Man In ‘Muslim garb’ Seen At Notre Dame Cathedral Before Fire

Introduction — April 17, 2019

Of course this doesn’t mean that he was a “Muslim”. He could easily be a Mossad agent dressed as one. Either way it suggests the fire was more than an accident. Ed.

Common Sense — April 16, 2019

No workers present at the time that the Notre Dame Cathedral fire started…
So who is this guy dressed in Muslim garb??



11 responses to “Man In ‘Muslim garb’ Seen At Notre Dame Cathedral Before Fire”

  1. he was dressed like the dancing Israelis. more than likely a mossad agent.

  2. I’d be interested in what will be uncovered in the following weeks or months about the burning of the Cathedral de Notre Dame.

    Glaring similarities to 9/11:
    1) structure undergoing repairs…
    2) Shock and Awe. The whole world is watching….
    3) ALL firefighters and cops available drawn to one central location.

    Conspiracy theorists would assume it will be blamed on Muslims somehow to add fuel to the fire (punt intended) to world conflicts between Catholic/Christians and Muslims.
    All planned by jews staying the course with their worldwide goal of destroying the white race.

    Not sure how this event can manipulate the stock market in the jews favor yet but I’m sure they’ll find a way……

  3. The most important mosque in the world the Ak aksha jerusalem mosque had a fire same day, april 16 this is the day in 73 AD that the romans surrounded the jews at the massada mountain fort, rather than surrender to the romans the rabbis in the night crept round and slit the throats of every man woman and child
    its damned obvious that Mossad did both fires
    ” more dancing israelis”

  4. God Bless Paris and the Parisians. I am sure that if the masonry has survived intact then glorious Notre Dame will be return. Paris has many craftsmen who are easily capable of rebuilding it, and a population who love their beautiful city.

    I have spent many happy days there. If you are planning a trip I recommend you go to the flea market at Clignancourt-Saint Ouen, called Les Puces, (The Fleas) and after you have walked through the amazing stalls and shops full of treasures and old junk, find the famous restaurant Chez Louisette. With Chanteuses singing old french songs, it is the greatest spot in Europe. It also has a an absolute virtuoso accordionist.

  5. 2001 it was Twin Towers New York exploding, imploding and burning by nuclear detonations.
    Today it is Paris’s turn to burn.

    IMOm this event has been miticulously planned.
    Everything is planned, nothing is spontanous in politics.

    Maybe to setup a decoy due to continually Yellow Vest demonstrations of which Mr. Macaron as it seems not getting the grip on.

    Or this could be a way to run after this event building up (PR) of a suggestions/conspiricy about what, whom and why as a target toget rapidly building up Macaron’s darling idea namely the European Army with a United States of Europe. (ridiculous money making exercise for him and Big companies, the EU-MIC).

    And he is fully concentrated IMO, Germany pays his bills/debts, for France is clearly broke. Yes, I know they are bombing Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen into oblivion but that is all on borrowed money. So, for France it is high time “to unite Europe” so he can let German taxpayers pay his debts. Voila, c’est la vie!

    Only thing left is to pump up the right mood in Europe after Notre Dame fire which is IMO False Flag.

  6. Total yellow journalism here which makes everything on this site suspect. I saw the same video the other day and the man was walking in the tower portico WHILE IN THE BACKGROUND the other tower is burning and being hosed down. It is also not possible to tell what kind of “garb” he is wearing and the hat could be a white hardhat. If he was so stupid as to wear a Muslim garb and also was an arsonist then why did he not just start waving an ISIS flag? The fire has been going on for hours by then and he is just walking around setting off fire bombs? There is no chase or arrest or concern of the police?

    We still do not know what group or groups had recently been desecrating the churches in France, Belgium and Germany. Speculating that it was Muslims is not helpful. Christianity has many traditional enemies including Marxists, secular humanists, Jews, Masons, Satanists, the Illuminati etc. Which one has the most to gain by gutting the Cathedral? Before the fire is even out Macron is offering to rebuild it. Sounds like Syria where the Rothschild-Masonic-Illuminati-bankster corporatocracy of the West destroys a nation with the expectation of getting in there afterward to pay for and control the rebuilding, thus taking over the place with their money and invading corporations. No doubt the cabal which controls every word of Macron would like to rebuild some edifice far less Christian in place of Notre Dame.

  7. For Fred: are you blind or just plain dumb? In case you had not noticed the video was introduced with:

    “Of course this doesn’t mean that he was a “Muslim”. He could easily be a Mossad agent dressed as one.”

  8. Thanks Mr Rixon for your words of common sense here
    ” by their fruits shall ye know them ”
    3 lots of people did the fire.jews jews and more jews

  9. One of macrons teenage rent boys was speaking about macron on conspiracy news wanting something to unite the people behind him, he suggested he knew mossad were going to do this weeks ago.
    macron is a homosexual pervert
    so is the NZ prime minister
    Tony Blair was a teenage rent boy
    edward heath used rent boys
    obama was a pervert who had boys smuggled in to the white housewhat is wrong with the world ? all this damn perversion

  10. Please, this video should never have been posted. There’s another just like it with firemen there.

  11. So what are you saying? That the video is fake? You write: “There’s another just like it with firemen there”. What do you mean? Are you saying they somehow removed the fireman from the video and replaced them with a man dressed as a Muslim?