Is Alan Dershowitz About to Meet His Nemesis?

Alan Dershowitz (second from left) pictured with John Bolton at the 2018 Zionist Organization of America awards. Click to enlarge

EXCLUSIVE: Defiant Alan Dershowitz brands Virginia Roberts a ‘fake MeToo victim’ as she files defamation suit claiming the lawyer who defended pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had underage sex with her and repeatedly called her a liar

  • Alan Dershowitz branded accuser Virginia Roberts a liar after she filed a defamation suit in the Southern District Court of New York on Tuesday
  • The mother, now 35, claims she had sex with the lawyer while she was underage and was a victim of sex trafficking and sex abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein 
  • She claims she was ‘forced to engage in sexual acts with Dershowitz in, among other locations, Epstein’s mansion’ in New York City, according to her suit
  • But Dershowitz exclusively told he welcomes the chance to prove the claims made by Roberts, who now goes by Virginia Giuffre, were false
  • He said: ‘This is a zero sum game. One of us is committing perjury. I’m going to swear under oath that I never met her’
  • The 35-year-old said she was led to sue Dershowitz due to his ‘desperate barrage of false and increasingly defamatory attacks’ on her, according to court papers  

Ben Ashford, Cheyenne Roundtree – Daily April 17, 2019

Virginia Roberts. Click to enlarge

Defiant Alan Dershowitz has vowed to fight accuser Virginia Roberts in open court – branding her a ‘fake’ Me Too victim who should be thrown in jail for perjury after she filed a defamation suit against him.

Roberts accuses Dershowitz of participating in sex trafficking with Jeffrey Epstein, having sex with her when she was underage and then defaming her by repeatedly calling her a liar.

The 35-year-old who now lives in Australia with her spouse and children, claims she was abused from 2000 to 2002 in court papers filed in New York on Tuesday.

Roberts was led to sue Dershowitz, 80, over his ‘desperate barrage of false and increasingly defamatory attacks’ on her, according to her suit.

But the Harvard lawyer and TV law expert exclusively told he welcomes the chance to prove that the claims made by Roberts, who now goes by Virginia Giuffre, were false.

Dershowitz also urged the FBI to attend the proposed trial at US District Court Southern District of New York, saying they should arrest Roberts and lock her up when he ‘proves’ she is committing perjury.

‘This is the opportunity I’ve been looking for,’ Dershowitz said in an exclusive interview with

‘I now have subpoena power and the ability to prove that this woman has committed perjury and has made up the whole story about me.’

He went on: ‘She is an inveterate liar. She has a long, long history of lying.

Virginia Roberts with Prince Andrew in London in 2001, when she was 16. Click to enlarge

‘She has claimed to have sex with virtually everyone under the sun from the former majority leader of the United States Senate, to the former Prime Minister of Israel, to the former ambassador to the United Nations, to the inventor of artificial intelligence, to Leslie Wexner, the owner of Victoria’s Secret.

‘And she’s going to have to testify to that in court. And the end result is she going to go to perjury because I am asking the FBI to come to the trial and to listen to my testimony and to listen to hers.

Roberts claims in court documents she was recruited by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 16 in 2000, and for the next two years was abused at ‘numerous locations including his mansions in West Palm Beach, Florida, New Mexico, the Virgin Islands.’

Jeffrey Epstein and alleged child sex procurer Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell. Click to enlarge

She was required to be on call for Epstein for sexual purposes and was lent out by Epstein to his friends for sexual purposes, the suit claims.

The court papers continue: ‘Dershowitz was also a participant in sex trafficking, including as one of the men to whom Epstein lent out Plaintiff for sex.’

Roberts claims in court papers she was forced to engage in sexual acts with Dershowitz at Epstein’s mansion on the Upper East Side in New York City, as well as other locations.

But Dershowitz claims he has never even met Roberts, saying to ‘This is a zero sum game. One of us is committing perjury. I’m going to swear under oath that I never met her.’

He continued: ‘She will swear under oath she had sex with me in times and places that I’ve never been during the relevant time according to my travel records.

‘We are going to produce documentary evidence from her own mouth admitting that I am not one of the people she had sex with.

Prince Andrew pictured in 2011 with Jeffrey Epstein. Click to enlarge

‘And then she’s going to be found guilty of perjury which is what I was hoping. So this lawsuit gives me the perfect opportunity to prove her guilt.’

Roberts’ suit notes that Dershowitz chose to settle an April 2016 defamation case brought by her former lawyers, Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, after he accused the pair of unethical behavior in a TV interview.

But he told ‘That case had nothing to do with whether or not Roberts did or did not have sex with me.

‘That case was settled by my insurance company because it was getting very expensive.

‘This case will never be settled – I guarantee you. The appropriate outcome would be for her to go to prison for perjury.’

Dershowitz urged the FBI to take an interested in the case, adding: ‘They just have to walk down the block from the New York FBI headquarters, sit in on the trial and they will hear perjury being committed in their presence in a Federal court.

‘The result will be she will be prosecuted for perjury. This is a Federal crime being committed in a Federal courthouse.

‘The FBI should be investigating a Federal crime being committed in a Federal courthouse in front of a Federal judge.

‘This is an opportunity for me finally to have a judicial forum to prove that she made up the whole story and that she’s a perjurer.’

He went on: ‘And I’m repeating the defamation right now. She claims I defamed her by calling her a perjurer, I am now telling you that I’m calling her a perjurer.

‘And the first thing I will say in court is that I am saying right here, right now, that she’s a perjurer.’

Dershowitz dismissed suggestions the suit had anything to do with the Me Too Movement because he insists he has never met Roberts.

‘In every other Me Too case the people knew each other, they had a relationship, they worked together,’ he added.

‘In this case I never met this woman. She made up the whole story from beginning to end.

‘She hurts the Me Too movement terribly because when it’s proved she lied for money the real victims will be people who have really been abused. She is a fake victim.’

In her suit, Roberts’ lawyers ripped into Dershowitz for saying on March 2, 2019, my ‘accusers are Virginia Roberts and Sarah Ransome…I hereby accuse my false accusers of committing the felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation.’

Her attorneys note: ‘Dershowitz, perhaps believing that Roberts who is now living with her husband and children in Australia would not be prepared to engage in litigation, has again taken to claiming publicly that he demands a trial on the question of whether Roberts committed perjury and made up her statements about him for money.’

In response, they filed her defamation suit.

Lawyers for Roberts said in court documents: ‘As Defendant and Epstein well knew, Dershowitz’s assertion was false. Dershowitz and Epstein knew that Dershowitz had in fact had sex with Plaintiff.

‘Dershowitz made his statements pursuant to his conspiracy with Epstein and Maxwell maliciously as part of an effort to conceal sex trafficking crimes committed around the world by Epstein and other powerful persons.’

Jeffrey Epstein with Donald Trump in the 1990’s. Click to enlarge

In her suit, lawyers included testimonies from former workers at Epstein’s homes in New York and Florida, where they confirm they saw Dershowitz at his residences frequently and that there were underage girls there at the time of his visits.

The suit states: ‘Maria Farmer was an employee of Epstein responsible for ”manning the front door at his New York mansion and keeping records of people who came to the home”.

‘Ms. Farmer ”witnessed a number of school age girls coming to the house, some of the young girls would be wearing their school uniforms” …who ”then would be escorted upstairs”.

‘Ms. Farmer asserts that ”Alan Dershowitz was an individual who came to visit Epstein at his New York mansion a number of times when I was working for Epstein.

‘Dershowitz was very comfortable at the home and would come in and walk upstairs. On a number of occasions I witnessed Dershowitz at the NY mansion going upstairs at the same time there were young girls under the age of 18 who were present upstairs in the house”.’

‘Farmer, like other victims of, and witnesses to, Epstein and Dershowitz’s sex trafficking and abuse has been subjected to attacks and intimidations.

‘Her courageous testimony… proves beyond any doubt that Dershowitz’s claims that he was never present where Ms. Roberts was trafficked, and never in the presence of young girls, are a lie intended to cover up his culpability.’

Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking in 2006, reaching a nonprosecution (NPA) deal in 2008, where he avoided life in prison.

Roberts said she escaped Epstein in September 2002, when he sent her to Thailand ‘to bring a young girl back to Epstein in the United States,’ according to the lawsuit.

‘Fearing for her life, and not wanting to subject another young girl to the abuse she was forced to endure, Roberts fled from Thailand to Australia to escape from Epstein.’

Roberts included in court documents a map showing flights that she allegedly took on Epstein’s private plane.

Court documents state: ‘Epstein flew Roberts on his plane nationally and internationally numerous times when she was under the age of 18… and Epstein also flew Roberts frequently on commercial airlines to meet him and others.’


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  1. I was a social worker who dealt with cases of children forced to sexually service high flyers. Some people were above the law, Sir Anthony Blunt would take underage boys to tea with the queens mother, an evil despicable woman, no charges ever brought. same with Edwatd heath. Greville Janner we got so many complaints about him cross our desks, the whole board of british deputies were all child abusers, never jewish children, always christian, and most of these high flyers were untouchable. Agian and again Simon Cowell would put up £50.000 to defend each of these jews in court, most times it never even got to court, the only reason Gary Gliter appeared in court was that Simon Cowell refused to pay the £ 50,000 becsuse Glitter was only abusing small girls, The court usher said had Glitter been abusing boys it would never have come to court, as this is not just OK but encouraged in jewish law

  2. Dershowitz Is The Lawyer You Call When You’re Guilty Of The Most Heinousness Crime

    Alan Dershowitz is what you call typical scum. This is the man you call when you want to defend a monster, like child abusers, see How Alan Dershowitz bullied rape victims to protect a serial child molester or rapists, see Alan Dershowitz has long history of attacking sex abuse victims .

    This man has never told the total truth since he got his law degree. If you have monster to defend, you call Alan Dershowitz. He is without doubt one of the most despicable, double talking and lying creatures that has ever walked on Earth. He typifies what’s all bad and evil of the Jewish faith and Zionist movement.

    With people like Alan Dershowitz around, there is no need for Satan. Satan himself would be very proud of Alan Dershowitz’s accomplishments, and so too is Israel!

    Don’t you just love the American justice system.

  3. Epstein’s Bar

    Lolita Lolo Frigida and Frigitte De la Stomp
    Are going down to Epstein’s Bar with full regale and pomp
    For crooked crony crocodiles ballooning in the swamp
    With money monster pedophiles colluding with the Trump

    Welcome to Drumpf’s Orange Jew Administration
    A place for drunks, orgies and child molestation
    Ass-partame parties with crack cocaine and hotties
    The sheeple got no spine, they got no orange crush

    Goldman Sechs with Zew York Slimes and other filthy swine
    Are poisoning the feeble minds and keeping Goyim blind
    The Huffingtons & Puffingtons, the BrainWashington Boast
    Are suffering from Porkinson’s, their destiny is toast


    Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein (2018 Documentary)

    An Attempt to obfuscate by the usual suspects:
    The Vile And Destructive Nature Of Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

  4. Too bad that top photo isn’t those 4 demonic slimeballs being lined up against that wall to face a firing squad.

    And bravo to you Voltman for that wonderful verse!

  5. Dershowitz, the proud defender of murderers, rapists, and pedofiles…oh and yeah, Israel.
    Appears to be running scared now as he tries to intimidate the victims through these types of public diatribes. I’m thinking that the lawyers for these girls have some real evidence hidden in reserve for an actual high profile court room drama. I’m really looking forward to a public show trial that hasn’t been faked.

  6. Can I just get this right as there are quite a few typos in todays Truthseeker. Is this the same Simon Cowell who peddles that rubbish on Saturday night tv in the UK and has he been abusing kids too? I was told yesterday that people should enjoy Only Fools And Horses while they can as when Its star dies it will all come out about him.