The puppet Parliament becomes more pathetic

John Redwood Diary – April 13, 2019

This Parliament is determined to thwart the will of the voters who decided to leave the EU. It is equally determined to show it does not want to take back control. MPs queue up in debates to tell us EU laws and rules are best, and try to find ways of extending or protecting them. They have no faith in our collective ability to choose wise and good laws for ourselves. They doubt Leave MPs when we assure them we will keep the good laws from the EU, as they will all be incorporated into UK law. What I want to change are some of the VAT laws that make us impose tax on green products and domestic fuel, the corporation tax decisions that cut the tax we imposed, the fishing laws and the others that have done economic damage to us.

The behaviour is worrying and bizarre. Why get yourself elected to a body designed to make laws and to influence government policy if you want our laws to be made across the Channel instead? Why draw a salary if you think you cannot improve on what the EU does?

Parliament usually wants the government to spend more on the favoured causes of MPs and some of their constituents. Yet when it comes to finding a big pot of money to spend at home by stopping sending large sums to the EU, most MPs flip over and tell us we must keep on sending as much money to Brussels as possible, even after we have left.

Many MPs have torn up their promises to their electors from 2017 when all Conservative and Labour candidates fought on a ticket of implementing the referendum. They have done so knowing they will alienate the Leave majority in the country, and will not impress the many Remain voters who want Brexit finished with and who accept the majority verdict. It is difficult to grasp why so many only want the votes of the minority who reject the verdict of the referendum who presumably voted Lib Dem in 2017.



4 responses to “The puppet Parliament becomes more pathetic”

  1. George Soros and the rothschild bankers want us in for their own ends
    not ours, the EU is for the jewbankers, if you knew their full agenda you wouold not sleep nights. we must at all costs regain our control of our own country,
    sure the jews have said they will punish us for leaving, but leave we damn well must

  2. it just proves that our government is riddled with agents of a foreign power.

  3. The caption to this item says puppet government
    thats just what it is
    The real government is the Board of British deputies
    the jewish banking government which was run by mass abuser of small boys Greville Janner who had any would be whistleblowers killed off, even if they were in prison.British people wake up ?

  4. Those Elected Are Supposed To Represent The Voters!

    The problem is very simple. The people that are elected from those that vote for them, do not represent the will of the people that elected them. We are supposed to be living in a representative democracy, where those we elect, are supposed to follow The Will Of The People. But this doesn’t happen. The problem is not bad members of government, the problem is we don’t have a “good” democracy.

    In the case of the BREXIT situation, it is clear that outside of the London Greater Area (in England), that all the voting areas voted to leave the EU. Yet many of these same areas have members of governments in the Lower House that are not following the will of the areas they are representing.

    Firstly, there should be a way to toss out every politician that is not following their area’s will. People should have the right to throw out their members of parliament at any time by organizing an impromptu election. This will put pressure on all members of government to act accordingly to their area’s needs otherwise they can be thrown out at any moment. Of course, a suitable level of voter turnout must be achieved, but if there is enough anger in the voting area, the people should have the right to toss out anyone that is not representing them effectively. This method in some places, like in Canada, is referred to as Recall. But Recall must be made with power behind it.

    Secondly, it is clear politicians in government are not doing their jobs right now. It is clear they are actually stalling and delaying the BREXIT process. The majority of government is not a fair and honest representation of the people. This must stop. Government must represent the people AND the relative amount area they represent. A voter is not just a single vote, but also what they represent as for as the geographic area of the nation is concerned. Take a look at any voting map, it is clear that London has too much weight in decision making for the entire country. Some 95% of representative England voted to leave, and yet nearly three years later, England is still in the EU. Is this fair? No it isn’t. If Scotland and Northern Ireland want to be part of the EU, let them. The UK can split up and why not? Let the people decide. The real question to ask in a referendum is “Do you want to stay in your region (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales) and be part of the EU then leave the UK, or be part of the UK and leave the EU?” Scotland and Northern Ireland voted largely to stay in the EU, so let them and they can leave the UK. But then they need to decide if being part of the UK is more important than being part of the EU?

    It is clear that there never was democracy in Britain. It was always a plutocracy. Democracy in the UK is about doing what the treacherous members of government want, not what the will of the people want.

    Democracy in the UK is dead. It actually never lived, it was a phony democracy. If the people of Britain want a better future, the first thing they need to do is have a method to hold their government members to account. What good is a democracy, if you can’t punish bad governance?

    Britain today is operating more like a government of fascists. Hitler and Mussolini whould be very proud of May and her antics. Watch closely everyone, you are seeing a new form of fascism rising. It is pernicious, sneaky, very selfish, and above all anti-democratic.

    Britain, thanks to the likes of Theresa May, is turning the UK into a elitist fascist state.