Cliff? Kitty? Elm Guest house, slower edited.

Juno Huston – Sept 30, 2015

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  1. If kids speak out abuse in these care homes they are moved some place else
    several boys turned up at the West Lynn childrens home and were telling stories
    one went to Ely Cambs and commited suicide there.
    One of the police officers i believe his name was Richardson was digging out info from the west lynn kids, he found out that a police officer named Sgt Peter Thompson had on his beat the providence st youth club, and it was alleged he had abused several kids there
    under investigation he and his brother Michael was also named as forcing himself on youngsters. Sgt Peter Thompson pleaded gulty to a lesser charge of of sexual harrasment
    and was demoted from Sgt and sent to another police station.
    But this P C Richardson knew a lot from what the kids had said, he was fitted up and got 18 months in prison.
    Barnabus house like Elm house had a lot homosexual visitors where boys were singled out and taken out for the day, thes ewere well known people including Leon Britten the lead singer with the pop group queen and Barry Gibb of the Bee gees pop group
    a roadie with the pop group bee gees said Barry Gibb boasted of having had 1000 boys.
    This racist celebrated the burning alive of the German civilians at Dresden.
    and campaigned for a statue to honour the airmen who committed these crimes.
    Margaret Hodge as chldrens minister was handed a long list of homosexuals visting boys homes for abuse in what the UK column claimed was ” on an industial scale”

  2. Grevile Janner used to go to childrens homes like Barnardos and he would show the kids simple conjuring tricks and he would note who was especially enthralled and would offer to take them out and show them some more, this technique was shown to him by the quack conjuror Yuri Geller.
    Janner would also have small boys puts put on the train to Victoria station Liecester
    where his driver bodyguard would pick them up
    As head of the Board of British Deputies his name was on the untouchables list
    but a class action of around 100 boys ( now men ) was sueing him, his solicitor got hold of the list and each boy was told if he did not withdraw the complaint, he and his famly would be sued for everything they owned including their home, and newspapers would print endless scurrilous stories about them, almost every boy backed out.
    When Tony Blairs New Labour came to office, New labour was a mossad front party,
    3 jewesses Margaret Hodge Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman funded out of public taxes the pedophile info exchange, homosexual marches gay parades and demos
    they also funded homosxual magazines like Homo Bumboy Manboy Cocksucker and Boyfreind, each mag has at its centreyfold naked pics of young boys- not adult men.
    At this time Tony Blair D noticed operation Ore, Radium and also D noticed the Longford papers where Lord Longford interviewed in prison child sex killers and offenders
    But the worst thing to be D noticed was the Nene report, this listed 16 london care homes where homosexual abuse was an everyday occurence.
    The powers that be would tell you homosexuals are not pedophiles, in the main yes they are which is why Tony Blair D noticed all this
    and when homosexuals say they are Gay, this comes from “Grab A Youth”
    parts of the nene report kept being taken down from youtube, becasue it showed the links between Homosexuality and pedophilia, why esle would homosexuals visit boys homes ?

  3. That excellent website the Coleman Experience listed a lot about this
    it was closed down but is up and running again.
    Sir Anthony Blunt and his live in boyfreind could be seen visiting the late night lavatories
    at Londons railway stations looking for drunk or drugged up lads to take home
    One of the queen mothers footmen spoke of Blunt taking young boys to tea with the queen mother, she was over heard to say to Blunt while lookig at his 11 years old
    ” You keep my secrets and i will keep yours”
    she was beleived to have been a necropophagist, or eater of dead flesh of these boys.
    To show you how untouchable she and blunt were, the queens jockey Lester PIggott
    was under investigation, the police nicked him for tax evasion, but they really wanted him for race fixing, but because he raced the queen mothers horses it was droppd

  4. Robin Gibb, not Barry!

  5. Yes i was about to comment it was Robin Gibb i knew he was another jewish pervert
    but not what was written above. He was said to be close to Greaville janner the master pervert , this man was married you could not do what he did on the scale he did without his wife knowing, so she was as corrupt and twisted as he was
    sick bastards

  6. The man behind the famous shit in a bag campaign
    where people shit ina bag and post it to the israeli embassy
    meant hundreds if not thousands of bags of shit went through the post.
    was himself in barnados homes and named several high level abusers who would visit the home, and not all were jewshe wasa close freind of mine and died only last year

  7. I read on a jewish website that when jews run the world from jerusalem
    every jew will have 3000 goy slaves to work for him, every jew will have a selection of bumboys and no one will have access to money but them
    how can we let this happen ? but its almost theer

  8. I worked for Royal Mail and we all joined the shit in a bag campaign and sent them to the israeli embassy and people abroad did the same, but complaints came through and we were told if we did it again we would be sacked, but we did hear the stink was so bad they had to send staff home, bloody good job
    i was sexually abused by jews as a young lad