Meet Jared Kushner’s Protégé Avi Berkowitz

Adam Green – Know More News April 24, 2019

3 responses to “Meet Jared Kushner’s Protégé Avi Berkowitz”

  1. Re the 9:00 minute mark – the new law forbids expressing Any negative ‘stereotype’ about the jews, so we can’t say Any Thing that is not positive about jews that has been observed and expressed before. And They reserve the right to decide if it’s ‘negative’ I presume.

    This calls for an extraordinary level of creativity – we are legally compelled to say only NEW criticisms of jewish behavior. No ‘tropes’, no ‘Canards’, ie no boring things that have been said a thousand times before (because they are True). We have to invent New ones!

    I know that their transgressions are many and highly varied but, after thousands of years of their depredations, MOST have been named at least.

    It’s a hard task we have been given…

    ps Maybe we could use a Lot of Irony? Exaggerated praise of All things jewish?, Strident claims of jewish Total Innocence? Detailed true stories of savage crimes along with assertions that jews had Nothing to do with it? (like that gang of jews that had Nothing to do with a Snuff Film operation in Italy that used children in its productions)

  2. Israeli defence technique, “Krav Maga.”

  3. The demonic traitors Kushner and Berkowitz should be stripped naked, dragged through the streets by their ankles, horse-whipped on the Washington Mall, rolled in pig shit and broken glass, then nailed to rails and floated out to sea to see if they can make it all the way to their beloved Israel. Those two sociopathic jackals are shit-stains on the fabric of humanity.