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henrymakow.com – April 18, 2019

(Macron, top or bottom? Fellow rent boy sent to jail, where Macron also belongs.)
 Emmanuel Macron wants to rebuild Notre-Dame and rededicate it as a temple to the New World Order. Is this why they say it will take five years to repair?  
He is the protege of Jewish Satanist Jacques Attali.  

by Andy — (henrymakow.com) 

Jaques Attali

In an interview with the Italian Radio Colors Radio, Gioele Magaldi reveals the Masonic character of the new President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron:
“Emmanuel Macron is in the perfect continuity of [Francois] Hollande … Already a Rothschild banker, he was a consultant and minister of the same Hollande. He is the darling of Freemason Jacques Attali … Macron himself boasts of his Masonic membership in the Ur-lodge (super-lodge) “Green Brotherhood” where Holland brought him, and in the super-lodge “Atlantis Aletheia”.
His mentor is Jacques Attali, a Freemason and major figure who help draft the NWO, and the technocratic and oligarchic Europe … a cosmetic operation that brought Macron to the Elysée.
“The Jewish freemason journalist Serge Moati also reveals the Masonic membership of Emmanuel Macron: “Macron became president walking towards the light (ie Lucifer) and Macron was in front of the pyramid of the Louvre – an initiatory rite, indispensable.'”
Georges_Clemenceau_Imag1396.jpg Georges Clemenceau – Prime Minister of France and Freemason (1906-1909 & 1917-1920).
“Since the Revolution, we are in revolt against the divine and human authority. Nothing will be done in this country until we have changed the state of mind that introduced Catholic authority.”
You can see Macron ‘walking towards the light’ at his inauguration, from the beginning of this video. At 4.07 – you can see he is speaking before the pyramid. At 9.16 his head is directly below the ‘all-seeing eye’.
In advance planning (Skull and Bones members always set their clocks 5 minutes ahead of time), I reckon they have taken out Notre Dame now, ahead of when the NWO is imposed. Then in rebuilding, it can be converted to a Masonic temple or temple of antichrist, in the timing of the imposition of a One World religion. Hence Macron states, ” It will be rebuilt ‘in a way consistent with our modern diverse nation’



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