Swedish Artist’s Jail Term Extended After He Committed ‘Hate Crime’ of Saying Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated

Paul Joseph Watson — InfoWars April 27, 2019

A Swedish artist’s jail term was extended after he committed the “hate crime” of saying that Muslim migrants do not integrate and that rape culture is a massive problem in Middle Eastern cultures.

Street artist and provocateur Dan Park was originally jailed for three months after he tweeted that, “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people”.

Park was also imprisoned for “race hatred” because he referred to Muslim migrants as “blattar”.

According to Wiktionary, ‘blattar’ means, “A person living in a Northern European country who is typically of Middle Eastern or North African descent. A wannabe gangster or immigrant who is not well integrated.”

An appeals court in Malmo ruled against the previous district court ruling, which found him innocent of two of the seven charges, increasing Park’s prison sentence from three to four months.

In other words, it’s now a hate crime in Sweden to tell the truth – that there are massive problems with integration amongst Muslim migrants.

Also, given that the Middle East literally has something called “the rape game” (taharrush gamea), Park is being oppressed for being honest.

Swedish citizens are routinely fined and imprisoned for criticizing Islam or Muslims.

Last year, we highlighted how a 70-year-old woman was interrogated by police and later convicted for an anti-Muslim Facebook post in which she expressed fear that Islam was taking over the country.



6 responses to “Swedish Artist’s Jail Term Extended After He Committed ‘Hate Crime’ of Saying Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated”

  1. Sweden is TOTALLY FUBAR, beyond any help or redemption ?
    But I call that KARMA ! The country which cultivated & spread the Virus a.k.a. Political Correctness on to western world …

  2. There are no Swedish men, they died out long time ago, today there are only pussies with and without penis.

  3. What is with the owner of this webite and that worthless piece of shit Paul Joseph Watson? Are you members of the same Islamophobia club??

    Anyway, have you two sorted out the rapes in your own contries by your own kind? Maybe you should do that first before you speak on behalf of peope that havent asked you to.

  4. This website has nothing to do with Paul Joseph Watson. However, it sounds like you are in denial because although we often don’t agree with Watson he’s right that Sweden, like Germany, now has a rape problem. This has nothing to do with Islam but is a direct result of uncontrolled immigration. Crime has also soared in Sweden in parallel with floods of migrants. Again this has nothing to do with real Islam, as most of the migrants who profess to be Muslim are only nominally so.

    Sounds like you are one of them. Ready to take offence and shift the blame. As where you write: “have you two sorted out the rapes in your own contries by your own kind?” And what precisely is our “own kind”? Because while Paul Joseph Watson is white I’m from a mixed race background.

    Still, if we were to deal with rape and sexual abuse in Britain we would have to focus where it is most prevalent, as in Rotherham. And that only underlines my point as Rotherham has become home for many migrants – of all faiths.

  5. You say this site has nothing to do with PJW, yet you posted (assuming you run this site) 363 of his hate spewing articles on your site. According to your own numbers there are only two others who have had more articles posted than PJW. So yeah, this site has everything to do with PJW.

    Why don’t you do a bit of research. Sweden has always had a problem with rape.. long before the recent wave of immigration. And since no one was jumping up and down like a pogo stick when someone got raped then, why so now? Because a foreigner doing a rape seems to bug people more? It says more about you and that Alex Jones’ asswipe does it not.

    As for rapes being more prevalent in Rotherham than anywhere else in Britain, can we have a link to govt statistics to verify this. Or is this another case of plucking any ‘fact’ out of your orifice to lay into mulism/foreigners. Afer all who the hell is going to bother with the facts when you and your readers are way too busy rejoicing in an hysterical choir of mutual hate spewing. As is often the case.

    Hate spewing is what you and that worthless piece of shit PJW do.. do not try to wrap it up as a concern for girls getting raped. You only have to pop over to anyone of the many websites documenting convictions against peadophiles to see that the vast majority of convitions are for shiny white people.. yeah, you know the kind.

  6. “shiny white people” … Yes, I’m sure that would impress my relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins and late grandparents) in the former ‘coloured’ ghettos of South Africa. Where I lived for some time.

    I’m guessing that you are Asian. From my experience during the apartheid era in South Africa, they were some of the worst exploiters of Blacks.

    Now that era has passed and many of those Asians have thrown in their lot with the corrupt and brutal ANC.

    Something tells me that you are similar.

    Because if anyone is as you claim indulging in a “hysterical choir of mutual hate spewing” it is you.

    As for your claim that “Sweden has always had a problem with rape.. long before the recent wave of immigration.”

    Right, that explains why nearly 60% of rapists in Sweden in the past five years were foreign born (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45269764). So despite you claiming that “Sweden has always had a problem with rape.. long before the recent wave of immigration,” it’s clear where the problem stems from.

    As for rapes in Rotherham: no I’m not going to search for a link. Because they have been happening. To argue otherwise is simply to deny the obvious.

    So I won’t continue this correspondence with someone who is unable face or acknowledge the facts.