Russian Military Expert Says Time for Russia to Prepare for War

Paul Craig Roberts – April 13, 2019

Someone should speak to the Russian finance minister, Anton Siluanov, and put him in touch with reality. According to a RT news report, Siluanov has called for restoring economic and political ties between Moscow and Washington.

Ties between the US and Russia were intentionally wrecked on purpose by the US military/security complex and its congressional and media vassals in order to provide the military/security complex with an enemy big enough to justify the $1,000 billion annual budget of the complex.

What does Siluanov think Russiagate was about other than to prevent Trump from normalizing relations with Russia?

The last president who tried to rein in the military/security complex was John F. Kennedy, and he was assassinated. On Trump they used Russiagate instead of bullets, and it proved almost as effective.

If Russian government officials continue to be victims of their dreams to be America’s partner, they and their country are headed to destruction. The Putin government’s toleration of a Fifth Column financed by Washington that is operating within Russia against the Russian government and Russian sovereignty indicates that the Russian government can’t get its mind around the fact that the neoconservatives intend to reestablish a unipolar world.

Perhaps Igor Korotchenko should speak to Siluanov. Korotchenko says that Russia needs to quit dawdling and prepare properly for war. In the digital/thermonuclear world of today, Russia will not have time, as Stalin had, to recover from an attack and go on to victory. Among the things Russia needs to do in order to be ready for war, says, Korotchenko, is “to multiply the strategic stocks of high precision missiles,” which requires building additional plant and equipment to manufacture them, protect Russia’s digital sovereignty, and increase the functionality of the FSB (the Russian Security Service) in order to prevent the externally funded Fifth Column from operating against Russia.


Russia’s weakness is the government’s toleration of the Western-financed media and politicians inside Russia that operate as Washington’s agents. The Russian government tolerates these agents of Washington, because the Russian government wants to show how democratic it is in the hopes that the West will accept Russia as one of its own.

All the while the West is preparing Russia’s demise.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

2 responses to “Russian Military Expert Says Time for Russia to Prepare for War”

  1. Fully agree with Mr. Roberts.
    That is why I am still wondering why Mr. Putin and the Cabinet are tolerating that kind of 5th Column dangerous clowns behaviours. I hope Mr. Putin does not have the attribute “apres nous la de luge”, which I refuse to believe he and team have but if true the rest of the real free world will be lost including Russian Federation. China might stand alone in the moor of intriges and Banksters otherwise know as The Swamp.

    Washington’s influence within Russia could be destrous for the country of Russia and its allies the people of the free world who believe in the positivity of their policies.

    Russia started everything right and received a warm welcome and respect from the people of world.
    Please, Russia, keep it that way so we keep trusting you.

  2. Let’s be crystal clear about one of Roberts’ assertions here. Roberts’ statement “Russia’s weakness is the government’s toleration of the Western-financed media and politicians inside Russia that operate as Washington’s agents” isn’t quite accurate. Russia’s weakness is the same fatal flaw and weakness of the United States, which is the government’s toleration of the Jews, a scant 2% of the U.S. population, and the Israel “lobby” and the drastically overblown amount of influence they wield. So Roberts’ statement can more accurately be stated as “Jewish controlled media” and “Jewish/Israeli controlled politicians”. Putin’s biggest mistake was not publicly executing the Jew criminal “oligarchs” and ridding the country of the toxic parasites that have infected Russia for over 100 years.