Massive Military Movement In California!! TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Jane Tande – April 23, 2019

6 responses to “Massive Military Movement In California!! TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!”

  1. I live neara US airbase we always know when they are bent on a kiling mission
    as the planes go over night and day very low.
    The people do not want them in the UK, English people according to NHS figures are very mucha minority in their own country, and the Guantanamo Bay scandal has cost the USA here a lot of support.
    Winston churchill gave the British economy or what was left to it to the USA in w w 2
    it was arranged long before that there would be another world war which is why the USA mothballed 50 some say 100 battle ships from w w 1
    thes ewere rusting hulks and some sank almost immediately but churchill wanted these as decoy ships a swe had btoken the U boat codes w esent thes eships and their sailors to their deaths so that other ships could pass safely.
    The British people marched in their millions telling the soldiers DO NOT GOT TO IRAQ
    for those who disobeyed the people many came home as a swar criminals were disowned by their families, just like after vietnam in the USA
    British soldiers know now, and there is a lot of talk of going to prison rather that go on any more israel/USA killing sprees

  2. Incredible! WHO is it that wants endless WAR? People just keep paying and paying generation after generation – for this waste of their hard earned money1 It is utterly sickening. Read The BABYLONIAN WOE, by David Astle.
    It has been going onf for five thousand years.

  3. People have been asking what are the Fema camps ?
    They are for peaceniks dissidents anti NWO or pro palestinian freedom people
    anti vaccination and people who can think for themselves
    everything you do is watched from what you buy in the jewish supermarkets where you buy your fuel who you vote for from neighbourhood watch to the spy in the sky
    The sheep will be sorted from the goats and the fema camps will be full.
    The world capital will be jerusalem, Trump had agreed on this, they will run the one world currency one world army one world everything, the jews say the prophet said every jew will have 3000 slaves, the goy are animals to be slaughtered
    while you were sleeping the jews took your country the world and you are just a number

  4. It is probably just NTC training.

  5. This if for FTC at Fort Irwin California!!! This is no military build up but a yearly military exercise in the dessert!! You can’t always believe everything people post!! Come on now

  6. My blog in NZ is blocked….so I thought I would write here what is going on.

    THEY HAVE TOLD ME THEY GOING TO STOP MY PENSION IN A WEEKS TIME….unless I sign a form regarding pensions in……wait for it…..Britain.

    This is to give them carte blanch to trawl through any records they may have on me in Britain….and I am not even eligible for a British pension!!.