He Used To Be Trans—Here’s What He Wants Everyone To Know

The Heritage Foundation – April 4, 2019

3 responses to “He Used To Be Trans—Here’s What He Wants Everyone To Know”

  1. studies show almost all homosexual m en are that way becasue they were interfered with as kids
    The BBC wanted to skew the info of their star Jimmy Saville by saying he abused m ainly girls, this was untrue it was mostly boys, jimmys brother said he and jimmy were continually sodomised as young boys by an auncle
    if you can sodomise a boy as his sexuality is just emerging it will turn him that way.
    I mean no one actually wants to be a pervert do they ?

  2. It was well known to anyone who was interested in these issues as far back in the 1960’s that the elites, who by then were totally brainwashed with the idea “population peril” and busy advocating population-reduction measures, were also deliberately diverting sexuality from procreative ends. They could care less about destroying family values and they still don’t. In fact, family values entail stable families, more security for raising children, and therefore more children. In diverting sexuality from procreative ends, all restrictions against free sex, homosexuality, bestiality, contraception, abortion, porn etc. had to go, and it did. The sexual revolution of the 60’s was not just an evolutionary step or a result of some organic phenomena. It was a direct result of deliberate and sophisticated social engineering and it has devastated not only our family system but our entire civilization.

    Back in the 1970’s NAMBLA organizations started arising to promote man-boy relationships. They had a saying “If you are eight, then it is too late.” If they can get a young male young enough they can alter his natural orientation. Perhaps, it works for females as well. Look how they are sexualizing all children at such young ages and all of the gender bending by government and in our schools. Just ask yourself what is “politically-correct” these days regarding such issues and you will confront the reality that although the overwhelming majority or the people are against such tampering, the media and government institutions are able to project the feeling in that majority that they are only an isolated minority and out of step with social progress and a child’s true orientation.

  3. And then there is Bradley Manning! He tried to blackmail someone in The Pentaqon into allowing homosexuals into the military. That was the real reason for his being jailed, whatever came next. They have tried to make him out to be some sort of a saint!
    They have made good use of him since – but he is NOT a she and he is NOT “Chelsea”.
    He is a poor sick person and needs help 0 but he has no right to foist his sickness on the World, for his own ends.