Brendon O’Connell- Israel Has Back Door on All Microsoft Devices – April 20, 2019 

With Microsoft’s move to Israel, Israel now has full and total access to all home, business, corporate, and soon, military computers – The Pentagon Cloud Contract (JEDI).
A sick, psychotic racial and religiously supremacist state with an ultra-right-wing extremist at the helm has the planet at its fingertips.

by Brendon O’Connell — ( 

Microsoft Windows 10 is now fully coded in Israel. The Windows Security Center. Updates. R&D. It’s all done in Israel. The NSA has to mess about to get their malware implanted in 90% of the world’s computers. Not Israel, they just include it with a forced update.
It’s official, Windows is now officially fully malware in its own right.
But it gets worse.
The Intel hardware backdoor is not limited to the “Management Engine.” There are dozens of “God Mode” registry entries that give access to the DEC – Deeply Embedded Core. The Goldman Sachs funded “Arc Processor”. This means a simple entry such as “0f3f” in machine code at the command line level will give full access to a system with full administrator privileges. Cybersecurity specialists are full time searching for these computational entries and there are potentially millions.
All of these dozens of software and hardware backdoors were implanted from around 2006 and on, when Intel moved to Israel.
The ramifications are catastrophic in nature.
Israel is now deeply in bed with China and Russia on the massive Belt & Road project. No one is pulling up Israel and it’s massive technology theft out of the United States and elsewhere.
A sick, psychotic racial and religiously supremacist state with an ultra-right-wing extremist at the helm has the planet at its fingertips.
Now you know how Israel is so powerful.
Can they be stopped?
This is the most pressing and urgent issue…ever.


How Israel totally dominates cybersecurity and has planted high-level corporate spies all over the world via their Talpiot Program run under Israeli military intelligence.

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  1. It was Robert Maxwell real name Jan Hoch the czeckoslovakian jew who sold the whereabouts of other jews opposed to German policies, not all jews were, Maxwell wa sgiven this name by MI6 at the end of the war , a new identity and home in the UK
    known a sthe ” bouncing Czeck ” gtom his habit of not paying bills.He threatened to whistelblow on the fact that all computers had a back door which israel spied on ,he used this to demand money from israel which is why moshe solomons said they killed him.
    Israel already has large lists on people not onside to be put into Fema work camps or killed off. We are nothing to them
    look up ” computer addiction and the illuminati” this old article explains that in w w 2
    the British made the first cumputer based on an ancient greek design
    it was called the Colossus, and after the war Churchill demanded it be broken burnt and buried in several secret places, then lo and behold, rothschild gives the plans of it to israel, which is now the world cente, had churchill allowed the british to keep the patents
    britian would have work factories and money from their invention, but like edison the invention was stolen by jews