One More Litmus Test for the Strong, Silent Types

Smoking Mirrors – January 26, 2011

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 ‘May your noses always be cold and wet.’

 I admire some people, not a lot of people to be sure, but some people have done their job with modesty, courage and consistency. One of those people is Webster Tarpley, who just wrote a fantastic article on Wiki-Sneaks. I communicated with Webster in the long ago and he showed himself to be a humble and decent man. I’m glad he’s out there. It’s a difficult thing these days to say you like someone because you never know what might be the real truth, or when it might surface and make you look a fool.

 I really like what I hear from Wayne Madsen. He’s one of those, like Paul Craig Roberts who crawled out of the belly of the beast and stuck around to point a finger at it. So far, these men, as far as I can tell, meet my litmus test needs (given their situation). I met David Ray Griffin and Niels Harrit in Lucerne a year and a half ago, when I was invited there to speak on 9/11. Both of these men came across as tireless workers on behalf of 9/11 truth; self-diminishing and earnest. They’re not exactly electrifying speakers, being academics and I was champing at the bit somewhat to do my kind of ‘getting to know you’ thing.

 I might have been a little more circumspect in hindsight but, you can’t fix the past. All you can do is lie about it or deny it. Someone lit me up with some seriously potent Swiss pot. I don’t usually smoke pot and I hadn’t slept much on the long train ride in. By the time I went on stage I was off on Planet Visible, which is on the other side of the sun. You can’t say who did 9/11 in Switzerland. Well, you can say it but the promoters might get into trouble. So I went up and wailed into an unscripted 15 minutes of doing everything but flat out saying it and then sailed off the stage and out the door with a couple of dozen people following me. This caused some amount of confusion before I could dispense with these people and Freddy, the promoter, could get them back in the door. Freddy wasn’t very happy with me and for good reason. Let’s face it, I’m a loose canon; not anymore but back then I was.

 I do regret having been a wild and crazy guy, however entertaining it actually might have been for the moment. I don’t hear from Freddy anymore and I doubt I left Niels and Dr. Griffin with a warm and cuddly feeling. I’m not properly house-trained, I admit it. I’m a lot better than I was, which is the only reason a lot of my personal works are being allowed to pass out into the world of opinions and reactions now. I’m trying but it is very difficult for me to sit around and listen to endless facts and figures that skirt the ‘who done it’ end of the spectrum. A lot of these people know and tell most of what we know about 9/11 but they pull up short at the cliff’s edge when it comes to naming names.

 Israel did 9/11, along with the assistance of treacherous and traitorous elements in the American intelligence community and the administrative branch. This includes assorted felons and psychopaths on the international stage. If you don’t name the perpetrators and skells involved, not only are they free to do it again but further emboldened as well. When the more powerful examples of western rule, refuse to indict the crime syndicate of Israel for heinous murder aboard relief ships in international waters, you are handing them an imprimatur to do it again. Were these times sane, Israel would be under house arrest and prohibited from traveling out of the country and everyone who already was would be sent back there. It would be a protective quarantine for the good of world health. Every Israeli would have to wear an ankle bracelet that started playing “Every Breath you Take” whenever they got within ten feet of one of their victims, which is anyone but them.

 I’m developing a new litmus test to go with the 9/11 denial and Assange supporting litmus tests and that’s the, ‘you haven’t gone far enough litmus test’. See, within certain parameters you can say almost anything, as long as you don’t point the finger at the right people. Once you actually, correctly identify the cause of the condition you are writing or talking about, things change. A vast sea of web sites won’t link to or reprint my work simply for this reason; sites like Anti-War dot com and all the other sites that represent the self righteous, so called liberal left, that talks in convoluted, highly intelligent circles; dancing around, like something’s up with the prostate, so they don’t get any shit on their golf shoes, cause they want to still get invited to all those talkathons and important dinners financed by the people doing all the bad shit they don’t want to talk about and… it’s a wonder they don’t step in any of it, considering the close company conditions of their ‘indirect employment’ by the people they should be unmasking.

 If you go to any of these sites you see they’ve all got each other linked on each others sites in a perpetual motion, circle jerk machine. It’s there that you will find people talking about what a courageous and elegant reporter Greg Palast is. You should know better than to ask Greg about 9/11 though because Greg gets his money from the people who did it. Greg and everyone like him should also have to wear an ankle bracelet that plays “You Lied to Me”, maybe the Chuck Colbert version since he’s one of them, every time they get near any of the people they are lying to, which would be everyone but them. Still, I guess they lie to each other too, just like they lie to themselves. That song can alternate with, “What Kind of Fool do you Think I Am?”

 I don’t care if there was thermate at ground zero. I don’t care if the buildings went into free fall, which could not have been accomplished except by controlled demolition. I want to know who did it. All these other facts are something you present to the jury once you have these criminals in the courtroom.

 I recognize that you wouldn’t be getting invited to speak at too many places, wouldn’t be getting to go on TV and you wouldn’t be getting fancy grants and donations from the people who did 9/11 if you did this. Jessie Ventura wouldn’t be on TV for very long with his woo woo content if he said what I am sure he knows. I’m not knocking Jessie. He’s the best of the bunch but… people, that little thing called integrity… what’s it worth to you?

 The people who did 9/11 control the money supply for most first world nations in the west. This was their intent from long ago. If you control the money you can buy all of the information and entertainment outlets and then control what people hear and see about what happened at any given time. You can buy politicians and important academic, cultural, social and entertainment figures that will lockstep toward ignominy because short term gain is more important than long term gain, their principles and even their asses. I don’t suppose I have to mention their souls?

 Just about everyone knows that 9/11 was an inside job at this point and the number of people who know Israel had a big hand in it is increasing by the day. It doesn’t matter. Those entrusted with telling us the truth, keep right on lying in order to maintain the right to lie while they pretend it’s the truth.

 Everyone’s waiting for something to happen. Awakened souls are waiting for the cosmic appearance of the one who rips the covers off of the lies and deceits. They keep waiting and wondering what is taking so long. It’s taking so long because of the length of the rope being played out for those who intend to hang themselves upon it. It’s taking so long in order for it to get to a level of absurdity where there can be no doubt as to what is what and who is who. It’s taking so long in order for nations and individuals to mess things up so bad that the only recourse is going to be what follows and you can use your imagination for that.

 So, we’ve got another litmus test. It’s the Crimes of Omission Litmus Test. It’s there to turn blue, every time you stick it into someone’s material and a critical element is missing. You can stick it into George Galloway’s speeches. You can stick it into the copy of certain bloggers who think the sun shines out of Julian Assange’s ass. That’s not the sun, that’s a flashlight that’s being used by a returning CIA team in scuba gear, who went in to make adjustments to the circuitry.

 I don’t know that I would mind being invited to speak at an important function, or attend some of those nice dinners. I don’t know that I would like it either. I just don’t know because that never happens to me. I could wear my ‘Visible World Tour’ t-shirt which has a dotted line at the belly level and reads, “Only authorized personnel allowed below this point”. Heck, I now know better than to smoke a joint with someone before my time in the rotation comes but I’m mostly troubled by what happens at the entrance, where the security insists that I check one more item along with my coat and hat. They want to give me a plastic chip with a number on it. They tell me I’m not going to need it in there anyway so I might as well let them hold on to my integrity until I’m ready to leave.

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 I’m considering doing a mid week radio show soon with a segue to video after a month or so. I don’t know that I’ll start today but you can watch this location to see if I put in a link.

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