April 15 Is Slavery Day

Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org April 12, 2019

The Jews’ path to profitable victimhood was the Holocaust. For blacks the path is slavery.

We hear endlessly about Slavery. Slavery is always the fault of white people, especially the Founding Fathers, the Confederacy, and Robert E. Lee.

Black Africans frequently enslaved others from different tribes. Click to enlarge

Slavery is never the fault of black Africans who engaged in slave wars against one another. Slaves were a status symbol. When slave wars produced more slaves than victors could afford to maintain, the Africans began selling each other to the Arabs. When the Europeans discovered the New World and needed a work force for the rice and sugar and later cotton plantations, they purchased Africans from the black Kingdom of Dahomey.

Before propaganda and the teaching of hatred of white people took over from education in American universities, the origin of the slave trade was well known. Books, such as Karl Polanyi’s Dahomey and the Slave Trade, described the facts of the African tribal slave wars.

One would think that Polanyi’s book would be a textbook in black studies courses, but since the purpose of black studies is to demonize white people, today Polanyi’s book is regarded as racist. It is out of print. Amazon lists six used copies available at prices ranging from $121.37 to $208.23. Clearly, blacks are never going to learn anything factual from black studies.

Every race has been held in slavery. Everyone the Romans conquered and every barbarian tribe that crossed the Roman Limes could end up as slaves. Arabs raided all over Europe for white slaves. A good text for black studies would be New York University Press’s 2007 book, White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh. The authors are not talking about indentured servants, a form of slavery for a contracted period of usually five or seven years. From The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus you can learn that tens of thousands of Irish were enslaved and shipped to the West Indies to work and die on the sugar plantations.

But people, especially blacks, don’t want to know this. They cling to their brainwashing and unique victim status like the Jews who won’t let anyone question the Holocaust.

While blacks build their victim status, the real slavery today goes unnoticed. Let’s begin by understanding what a slave is. A slave is a person who does not own the products of his/her own labor. That is, a slave is a person who is taxed on his/her work. A person who does not own the product of his own work is exploited. In 19th century America, the tax rate on slaves has been estimated to be about 50 percent. The other half of the slave’s work product was necessary to maintain the slave and the owner’s investment in the slave. In the feudal era, the tax rate on serfs was limited to about 30 percent. The technology in the feudal era was less than in the 19th century, and the lower productivity of labor in the feudal era meant that the serfs could not reproduce if they were taxed more than a third of their work product.

Before the Reagan marginal tax rate reductions, middle class Americans were taxed at or above the rate of medieval serfs, and the rich with a 50% marginal income tax rate and a 70% tax rate on investment income were taxed at higher rates than 19th century slaves on Southern plantations. The invention of the income tax turned us all into government-owned slaves.

Many people confuse slavery with a lack of mobility. This is a mistake. Some 19th century slaves had mobility in America. Those with skills were leased to businesses in towns and cities. Deductions from the slaves’s pay was sent to the slave’s owner just as employers today deduct from the pay of employees and send the payroll tax to Washington.

Bloomberg Business Week recently reported on a new form of slavery that has risen in America. Students sell part of their future income to investors in exchange for their educational expenses. The article tells the story of a 23-year old woman who sold a piece of her future earning power for 8.5 years in an “income sharing contract.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-09/college-grads-sell-stakes-in-themselves-to-wall-street?cmpid=BBD040919_BIZ&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_term=190409&utm_campaign=bloombergdaily

When I was educated, tuition for instate students at state universities was nominal. Today students have to cover the cost by selling themselves into partial slavery. The work product of the woman who is the example in the Bloomberg Business Week article is partly owned by private investors and partly owned by state and federal governments. It is possible that her share of her work product is less than that of a 19th century slave.

This form of slavery is acceptable to blacks and whites. What if 19th century plantations had treated slaves as a free work force earning a salary that was taxed at 50%? How would this be any different from the slavery we all suffer today?


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

4 responses to “April 15 Is Slavery Day”

  1. The only people with the money to fund the building and running of slave ships were the jews, in biblical days the jews used christians as slaves, as did the romans, in fact the holy wall they jews pray against was built by the romans with christian slave labour.
    The jews want the Middle east cleared of people, for the Greter Israel project
    so they get stupid christians to fight these wars, and then the jews create proxy armies like al kahrda and isis and al nusrah to push all the muslims out and over to us in the qeat
    and the jews laugh at us, as they plana civil war between christian and muslims using their paid for proxies like tommy robinson.
    There are several prophecies including one from sheik Imran Hosein, who say the christian will allie to his brother muslim, to defeat the eveil of the jew

  2. This story today, the USA government says it owns your bodies
    Rothschild said back in the 30s that the UK would be communist by the year 2000
    its no different to the USA in the UK, as the same people own both countries
    You think you own your car ? no you dont you are only now the registered keeper
    if they want to steal and crush it they can as it now belongs to them
    Think you own your own home ? no you are only the occupier, the government under Tony Blair took away the last of your rights to own anything.
    Think you own your children ? no you dont, the government can come and steal them any time they want and they often give them to homosexual couples.
    Marx said ” all property is theft, one man cannot own what belongs to the many”
    the state takes the place of god and the state owns everything, this is pure communism exactly as rothschild predicted has come to pass

  3. I used to believe in the Holocaust the moon landings and global warming
    but now i know its all crap, i used to think Winston Churchill was a good Englishman.
    Now i know he was a jew working for the jews against his own country.
    I understand why many old servicemen made the pilgramage to piss up the Churchill statue
    and students and foreign visitors all now do the same.
    The Churchill insurance co, use a cartoon bulldog with a voice like churchill,
    this is code to tell us churchill was a puppet.
    His own doctor LOrd Moran said Churchill was mad, milions of people signed the petition to get the mass murdering jews face taken off our £5 notes, all to no avail, the government refused the people. Churchill the most hated racist politician we ever had

  4. I think it’s time this “white (if not sick) aging phenotype” PCR retires, well funded as he is by his generous U.S. pension and leave US be. PCR, elderly I feel sure, probably had little energy left to read the Nation of Islam’s three-volume set of books on relationships between Jews and blacks. Yes, slavery is mentioned, surprise, surprise!
    For a counterpoint to another lame reference, Mr. PCR should read Michael Hoffman’s books on (1) white slavery in America and (2) usury in Christendom, the means by which slavery enterprises got funded. If you yourself read the books, you might well find yourself in agreement with my assertions. My word is true; check it out yourself.
    Finally, to my knowledge, PCR addresses neither 9-11 nor Sandy Hook false flags with any honesty. Failing those two litmus tests, PCR surprises me not at all.