Synagogue Shooter Calls Conservatives “Faggots”, Trump “Traitor” (3) – May 2, 2019 

John Earnest, above, lists Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Adolf Hitler, Robert Bowers, Brenton Tarrant, Ludwig van Beethoven, Moon Man, and Pink Guy, as inspirations. 
John Earnest, 19, is a murderer who advocates killing Jews. As a Jew, I take exception. I am against killing anyone. 
Nonetheless, I do understand his opposition to Jewish domination. Israel doesn’t tolerate foreign domination either.  
However misdirected, this is the first sign I have seen of self-sacrifice &  passionate resistance to Jewish hegemony from an American. 
Westerners are under sustained psychological and physical attack yet resistance has been muted. Mental servitude has been drilled into us. 
His manifesto provides an insight into the mind of a patriotic but misguided youth.  The boundary that must never be crossed is the taking of innocent life. The guilty love to hide behind the innocent to tempt us to cross that line. 
John’s biggest delusion is that his action will inspire a revolution. Here he answers questions in “a lightning round,” a reference to Jewish stock market promoter Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show.
This is 3-3. Part One is here.      Part Two is here
Latest!  Earnest pleads not guilty 

by John Earnest – ( 

 Lightning round. 

“Are you a Trump supporter?” Do you mean that Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous cocksucker? Don’t make me laugh.
“Are you affiliated with any political ideology?” Yes. It’s called not wanting to go extinct.
“Are you a conservative?”.


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  1. the thing is you cant disagree with the guy
    but the zios at the top of the tree know they are untouchable
    it will be the lower jews who will take the coming flack
    same as after 2 world wars

  2. There is tremendous unrest with what the jews are doing as nutenyahu said they got away with it in palestine why not elsewhere too
    but the public are wising up

  3. talking of faggots you guys need to see this

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    Israeli Rabbi Says Jews Born to Rule Over Goy

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