Bolsheviks in power in Russia and had just fought WW I to put them in power and seize Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.
Many have misunderstood Churchill and wrongly believe that he was an anti-Zionist. In fact, he wrote his article to scare the West into supporting Zionism with all its might and treasure. But neither Churchill nor Zionist Jews ever did any harm to the Bolsheviks. Instead, they gave them their full support.

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4 responses to “Goal of Zionism & Communism is the Same- Jewish Supremacism”

  1. Very good rticle i have studied this for some years
    and i have watched subtle changes bit by bit to bring this about
    they say each jew will have 3000 guy slaves, and every jew will have a selection of bumbadilos ( rent boys ) we can see this is all now on the horizon
    we must all work to stop them now

  2. Taking the money they have amassed has enabled them to buy us out and amass more and more power, resulting in the loss of control of national currencies and finances, and from there the loss of control of media, the entertainment industry, legislatures, education, with the debt-rigging of our nations and demise of our cultures and civilization. The question is how do we resist such slavery without becoming hateful of an entire people, many of whom are good, or just dupes, with us falling into the trap of becoming unjust and violent, which can only result in our own further suppression and the basic right of freedom of speech, through the establishment networks they control . Advice: Expose the wrongs with what is actually true to cure those wrongs and avoid all the hateful and dishonest methods of the Nazi’s, the Marxists, the Zionists, and all groups which use evil methods to attain their ends.

  3. Response to Fred’s entry above: I agree with your assessment 100 % and appreciate your regard to the fact that most of the Jewish people are good. I believe it is the element of the common Jewish people themselves that gives us the chance (outside of intense violence ) to change things. The major problem is that the common Jewish people ( as well as most of the planet ) are unaware what Christopher Jon Bjerknes has exposed. The Jewish people furthermore if presented with this information will either regard it as conspiracy theory due to prejudice or will be blinded due to strong religious fervor. Gilad Atzmon can tell us much about this. Furthermore the mass media will simply not allow this information to reach the public venues where most people get their information. It is easy to say that we must carry on and perhaps spread this information but I see it as essentially fruitless as there is not much time left in my opinion. Perhaps the only scenario where the New World Order can be stopped so to speak is in a black swan event (s) not anticipated by them arising from the turmoil they produce. In any event I guess ( as we have no choice ) we can still speak about this in the outside chance for change.

  4. Excellent interview with Christopher Bjerknes by Adam Green. And thank you again Henry Makow for making this possible within your site. We all know that the New World Order’s control over the media and the intense suppression of free speech with regard their plans of action is more than intense as well as evil. I do have an interesting suggestion for a venue for educational enlightenment: The T- Shirt or jacket (depending upon the environment ) strategy which involves showing your website of choice visible for all the public to see. There is no question it will stir up some peoples interest.