Brendon O’Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade – April 22, 2019

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re: Head Fake – Real NWO will be Imposed by the East 
It’s all a charade. How can Putin and Netanyahu be buddies when Putin backs Iran and thwarted Israel in Syria? 
There will be no war between Israel and Iran, Brendon says. 
Andy replies citing reports that indicate the prospect of war is real. 
Latest!  US will sanction all countries importing Iran oil i.e. Japan, China, India etc.
———- Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz
——– Pompeo – US Does Not Plan Direct Military Intervention in Iran

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Nice one. But one disagreement. There will be no “war” with Iran. Just a skirmish to toss Iran back across the Euphrates and an excuse for Israel to occupy Syria and half of Iraq. How this occupation takes place is up for debate – literal physical occupation by the IDF or most likely through proxies like a re-branded ISIS run by Israeli Military Intelligence and Saudi.
It is clear Russia and China will play “good guys” settling the Mid East. Calling for peace as BiBi and Rouhani “face-off”, growling at each other. BiBi can have his “imminent threat” in a well armed, highly organized Iran, just over the border with it’s Hezbollah proxies goose-stepping and Hitler saluting. Threatening to rain down 80,000 missiles on Israeli critical infrastructure.
This is how Netanyahu and his military industrial complex (MIC) network worldwide, won the election in Israel. It is obvious the average Israeli/Palestinian/Jew/Muslim/Christian want peace. They want to go to work. To pay their mortgages. Every time there is a hope for peace…BANG! Or…BOOM! Just like Sri Lanka – Bi Bi’s kill squads at work again. “Allah Akbah” optional but preferable.


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  1. Brendon has gone crazy.