The End of Terror

Gilad Atzmon – May 1, 2019

Three hate crimes: a slaughter in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, a massacre in Sri Lanka and a shooting in a synagogue in San Diego; what do they have in common? The three attacks fit neatly within the Neocon vision of our emerging dystopia. We are set to hate each other. Conflict, hostility, terror – rivers of blood- keep the immoral interventionist agenda afloat.
But there is a deeper meaning in these recent events and the many others that preceded them. Terror, as we should know by now, is a message. Terror has a lethal rationale which is delivered by means of fear and destruction. Perhaps if we start to be attentive to the message of terror we may find this to be the best strategy to dilute its venom.
Many are convinced that terror must be met with fierce retaliation, an ‘eye for an eye’ is what the Israelites called it in their Old Testament. Thousands of eyes for an eye is how their Israeli ‘offspring’ interpret their religious text. This brutal genocidal approach has now been adopted by Israel’s most subservient English speaking colonies (The USA and Britain). I assume that being vengeful and merciless on a mass scale must be a satisfying experience for some, and exciting for others, but it hardly offers a prospect of a better future let alone the possibility of harmony and reconciliation.
Vindictiveness reduces the victim into the perpetrator of another crime.  That which presents itself as defiance is, in practice, a total surrender to terror. If we really want to eliminate terror we had better learn to listen and even find forgiveness. We better invest our energy in understanding our enemies and attempting to decipher their plight. We must dig into the logus that drives hostility, intolerance, hatred, racism and even genocidal inclinations.  We must ask what is it that which brings about blood thirstiness towards Muslims (Christchurch), What is it that some Muslims hate about us the so called ‘West’ (Sri Lanka)?  The above  also apply to Jews. The people who claim to be subject to suffering, discrimination and hatred throughout their history should be able to wonder why. Unlike the so called progressives who attribute reactionary  ‘phobia’ (homophobia, Islamophobia, Judeophobia etc.) to that which they oppose, I contend that the path towards progress is to search for the rationale.
To eliminate terror and defuse its poison, we have to reinstate our true Western philosophical ethos. We should seek truth and apply the rule of reason. In the hopeful world I grew up in, hostile debate and crude controversy were a source of inspiration. In the world in which we are living, intellectual polarity has been squashed by a tyranny of correctness. When people are silenced and suppressed  they revert to violence. When people realise they are losing their elementary freedoms they become dangerous to themselves and their surroundings.   If anyone out there is nostalgic about the hope for a better world, act to reinstate Athens in our midst.  Listen to your enemy, love your foe, almost as much as you hate yourself.
If the above sounds familiar or even spiritual it is only because the political is dead in the water. What used to be known as a battle between socialism and capitalism, Left and Right, has reemerged as clash between greed and grace…
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

2 responses to “The End of Terror”

  1. Jews control the West….particularly the USA and Britain… long as Atzmon refuses to call the holocaust…..a gigantic fraud,like 9/11 then we are not going to get very far are we.

    Nor does he address the issue of crypto Jews.That is Jews who pretend not to be Jews etc.

    The James Bond actor is a good case in point.You won’t see mentioned anywhere that he is a Jew…but he sure as hell is…which it explains why he has been starring in so many “holocaust related” movies.
    It gets worse his wife Rachel Weiss also pulls the same trick….SHE starred in the film about Debora Lipstadt the “holocaust affirmed” in a court case against David Irving the historian.
    So it looks like Mr and Mrs James Bond belong to an Israeli/zionist propaganda unit….upmarket Haserbaras….so to speak.

  2. What A Load Of Garbage: Gilad Atzmon Conveniently Ignores Suffering

    May well you live in London Atzmon, the city of misbegotten spirits and esurient souls.

    When would Atzmon like for us to all start this love fest or kumbaya fellowship? When the several million of Palestinians will conveniently forget they will never be allowed back to their homeland and give up everything their families had for the last several thousand yeas? How about also all those living in Arab countries that the West are bombing and destroying their lands and stealing their natural resources, should they all come together and say let bygones be bygones and just walk away from everything they have, and just hand everything over to the West?

    How about how the West handles trade? With the pointy end of the missile facing homes, should countries under this threat just accept that this hostility by the West including Israel, should this be just conveniently forgotten?

    So lets get to the real sorry and pathetic point to your delusion. Atzmon lives in London, the city filled with stolen artifacts in its museums and private collections that many have even forgotten. London, a city that has special economic privileges that the rest of England or for that matter the UK does not. London that is filled with hordes of financial crooks and thieves, breaking financial laws and handling stolen wealth that is filtered through its corrupt financial systems, and no single law is applied. London a center of military power that throws the British military to all parts of the world arrogantly in contempt for the lives of people in our countries, but yet London prospers with all the wealth that it steals from the rest of the world. London is no different from Baylon, Athens, Constantinople or Rome in their heydays; each of them benefited from stealing from the rest of the world, to prop up their economies. But look at the nightmares and horrors they inflicted and their eventual pay-back!

    Yes Atzmon, may well you cry for those poor people in other lands, it is so easy to feel sorry for others, when you live in one of the most corrupt and thieving metropolises in history, and yet live among a gloating society about their wonderful city. Well, once upon a time, there were wonderful cities too in Syria and Iraq, but they are now destroyed. But that doesn’t stop some one like you to say, “If we really want to eliminate terror we had better learn to listen and even find forgiveness”, ARE YOU KIDDING! FORGIVENESS! Yes, thieves, murders and psychopaths all say the same thing, at the same time, forgiveness …. but always after when the evil deed has been done!

    Words are easy to say, even to write, like I am writing now. But Atzmon, words, like mine, will never stop missiles or soldiers forcing you out of your homes. That’s why there are Muslims in your country, and countries like New Zealand. While you sleep Atzmon, UK missiles are destroying lands in far off places, which those glorious museums in the UK benefit from, and have been benefiting for centuries. All so you can go spend time their on your leisurely and safe weekends. Its so easy to talk of love and peace and kindness, but why does that have to happen after when millions of people have had everything stolen or worse destroyed from them!

    Before you can write about love, peace and respect, first there has to be retribution, otherwise, how can you have love, peace and respect, when you don’t show no respect for the people who have lost everything. You expect them to make the greater sacrifice all so you can go play your stupid music in some underground hole in London while people in far away places are also in an underground hole, but the sounds of explosions abound them, while sharing a dirty corner with cockroaches? Are you that cruel and heartless?

    Yes, Atzmon, you’re a cruel man if you think people should now stop fighting for their land, for their families, for their lives, just so you can go and play music and then go home and sleep, without having to worry that some day, you too may end up with a very bad surprised from a disgruntled Middle Easterner in one of your music gatherings.

    Peace can only come, once the West starts showing the same respect to life that they expect to have to themselves. Atzmon, you want peace? Then stop being a hypocrite for starters. Then start living like a caring human being …. or is that to late for an Israeli soldier, or should I say is that too hypocritical to expect from you!

    What is going on right now, is not a war between cultures, it is a slaughter, with the West along with Israel killing, destroying, stealing lands, treasuries and resources from people that have very little to fight back with other than their own bodies equipped with bombs.

    You want peace Atzmon? You’re a soldier, then start fighting for those that are being oppressed, and that’s not the Israelis or the West! Or are you too much of a hypocrite for that?