FL Governor DeSantis Announces Cabinet Meeting In Israel

Karoli Kuns – Crooks and Liars April 10, 2019

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Click to enlarge

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday that he would hold the next meeting of the Florida State Cabinet in Jerusalem at the U.S. Embassy he fought to move there when he was in Congress.

Yes, you read that right. The business of Florida State will be conducted in a foreign country whose interests may not be entirely aligned with Florida’s.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the trip for Florida officials is hosted by a group called Enterprise Florida, a public-private partnership of business leaders and government officials. DeSantis serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors

This is, of course, a pander to Jewish voters in Florida. It’s also a pander to Bibi Netanyahu and his hard-right governnment. And also, it’s a bow to dominionists who “support” Israel in order to witness its demise so the Rapture can begin. But mostly, it’s ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason on earth for Florida business to be conducted in any foreign country.

Taxpayers, regardless of their religion or ethnicity, should be outraged.


3 responses to “FL Governor DeSantis Announces Cabinet Meeting In Israel”

  1. The americans back to w w 2 and vietnam have a horrific record of war crimes
    the sportsman Pat Tillman was going to whistleblow and was murdered like many others
    see this below
    Trump says USA and israel should be immune from prosecution

  2. Jews make me laugh they are so damn thick
    the London tettoo artist known as Chris Spivey revealed he was tattooing numbers on the arms of jewish people so they could pretend to have been in the work camps Chris spivey revealed some of these folk were in their 40s and 50s the war ended 75 years ago.
    But jews are still claiming money for it

  3. Re ellis taylor “jews are still claiming money for it.”

    Up till now also for me this is something I cannot understand.
    Probably the Civil Servants in Germany are sleeping to keep paying moneys to “victims” of concentration camps while indeed in my calculations there cannot be many still be alive after 1945 ,
    secondly there might be another reason to keep payin to the jews,
    thirdly Germans have been made numpty by the jews and for the sake of their peace keep the jews paying.

    And many Germans IMO do not even know these “payments” are still being transferred.