Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: Notre Dame was a false flag

Kevin Barrett – Veterans Today April 17, 2019

Listen to my interview with Robert David Steele HERE

World Trade Center, Notre Dame. Click to enlarge

Was the Notre Dame inferno a false flag?

One expert who answers “yes” is Robert David Steele. Read his analysis of the Notre Dame fire at tinyurl.com/notre-dame-false-flag.

A key founder of the Open Source Intelligence (OSI) movement, Steele is a former CIA Clandestine Services Officer who admits to having helped orchestrate a false flag for the Agency. In this interview Steele says that the Notre Dame inferno was definitely a false flag:  “I wasn’t there. But the shadow foreign minister of France called me. And I have posted all the reasons he has given me (that it was a false flag). We also have a US reporter who posted a tweet that his Jesuit friend told him directly that the staff at Notre Dame said the fire was set deliberately.”

The timing was certainly suspicious. The Notre Dame fire broke out at the perfect moment for French President Macron to use it as an excuse to postpone his long-anticipated speech addressing the Yellow Vest uprising.

Was it really a coincidence that almost at the exact same moment Notre Dame burst into flames, a fire also broke out in the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the Islamic world’s greatest architectural monument?

And was it a coincidence that the Notre Dame fire happened just a few days after I published an article about churches being vandalized in France? (Well, yes, it probably was…)

Steele says the current pope as well as the presidents of France, Germany, and the UK are part of a satanic cabal behind what he says was the sick and twisted “sacrifice” of Notre Dame. (For more information about the sacrificial nature of such events, listen to my interviews with Tom Breidenbach and read my write up on SK Bain’s The Most Dangerous Book in the World.)

Was it just a coincidence that Paris’s other great historic church, St. Sulpice, burst into flames on March 17, less than a month before the blaze at Notre Dame? And how about the hundreds of other French churches that are being vandalized on a daily basis? 875 French churches were vandalized in 2018 in a wave of organized terrorism by radical secularists or anti-religion groups…some of whom are manipulated by, shall we say, “lower forces.”

So why do we hear so much about “fundamentalist religious terrorism” yet almost nothing about the huge wave of Satanic anti-religious terrorism—much of it false flag and designed to be blamed on traditional religion? Could it be that the media, and the banking cartel that owns it, is in cahoots with the Satanic terrorists?


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  1. A large poll of book readers showed the 3 gretest autors were
    Charles Dickens
    and Bram stoker this is interesting as Shakespeare in his Merchant of venice warned about jew money lenders, Charles Dickens warned of Jewish fences with stolen goods
    and Bram Stoker was robbed of his possessions by a jew so wrote about blood suckers
    the publisher insisted on certain changes in the book, but you can still tell who he is writing about. So knowing this why do we allow jews to control our political parties, news outlets eg TV radio and newspapers, medical and pharmaceuticals in fact everywhere we look jews run things, its not just brexit, we want out WHOLE country back from the EU and the jews

  2. There are some very sick people out there, a s a young boy most people like me who lived near churchills huge home knew he was a very sick man.
    But we thought well its only churchill, but how wrong we were look how many sickos we have now in positions of power, tell me one that ios normal ?
    i see the CIA whistle blower who claimed john Bolton liked to bugger little boys
    ” commited suicide” yes we believe that, we all know who blackmails John Bolton to work for israel.
    jews i have spoken to think they have already won, and the world is theirs, apparently they quote the prophecy that each jew will have 3000 slaves.
    they are so cocky many are now admitting the holocaust hoax

  3. Athur ” bomber ” harris took the blame for the needless killing of the wives and children
    in Germany w w 2 but in fact it was Churchill and his controllers Lord Lindemans and Rothschild who wanted a biblical burning, same as the US Liberty 9 11 and the cathedral and mosque fires


    A) PROVEN: Michelle Obama and other global elite burned Notre Dame Cathedral, and celebrated (

    B) UFO Appeared in Sky Above Notre Dame Just Before Fire Outbreak (Video) (http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/04/ufo-appeared-in-sky-above-notre-dame-just-before-fire-outbreak-video/) At 4:28, it cloaks itself just as the smoke starts.

    By the way, it’s the US TR-3B, not a UFO… and here’s what it can do:

    Reconnaissance aircraft║TR-3B Astra [Teleportation at 1:50]

  5. The illuminati jews have always used astrology, churchill was a fanatic for it even choosing the date for D Day among other special dates, Tony and Cherie blair too had an astrologer
    the iluminati jews pay people to poo-hoo it like the disgraced Dr Susan Blackmore and the loony lefty Chris French, in the USA Randall Zwingli better known as the amazing James Randi was a weirdo sceptic and scoffer, until he had to retire over night and escape to israel to avoid molestation charges on hundreds of young boys in care homes
    Now known as the disgusting james randi, telephone taps reveal he was part of a high level
    jewish team of homosexual abusers which included the US president upyourbumma
    However, the full moon of today the 19th April is a particularly powerful moon
    which is aspected by 6 other planets.
    Certain crimes always increase at full moon such as alcohol based crimes and wait for it, arson. Only an experienced astrologer would know the best time foor fires at the cathedral and mosque, as the 16th april. April is aries month a fire sign, and the 16th
    card in the tarot pack, is a falling tower struck by the fires of lightning.
    VERDICT yes the illuminati jews did this and it was well planned

  6. Quatrain 4,24

    Ouy soubs terre saincte Dame voix fainte,
    Humaine flamme pour diuine voir luire:
    Fera des seuls de leur sang terre tainte,
    Et les saincts temples pour les impurs destruire.

    Yes beneath the earth (at Tara) the faint voice of a holy Lady
    (Queen Teia Tephi) heard,
    Yes, under ground the holy Lady’s (Teia Tephi)
    faint voice (at Tara),

    Human aflame seen to shine as divine:

    It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of the monks,

    And will destroy the holy temples of the impure ones.