Promoting Perversion

Its been said before but in the light of recent developments it bears repeating: namely, that the increased occurrence of homosexuality and sexual perversion goes hand-in-hand with the terminal decline of civilizations. It happened in ancient Greece and Rome and it’s happening in our world today, with one critical difference; whereas in the past it may have been symptomatic of cultural decline, today certain elements are actively encouraging the wider acceptance of sexual perversion. Thus sexual aberration is increasingly being portrayed not as a deviation but as a viable alternative to normal sexuality. This is happening on several different levels: via the media and popular culture and most ominously through schools and attempts to repeal existing legislation.

On TV we have programs like “Queer as Folk” with its explicit depiction of homosexuality or “Gaytime TV” which is exclusively devoted to “gay interests”. In the print media there are magazines exclusively devoted to what is euphemistically termed the “gay lifestyle”. Whilst at the cinema movies like ‘American Beauty’, which swept the recent Oscar awards, depict homosexual characters as serenely normal; in contrast to the heterosexual characters who are portrayed as explosively dysfunctional. Thus it comes as no surprise to find that the screenwriter and others associated with the film are homosexuals affiliated to ‘Out There’, a homosexual media activist group. Whilst the film itself was backed by Stephen Spielberg’s partner at Dreamwork’s, David Geffen: and as a new biography makes abundantly clear Geffen is a predatory homosexual who has spent considerable time and energy on projects, which target heterosexuality.

In short, a clear pattern is emerging where homosexuality is being presented as a valid ‘alternative lifestyle’ rather than a sexual aberration.

If it were simply a case of homosexual activist groups denigrating heterosexuality there would be little cause for concern but there’s more. A recent survey over a 3 week period by the independent Christian Institute found that large amounts of public money was being used to fund various homosexual projects. In less than three weeks it was discovered that over a million pounds had been spent in the form grants, jobs and funding for various projects, which helped promote homosexuality. Amongst the recipients were various ‘gay jamborees’ and ‘Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester’, which takes children to adult ‘gay festivals’. And according to the Institute, this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Another tactic to promote the acceptability of homosexuality has been the production of children’s books, which depict homosexual parenting as normal. Perhaps the most notorious of these is “Jenny lives with Eric and Martin”, a book which depicts two homosexual men living together along with Jenny, a child from a previous relationship.

According to the publisher, Neal Cavalier-Smith : “When Section 28 (an act which prohibits the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities) is successfully repealed, as I believe it will be shortly, we will be rushing to republish an updated version of the book and we shall make sure that every school which wants a copy will get a copy.”

In fact a recent report in the London Sunday Times recounts how a video, which encouraged children to experiment with homosexuality, was being shown in schools. The video, which was being shown to children as young as 14, was being made available to hundreds of schools as part of pack called “Beyound a Phase: A Practical Guide to Challenging Homophobia in Schools.”

In effect homosexuals are being portrayed as a persecuted minority, a tactic that is being used to promote homosexuality using public money. Likewise a similar pattern is emerging in the States. According to recent reports in Newshawk, children in Massachusetts are being given graphic instruction in homosexual sex in a State sponsored program from which the following was extracted; and we suggest that those of you with a quick temper skip the next few lines, or at least, move any breakable objects out of reach.

“A Massachusetts Department of Education employee described the pleasures of homosexual sex to a group of high school students at a state sponsored workshop on March 25 at Tufts: ‘Fisting (forcing ones entire hand into another persons rectum or vagina) often gets a bad rap . . .It’s an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be close and intimate with. . . to put you into an exploratory mode.’

In one well attended workshop at Tuft university three presenters who described themselves as homosexuals had the following exchanges with children as young as 13. According to one teacher, who attended out of curiosity, she could not sleep for several nights afterwards as a result:
Presenter: “What orifices are we talking about?”
Student: (hesitation)
Presenter: “Don’t be shy honey; you can do it.”
Student: “Your mouth.”
Presenter: “Okay”
Student: “Your ass.”
Presenter: “There you go.”
Student: “Your pussy. That kind of place.”

There’s more, plenty more, but you get the idea. In effect vulnerable youngsters, who are uncertain and awakening to their own sexuality, are being encouraged to experiment with homosexuality. When some parents joined together and protested against the program at the Governor’s office in Massachusetts it was suggested that maybe they were… ‘Homophobic’.

In much the same way that people reacted to GM many now instinctively sense that there is something unnatural, even sinister, about such developments. As a result there has been strong grassroots opposition to moves to repeal Section 28. Even amongst those not normally interested in political debate there has been an overwhelmingly negative response. One man questioned in Blair’s Sedgefield constituency told the Sunday Telegraph: “I’ve been a Labour man all my life. But this thing about sexuality, it stinks.”

According to a Mrs. Gott, also a resident of Sedgefield and a former member of the Labour council there, until she resigned last year, Tony Blair was a ‘dictator.’ “If you are English, normal and white, they don’t seem interested,” she said.

Yet even in the face of strong grassroots opposition Blair and his cronies have still pushed for the repeal of Section 28. When moves to repeal Section 28 were defeated in the House of Lords recently Blair simply changed his tactics, initiating moves to install new Lords who would be more sympathetic to its repeal.

Which naturally begs the question, why? Why in the face of such extensive opposition is Blair so determined to repeal Section 28? And the answer to that is quite simple, he has been ordered to do so. For Tony Blair is no more than a front office manager; the real powers, the Illuminati, are behind the scenes dictating the course of events. Which still begs the question, why should the Illuminati want to promote sexual perversion and the answer is simply to increase their power. To understand how this works though we need a little esoteric perspective and for that we need to go back to ancient China.

Even though they had a remarkably tolerant and practical approach to normal sexuality the ancient Taoists regarded male homosexuality, or Dragon Yang syndrome as it was sometimes known, with deep suspicion. This was not simply from any moral disapproval; male homosexuality was simply not in harmony with the Tao, the natural symbiosis between Yin and Yang, as expressed between man and woman.

Moreover Taoist physicians regarded active male homosexuality as harmful and for a number of reasons. Firstly, Yang is an active, outgoing force and when two such forces meet a fundamental conflict of energies results. This can be seen in purely rational, scientific terms. When the sperm from two different men is mixed together and observed under a microscope the spermatozoa can be observed apparently struggling with each other in a desperate struggle for supremacy. Furthermore, male homosexuality also requires that one partner yields to the other by adopting a female role and this completely undermines Yang’s role in the natural order of things.

To the ancient Taoist’s sexual energy was simply raw, unrefined spiritual energy, which, if carefully nurtured and refined, could be used in the drive toward spiritual liberation. It was a process the ancient alchemists referred to when they spoke, allegorically, of “turning base metal into gold.” However male homosexuality, excessive masturbation and sexual perversion all consume this energy before it actually becomes refined enough to power spiritual transformation. In effect sexual perversion short-circuits the development of these nascent energies, prematurely blocking spiritual growth.

Which is exactly what the Illuminati want because their power is largely derived from the lower, undeveloped aspects of human nature. Fear, greed, envy, pride and such like are all effective tools for the Illuminati. But if people can transcend their lower nature they are no longer so easily manipulated and as more and more people do so they effectively diminish Illuminati power. It cannot be overemphasized how the Illuminati depend on these lower, undeveloped aspects of human nature. Through fear, through greed, through lust for material things, through pride, hatred or just plain ignorance people are influenced and deceived, effectively to further Illuminati power.

Significantly though the current situation is not without precedent and once again an example can be found in ancient Chinese history. During the Ch’in and early Han Dynasty (221BC – AD24), Chinese history records a string of homosexual princess and emperors who were extremely sadistic and actively promoted homosexuality. The last of these emperors, in the early Han Dynasty, became weak and degenerate. Eunuchs took control and the taxes were raised, again and again. To compound matters a series of disastrous epidemics ravaged China and it is recorded that an unusually high number of children with homosexual characteristics were born.

In response the people rose up. In what is sometimes referred to as the first boxer rebellion, because at the forefront of the uprising were Taoist leaders and Kung Fu fighters or ‘boxers’, the corrupt ruling dynasty was overthrown.

It’s a great story but whether or not history will repeat itself remains to be seen.

Sources include: conversations and tuition with Dr Min Chian, former teaching assistant Bejing University faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guarding the Three Treasures and Chi Kung both by Daniel Reid, Published Simon and Schuster and Bankrolling Gay Proselytism, The Christian Institute, 26 Jesmond Road, Newcastle