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henrymakow.com — April 2, 2021

Jesus’ murder was part of a cosmic struggle between Good and Evil, Life and Death.    

The covid scam extends this plot to enslave or even destroy mankind

The reason for the Crucifixion is very simple. When Christ extended God’s Grace to all people, he offended the Jews’ sense of Choosiness.

by Henry Makow PhD — from April 19, 2019

What is vexing humanity?  The truth is overlooked because we can’t believe anything so important could be so simple.

When Christ extended God’s Grace to all people, he offended the Jews’ sense of Choosiness. That, apparently, was an unpardonable sin.

Christ said God is in everyone.

The ability to hear God defines us as “human.”It enables us to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, sick and healthy.

This Divine Spirit infuses human life, according to all true religions.

Judaism, however, begs to differ.

Judaism maintains that only Jews have a soul; only Jews channel God’s will; only Jews are human. The earth belongs to Jews. Non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

The Jewish people is the God of the Jewish people, destined to rule the world.

The Jewish hatred of all things Christian stems from this primitive tribal ideology. I would hazard a guess that much of history can be explained by it.

But it gets worse. They need to destroy Christian civilization in order to rebuild the world in their own sick image. They call that “healing the world.”

We are very much like passengers in a plane that has been hijacked by a doomsday cult. We’re passengers on the Titanic. We’re in the thrall of some pretty sick people.

You see, God is their competition. He must be destroyed along with his adherents. In the meantime, mankind must be degraded to the level of – I won’t say animals; they are often very decent — Demons!  

Mankind must be inducted into their cult, as their servants.

This is the ideology of a small doomsday cult, the Chabad. Most Jews dismiss these people as fanatics and just want to assimilate. They do not subscribe to this megalomania. They are not told about it. How could they be manipulated if they were? For smart people, I have never seen so many dupes. Especially considering how this lunacy puts all Jews in jeopardy.

Rabbi Joachim Prinz remarked on the “apparent inability of Jews to understand or predict their own catastrophes. The Jews, whose history consists of one tragedy after another, has yet to be prepared for any one of them.”

The Jewish leadership — the Rothschilds and their cohorts — do follow this ideology. They worship Lucifer and are willing to perform any depravity to prove it.  Unfortunately, these lunatics control the world through the banking system.

They have finagled the credit cards of the nations and can afford to buy everything and everyone. They have. “Globalism” is but a mask for their tyranny.

The central banking system epitomizes the Cabalist Jewish ethos: exploiting the goyim. They extract billions of interest every year for producing “credit”  out of thin air, something the goyim could do themselves if they weren’t so craven, venal and feckless.



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