Brendon O’Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade – Jan 10, 2020

Iranian Parliament “It’s all theatre”. Click to enlarge

Iran’s military mastermind and inspiration is murdered. Iran is outraged but what does it do? Destroy some empty hangers on a US airbase in Iraq. Has Iran folded like a cheap tent? Last April, Brendon O’Connell suggested the mid east conflict is a charade.
Henry, I wish people would go to Iran. You would feel the charade. Lovely people. I LOVE the way Israel makes out Iranians plot night and day to take Jerusalem. They plot night and day to shaft Saudi. It’s like watching someone fall off a bar stool in slow motion.
Latest from Brendon -“Look at these UTTER clowns (above left) Henry. This is why I left. They could destroy Israel in about 5 minutes by focusing on the things I told them too – Talmud, racial and religious supremacism and Israeli high technology domination, spying and stealing off the US. That’s not their job.
It’s a party! At least they got the flags to burn! Where are the Israeli flags? They must know America is controlled by Israel? They RARELY go after Israel. Ever. They are CLOWNS.
They don’t teach their people English and they keep them as dead bones as ignorant as possible. Its ALL about the Middle East and The Stan’s.
It’s ALL about “appearances”. I’ve had both anti-government and pro-revolution Iranians contact me, they agree it is a cluster fuck. A joke. Its all chest puffing and carry on like that ninny in North Korea.
When I asked why it was they were not attacking Israel on it’s filthy Talmud and Rabbi’s calling non-Jews slaves and Palestinian’s animals they said that when they did, they lost their satellite for two years – Press TV. I asked how that was? They said it was an Israeli satellite. They added as my face showed disbelief, “They are probably all Israeli!”
Iran threatens to close off the Straights of Homuz? AWESOME! Oil price shoots sky high…US dollar shoots sky high! Yay!
I’m tellin ya Henry…theater. Will all the naysayers and doomsayers say sorry when they are wrong…again?
Andy’s playbook is good apart from insisting vast nuclear/conventional war will take place. It is not in the plan. And it will not happen.
Small scale skirmishes in Syria and Iraq. Still bad enough for the people living under it.
Iranian generals run things and they all share their Swiss bank account numbers.
Makow -It’s all a charade. How can Putin and Netanyahu be buddies when Putin backs Iran and thwarted Israel in Syria? 
There will be no war between Israel and Iran, Brendon says.  Andy replies citing reports that indicate the prospect of war is real. 
New- Iran does mean business
——-Harsher Response Coming
Brendon O’Connell’s response to:  Head Fake – Real NWO will be Imposed by the East 
From April 22, 2019

by Brendon O’Connell — ( 

Nice one. But one disagreement. There will be no “war” with Iran. Just a skirmish to toss Iran back across the Euphrates and an excuse for Israel to occupy Syria and half of Iraq. How this occupation takes place is up for debate – literal physical occupation by the IDF or most likely through proxies like a re-branded ISIS run by Israeli Military Intelligence and Saudi.

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  1. Brendon has gone crazy.

  2. Intellectuals and thinkers, one after another are loosing their marbles when they see the complexity of the situation and they can’t figure what is going on! Making conclusions that essentially mean Satan is God and we can’t do shit! All wars and revolutions are fake, people are sleeping and stupid and the few who know the truth of Illuminati and the deep-state, such as Brendon O’Connell write articles in a futile hope to wake people up and inform them of … inform them of what? …their inevitable hopelessness and doom. Why bother then!?

    So Iranians “don’t know English”, that’s why they are focusing on US and not on Israel?
    : ) What a solid argument! That is just nonsense…You do not see the internal dynamics of Iran, you do not have any idea how to make a revolution let alone keep it, with absolutely no understanding of Farsi and Arabic languages and solid historical view you think you can know what is going on!? It is my job as an Iranian who happens to know the three languages to explain the dimensions of the situation so you can understand better. However this is not something we can finish in a few pages. So I am going to give you just the essentials:

    The picture posted shows Iran’s parliament, and those people burning US flag are mostly liberals! Yes, this is hard to digest, but those members of the parliament are from the Omid List that people voted for in a separate voting sheet at the same time they voted for president Rohani. They ensured Rohani is not summoned for impeachment. You know who made Rohani into a presidnet? It was Rafsanjani who was the third important figure of Islamic revolution of Iran. During the years, he lost revolutionary fervor, luxury life-style of his children and also the advice of the insidious advisers next to him rewired his brain to come to the conclusion that “Islamic Republic of Iran is now a state and the revolution is finished we should now focus on the state and to keep it and thus end adventurism, we should even get close to US instead of the puppet Arab countries of the region…” Very very long story short, in the last days of his life in a speech he said: “Today is the era of diplomacy and world interaction, not the world of missiles and wars!”, he explained that Iran should be like Germany and Japan (both slave nations) and instead of spending on military we should spend on economy! In the end of his speech he hoped that Rohani would do his best to make this happen! Supreme Leader quickly said in a speech that “Today is not only the world of dialogue and discourse but also the world missiles!”

    All of this after the Khatami’s (president before Ahmadinejad) terms experiences. At UN Khatami had talked about “Dialogue between civilizations” the result of it was that Bush attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq, so much for Dialogue! This is just a pinch of the truth…. there is a lot of things you need to know that we can’t explain in just a comment post.

    No revolution is internally homogeneous to begin with, some deep differences may not show up early and surface after decades. Many undercover spies or worse Jews enter into the revolution along with revolutionaries. It takes decades for a revolution to become free of them, assuming it could survive! It could be your brother next to you that will back-stab you in the end!

    Some of the weird and contradictory decisions made in both US and Iran can only be explained in light of what I have said. All celebrities fooled people to vote for Rohani for the second term, many voted for Raisi but Rohani won by a small margin, he became president and his mission was to make a deal with US, his presidential slogans were totally against IRGC and Supreme Leader… had Supreme Leader stood against him they would have called him a Dictator! He had people’s votes, it takes patience and brains to win people’s hearts and minds, besides Rafsanjani’s camp had huge power and support, this could have led to a civil war. So when you see Iran is still standing have no doubt, the genius patient father of the nation and revolution (Khamenai) has endured a lot of pain. You have not heard 1/100 of the story. Just when Rohani moved into office started to push for negotiations, their liberal and incompetent government not only failed the economy but opened ways for more spies to get in! The Supreme Leader agreed (since it was majority of people’s will anyway) however he clearly said negotiations with US is futile, he called it نرمش قهرمانانه which can be translated to mean something like “Gracious Flexibility”, he defined red lines that Rohani’s government crossed all of them! However he did another key thing, he sent Qasem Suleimani on a mission! At the time nobody even knew who he was. So on one hand Obama’s government worked hard with an Iranian traitorous government and on the other US was dealing with major defeats in the region because of Suleimani. This is why Trump moved out of that deal, the fact is many Revolutionary minded and “hearted”(just coined the term for you!) Iranians like me had a lot of fun when we heard that news. Two things helped Iran’s revolution, one was the ISIS attack on Iran’s parliament which led to a missile attack on Daesh, suddenly people were cheering up for missiles and Rohani that was against missiles had to come and say we paid for the missiles! Amazing…. the second thing was Trump getting out of the deal.

    Do you know how much money is spent to manage Iranian hearts and minds? The propaganda and psychological war against Iranians is absolutely massive, they manage to bring a small crowd in fuel price incident, suddenly all the Propaganda Machine saying Iranians are in the streets against the regime! Then they assassinated Qasem Suleimani and what you see is jaw dropping! Suddenly everyone is moved and in sorrow, millions come to the streets in support of him. Is this anything other than the utter failure of the Propaganda Machine on Iranians!?

    Trump again backs-down from all those superhero tweets and speeches, you can believe the current narrative that even RT is embarked on…. or you can believe a lone cyber-nomad Iranian like me when I say about 80 American soldiers were killed and 200 wounded in the missile attack on Ain Al Assad base and that they were moved to Israeli and Jordanian hospitals with C130 planes.

    After all we have to make sense of the soup of all the events unfolding before us. If Iran is such a weak country then how can it be so evil!!! And if it is such a great Evil then how can it be so pathetic? If Iran too is a puppet, then really you are saying Satan’s forces are GOD they do as they please and no one is even free to act differently. Monotheists also should deal with the idea that God has no plans or active plans and the world has been under Satan rule since the beginning of time with no challenge! Or that somehow God is going to fix everything in the end with one lightning. These are shallow arguments.

  3. I certainly think this viewpoint bears consideration. It shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Many people are waking up a little and seeing Putin not as some sort of redeemer from the East in conflict with Zog of the West, but part of a false dialectic being played out with him being the front man for “Eastern Zog”.

    I’ve just started reading “Putin’s Reign of Terror the Permanent Revolution in Our Time”, a book I understand Adam Green will review soon on his channel. I’ll also leave a written review on Amazon when I’ve finished it. It deals with the same area of interest as in the article.

    I expect many people will start to consider this viewpoint and it will become the topic of hot debate.

  4. I can understand the Mossad faking a hit on their man Epstein and hiding him out in Israel until they give him a new face, but somehow I think that the murder of Soleimani was not theater, like the real thing, and that what Iran did in retaliation was carefully orchestrated with the US so things would not escalate, just like the US missile response to the fake sarin gas attacks in Syria had to be arranged for show, much to the disappointment of Israel.

  5. The words Brendon O’Connell and crazy go together. Not sure about his intentions, who he works for, or his reasoning skills. Disinformation artist? I dunno. Always fog around him. My take is that B.C. is a self aggrandizing shock jock + attention whore.

    Many people assert “politics is theater”. Is it 100% true or partially true? Is government even legit I ask all the time? Who has authority over another? No one. So in one sense politics is theater and so are the courts who enforce law on us. Who has the right to tell another person how to live, what to wear, what are acceptable thoughts? No one.

    If governments are illegitimet institutions – especially ones whored to private interest – then theater in politics is certainly a reasonable observation. Politicians are actors that represent the ruling class but pretend to be representing voters/common man.

    For instance, say you are a westerner or Christian and go to a Muslim country. Are you allowed to wear the clothes native to your land or are you FORCED to dress to a code? What right do Muslim men have in FORCING women to wear hijabs? NONE. How many women in Iran would wear that repressive RELIGIOUS attire if they weren’t forced to? Iranian women did wear normal clothes under the Shah:

    I find church bells offensive just as I find call to Muslim prayer. I don’t want to hear either because I KNOW both sounds are from repressive religious insane cargo cult ideologies based on alien contact with the human race. Forced superstition is my pet peeve. Every night I been watching BBC news, it is really obnoxious how the center of empire touts climate change in every story as if it is real. The BBC is looney tunes.

    One time I was surfing Santa Cruz and in the park next to Steamer’s Lane was a hippie drum circle, the cops came over and made the drumming stop. During the confrontation 12 noon church bells began ringing. I observed first hand one sound was allowed and another prohibited. No one had complained about the hippies – it was code enforcement.

    Rights to be free of anothers religion is the real illusion.

    In this Dr. Duke + Ry Dawson broadcast they cover the idea of Russia acting in it’s national interest. @36:00 the two get into this topic of what appears to be collusion between russia and israel. (BTW not endorsing the dynamic duo Saudi did 911 nonsense)

  6. way too much boy-nobbing

  7. Makow’s intentions are questionable if he sponsors Brendon O’Connell who is somewhere between crazy and batshit insane. What’s the game they are playing?

    IMO sew disinformation denigrating the target country Iran is in the crosshairs, operatives and disinfo specialists are interweaved in the patriot-truth movement.

    According to B.C.’s outrageous headline, Iran is in on it with Israel. That is, of course, total nonsense. Iran sponsors holocaust seminars. Israels #1 enemy is Iran that sponsors Hezbollah. Brendon’s assertion is on the face of it totally crazy. right? So what is his game?

    He denigrates Iran making false claims, the idea here is that you do no take Iran’s side. This is a strategy being employed everytime we go to war, advertizing agencies are employed to push lies like Saddam troops were dumping babies in incubators on the floor or Noreiga had a bathtub full of cocaine.

    When Trump murdered Soleimani an Iranian women on Facebook (that went viral) thanked Trump and said everyone in Iran hated Soleimani (but you could see the huge funeral gathering). That is almost for sure paid propaganda.

    Perhaps Brendon, like myself, was disappointed that Israel didn’t get pounded by missiles. I’m tired of all this huffing and puffing b.s. let’s get the war on. I was surprised that Iran didn’t do their version of the Doolittle raid:

    “The Doolittle Raid, also known as the Tokyo Raid, was an air raid on 18 April 1942 by the United States on the Japanese capital Tokyo and other places on Honshu during World War II. It was the first air operation to strike the Japanese archipelago. It demonstrated that the Japanese mainland was vulnerable to American air attack, served as retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor, and provided an important boost to American morale. The raid was planned, led by, and named after Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle.”

    Iran needs to put a missile right into Israel and demonstrate that laser sword and patriot defense is bs so the Jewish people KNOW they are vulnerable. But it is not a charade, but calculated strategy not to make the mistake of giving uncle sam an excuse to attack.

  8. This I give AAA+++ whatever his name is مقداد وفائی nails it! Good job!

    “Intellectuals and thinkers, one after another are loosing their marbles when they see the complexity of the situation and they can’t figure what is going on! Making conclusions that essentially mean Satan is God and we can’t do shit! All wars and revolutions are fake, people are sleeping and stupid and the few who know the truth of Illuminati and the deep-state, such as Brendon O’Connell write articles in a futile hope to wake people up and inform them of … inform them of what? …their inevitable hopelessness and doom. Why bother then!?”

    Disinfo specifically intended to demoralize us. This is what David Icke ALSO does on a daily basis, he says it is all pre-planned out centuries ago blah, blah, blah

    Religionists also use this technique to demoralize the non-believers, they say it is all part of God’s grand plan (which is never specified because it is all to mysterious for us mortals).

    How many times in the past year I have heard or read that “All wars and revolutions are fake”? Well I’m not fake and I don’t work for some hidden hand. I am sure there are others like me who are also not fake and care about the truth.

    We should ask is Brendon O’Connel fake? Well if he pushes fake theories then yes, and if he does he sold out and is demoralized (and probably a homosexual) so because he fell he wants to drag the rest of us down. One of the highlights of being in hell is that anyone trying to escape is clawed back into the mud with the demoralized.

    Is Henry Makow fake if he sponsors his crackpot theories? How many people like Jew misogynist Makow theories? He’s outing his own failed relationships as universal – it is his own internal vibes pushing women away, women are not to blame for his failed attempts at love. IF YOU LOVE WOMEN THEY LOVE YOU BACK. Try that sometime and then write a theory on it lol

  9. Yukon Jack
    It must be great being so free and liberated from all the repressive religious stuff that you cannot even tolerate the sound of church bells. We have seen what such liberated minds in the media, the entertainment industry, and the government, have done in all our institutions beginning in the 20th century to eradicate God from our lives. I hope you are not of the same secular humanist fold which came along in the 20th century and attacked the moral roots of our civilization on the basis that in a so-called “pluralistic society” people with a religious-based morality could not “impose their private views on society”, even through their votes. What they did simply was to neutralize the moral basis of our family system and in our criminal laws, and then in a very brief interlude they very quickly imposed their very anti-family, and anti-God, amoral and immoral views and agendas on everyone.

    Also, you should look how the same liberated kind “liberated” Russia beginning in 1917. Thanks to the atheistic and agnostic “humanists” running things and their religious persecutions, the people were no longer repressed with those dastardly church bells ringing in the villages alongshore. However, there was no longer any basis within the individual for any genuine cooperation or social harmony without force. Until Putin came along and reinstated the Russian Church, the people were so depressed with all the forced socialists crap about equality, that even today, many still are victims and do not really know what an honest day’s work really is, or have much incentive.

    All, of those who want to kill religion, also kill the human soul. The soul of a human being is his or her center which has a potential through faith to connect to God, and that is where we mainly get, not only the idea of the eternity and holiness of God, but also the only valid motivation for our own eternal lives based on something worth living for greater than ourselves.

  10. @ Iranian Brother Philosopher, Fred B and Yukon Jack:

    Ah Salam aley Kum, eh Kum a Salam and El Hamdilallah ! As a Canadian with Persian and Muslim friends, I agree with what you said about Iran. Iran is the enemy in the Middle East (ME), because it is an outsider nation in the ME, being non-Arabic / non-Bedoine / non-Ishmaeli. From this difference ( besides Shia), and because of their OIL, and that IsraHell and its Western puppets, mainly Amerika (by Zionist IsraHelli Lobby and power) Iran is made the enemy. You need an enemy in order to have a reason to do things, ie. Military expenditure (war), plunder Natural Resources for wealth/greed, gain land (greater IsraHell) and enslave the loser. IsraHell, with its main puppet Amerika, want to destroy Iran / Persia for these reasons and because Iran interferes with their plans, including Rothschild Central Bank.

    Iran’s greatest strength is its people and the fact that Persia is still is a civilization over 2500 years old. Iran / Persia has seen many invaders / conquorers come and go, yet they are still here. Iran has learned many things in that long timespan, including patience, philosophy of the Assassin, guerilla warfare, to name a few. Thus Iran can withstand the IsraHelli and their Amerikan puppet machinations. The Persians are diverse in their support for the regime and as a country has the largest true Jewish population in the ME outside of IsraHell. And these Jews are happy and content in Iran. Therefore, Iran must be a good place, but outsider Globalist interests (International Jewry / Illuminati) try to make it Hell. Iran is suffering from the same problem that Syria suffered due to Western Rothschild Zionist propagandist MSM. I remember, both in Ukraine and Syria, there was a young lady ( 20 something) that made a video pleading to the world for help against her countries’ regime ( Ukraine and Syria). The world bought it up until it was revealed that the video was produced with the HELP/Funding of GEORGE SOROS. Red Flag, but Bashar Al-Assad and the Iranian Theocracy are too smart for that BS. Iran will use its cultuaral and civilization knowledge to defeat IsraHell and Amerika. And it will be the Iranian people that will help to do it! So as a Christian in the ME would say: Allah (meaning GOD/Jehovah/Yahwah/ I AM that I AM) Akbar!

    Next as for Religion, there is nothing wrong with prophecy. All religions have common ideas or events like Noah and the Flood OR Gilgamesh, as well as prophecies. In Christianity there is the AntiChrist and the False Prophet, in Islam there is the Mahdi (Dijjal – 12th Imam – now Shia Red Flag over Qom Mosque calls for his coming) and in Judaism Maschiach and in Buddhism there is Maitreya. And as events are unfolding in the ME at present, they are following how the Bible in certain Books like Daniel, Ezekiel 38/39, Isaiah and Revelation describes events both symbolically and literally. Literally, because certain places or countries are mentioned like: Persia, Syria, Eqypt, Libya and Ethiopia! So there is truth in prophecy, but it is only the eyes that want to see that can see it. However, it can get crazy as well. I chanced upon a website where they were postulating that perhaps Major General Soleimani may be the Mahdi and made a big deal about Putin visiting Damascus to see Bashar Al-Assad to await the Mahdi. The things I do know is that POPE Francis is a form of the False Prophet. And there are groups like CIA/MOSSAD and Chabad Lubavitch Khazarian Mafia AshkeNAZIm Judaic Satanists that want to fulfill prophecy to their end for a JEW WORLD ORDER. However, there is another faction of a NWO that is NAZISM and called the Fourth REICH / Holy Roman Empire/ Vatican Alliance. All these prophecies focus on Jerusalem, which is like a burdensome stone around the world’s leader necks, Bibi NotJobYahu on down! So consider the above article with a grain of salt and use discernment to seek the truth. Danke! Spassiba!

  11. Hi all! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading and reflecting on this article and everyone’s comments and perspectives. As mere mortals, brought together via this blessed website, I am grateful that at least we all are united around one thing: our unwavering desire for the villains of humankind(ness) and of this earth’s breathtaking beauty to be rendered utterly irrelevant by True Justice. You are each and every one a jewel I’m so glad to have found, as you each uniquely refract insights that I appreciate.

  12. Hajizadeh (IRGC’s Commander of aerospace and missiles) explained that:

    Based on the aggressive US posture, threats and the recent high-profile assassination we were sure US would retaliate. Trump had even warned to hit 52 points in Iran, including even cultural sites, obviously we had to take these seriously.

    So Hajizadeh said IRGC had prepared 1000 missiles to be exchanged in the span of 5 – 7 days with US; the first attack was an attack on US air-base that is the best defended, Qasem Suleimani’s assassination was conducted from this base, the main aim was to hit the equipment. He specifically said tens of US personnel have been killed however this attack was mainly aimed at equipment.

    Hajizadeh said we were prepared to kill 500 in the second attack and up to 5000 in the following attacks on other bases even outside of Iraq. However US did not retaliate.

    As it was also reported on Aljazeera he furthermore said this is not over and just the beginning. Everyone else wants to show that this is over. So the coming days will clear this, whether there will be more attacks or not.

    Furthermore there is information that the US Commander of the Ain Al Assad base was also killed in the missile attack. I know this may seem to be far-fetched but I am telling you what I am seeing in our own news outlets and sources.

    I have checked Ain Al Assad base on Google Earth, the older images show many helicopters and drones on the air fields and near hangars. We can also see markings on the fields and runways that are not visible in the satellite maps that are currently circulating, I can’t say for sure but some parts of the map may have been edited to cover the helicopter and drone wreckage. There are 3 or 4 other photos released claiming to show the “extent” of damage to the base, but those are sketchy too. Two of the missiles were of Qiam type that were equipped with cluster warhead, they were used to destroy many helicopters and drones on the field.

    Another important things is Hash Al Shabi has promised its own attacks on US forces in Iraq, this is yet to happen.

    This does not seem to be over so people should not draw hasty conclusions. Trump has said Iran is “standing down”, I don’t however see signs of it in the words of IRGC commanders or Supreme Leader. Zarfi and Rohani may appear to be talking tough, but their tweets and comments have no weight. Rohani’s government has literally HALTED Iran’s accelerated advancement in Space/Satellite and Nuclear fields and they will remain in office for less than two more years. It is impossible for the liberals to come back, they have lost all credibility in the eyes of Iranians. So the next president of Iran and the parliament will be of the core revolutionary Shiite forces close to the Supreme Leader.

  13. As for the passenger jet crash, in the end it was an error on the Iranian side and they shoot down the passenger jet. This is now accepted. At the time Iran was on full alert and heightened level of readiness and sensitivity, the air-defense is obviously not directly ordered from top-down, each base acts autonomously. Apparently the Boeing turns towards a sensitive area for no apparent reason and the normal path should have been straight as reported. Now we have to see what will happen next. …but this is a serious development. there were so many theories including MEK using smuggled MANPADS to take down aircraft. The reports of the simultaneous Israel Boeing having engines on flame (later said to be caused by just remaining fuel in the wing pipes).

  14. @ Cathy, Fred B and مقداد وفائی ( Iranian Brother Philosopher)

    Cathy, thanks for your gracious and kind words and God Bless us all and give us strength in these trying times. I also appreciate Fred B’s words to Yukon Jack, where Fred B states truth as if you are St. Paul writing to the Greeks and Ephesians. And yes, Bolshevik Russia or the Soviet Union from 1918 to 1991, was the best example of what happens to a society that becomes both atheistic and purely secular as well as communal without sharing but only redistributing property so everyone is the same. George Orwell’s Animal Farm also shows what happens to such societies when the Elites decide how societies should live their lives in all aspects. The Elites get greedy and upset the applecart, but hope the proletariat do not notice. It is only when the common people notice the imbalance that riots/revolution can occur, but the Elites usually passify the common people with sex, drugs, rock and roll and drink, all cheap entertainment. These passifying conditions now exist in western culture to keep us down and occupied/distracted along with using Political Correctness to keep us in line. Only the Religious Soul / (Person) can fight back as they seek to achieve the traits and goals that the Devine God has given us since we are made in his image and should not be dictated/ ruled by other men unless people consent and agree with each other like a Plato Republic or how America first started out from around 1776 to 1789, with the exception of slavery, which was wrong. However, America, was soon corrupted when Rothschild agents tried to introduce a Rothschild Central Bank System from 1800 onward until they succeeded in 1913 with the FEDERAL RESERVE Act and the Income Tax Act, which guaranteed that citizens would always bail out the Bankster Crooks.

    As for the Iranian Brother Philosopher, it is good to get a Middle Eastern (ME) / Iranian perspective on these recent events and I wish that America would finally leave the ME, since it is a power on the decline and on its way out for some of the reasons that Fred B and I stated. The Global power base is shifting Eastward toward Russia / China by multipolarity and will centre around the Mediterranean Sea and the Eurasian Landmass. Iranian Brother, I am sure you will stick around as the news will be filled with events in the ME, including the Ukrainian Airliner’s crash and the investigation concerning the crash. El Hamdilallah!

  15. @Fred B

    quote “It must be great being so free and liberated from all the repressive religious stuff that you cannot even tolerate the sound of church bells. We have seen what such liberated minds in the media, the entertainment industry, and the government, have done in all our institutions beginning in the 20th century to eradicate God from our lives.”

    Whose church bells are to be tolerated? Only yours? So are you ok with the new mosques springing up down your street and their loud audible call to prayer?

    I am NOT eradicating God from your life, that is YOUR supremacist viewpoint. I am eradicating your god from MY life. But you can’t see that. You do not understand I have a natural right not to have your god imposed on me. Your god is your ego. This I have written about, god is ego, church bells are the will of the priest being extended into the area the church conquers.

    So what if we agree NOT to allow the Muslims to impose their will on us with call to prayer – because next thing you know they will demand we all join and our women to be covered in black hijabs. You will no doubt object to the Muslim god being imposed on you but can not see that you are doing the same.

    If you ever gain real freedom of mind then join me and call for the removal of all Abrahamic religions from planet earth. They are all pure evil as they are all wrong. Humans are worshipping the evil alien progenitors who came here and fabricated us.

  16. quote “All, of those who want to kill religion, also kill the human soul. The soul of a human being is his or her center which has a potential through faith to connect to God, and that is where we mainly get, not only the idea of the eternity and holiness of God, but also the only valid motivation for our own eternal lives based on something worth living for greater than ourselves.”

    This terrible condition of being a human being is solved by believing in myth or taking drugs. Humans need a cope dope. Hope is the cope dope. The only group I know that is happy all the time without hope but they do smoke dope are the hippies. They found a way to be happy without asserting THEIR god. They tolerate all views.

    I believe I am the (one of?) first writer on this planet to confront the idea of a Creator God vs. human depression. Why are humans so damn depressed? Is religion a proper way to cope with the permanent depression of being alive in hell? I have challenged the idea you should worship god if he did such a poor job of creating us that we exist in a permanent state of war, anxiety, neediness, and depression.

    Caving into religious dementia is no escape. Religions are organized insanities. If you are brought up in an Abrahamic hell religion, you are taught you have a black mark on your soul for being born, and if you don’t fix it you are going to hell forever. That is literary terrorism. It isn’t true, just an assertion by the myth writer who has bad intentions of making you a slave. Those that do this now run the banks.

    If you want to understand original sin just think of modern central banking that issues debt based currency. You can overcome sin by simply not believing in it and you can overcome debt enslavement when you realize currency can just be created and circulated with no debt. In both cases you are never free, always in debt, always in debt to god for saving your soul.

    On this planet evil runs rampant. I have noticed that in the hell state of Amerika Jews have penetrated and infested all levels of government. It makes a Jew so happy to impose the will of the state on others. Back to the hippie drum circle story I inquired why the hippies could not play drums in the park, the JEWISH woman said they had to have a permit and they could, but it has to be purchased two weeks in advance for a small fee. Like what hippie will do that LOL

    What the Santa Cruz hippies did was stay happy and move from the park over the cliff to the beach and played drums facing the ocean. The made it their new spot, they never got a permit from the Jew. The church bells still play every day at noon, they do not need to be permitted which means the church is an extension of Jewish will and thus allowed without permit.

    If you go to your local housing department you will surely find Jews telling you that you have to build to code. This is no problem for people with lots of money. The Jewish bank will not lend without code enforcement – because if you default they have a quality building they can sell again for maximum price. If you think you own a house think again because if you don’t pay the annual property tax (which can be in the many thousands of dollars) they will walk in with guns and seize”your” property.

    So you can see one reason why people are so depressed, they are living inside a bubble of Jew lies, we are not free, we are enslaved under Jewish law, code, and debt.