Keith Allen fronts BBC Saving Syria’s Children documentary crowdfunder

Vanessa Beeley – Patreon April 12, 2019

Actor and director Keith Allen is fronting a new crowdfunding campaign for a documentary examining the 2013 BBC Panorama programme Saving Syria’s Children:  ​

The documentary will be made by Associated-Rediffusion, the production company of veteran British film, television and radio producer Victor Lewis-Smith.

Since 2013, I have compiled a wealth of evidence indicating that scenes in Saving Syria’s Children which purport to show the aftermath of an incendiary attack on an Aleppo playground were fabricated. It has also been revealed that the BBC Panorama team was embedded with ISIS partner group Ahrar al-Sham and appears to have directly colluded with ISIS. I have given several public presentations on the topic.

In 2017 Victor Lewis-Smith challenged the BBC Panorama office over the issue. Failing to get satisfactory answers, Victor tore up a contract for a forthcoming comedy pilot with BBC Radio 4.

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3 responses to “Keith Allen fronts BBC Saving Syria’s Children documentary crowdfunder”

  1. The BBC in w w 2 was known to British troops as ” bullshit-time”
    The fact that Rothschild put several of his homosexual Apostles, those left wing perverts
    into positions at the BBC, shows who owned the BBC, and still does.
    The banks who run the EU have said if we leave the EU, the banks will punish the British people, this may be a fall in the pound, revenge is only sanctioned and carried out by one group of people.
    They say they will move the BBC to Holland, and some mugs still buy a licence to have propaganda dumbed-down- bullshit and homosexuality to be beamed into their homes

  2. There is no question that the BBC actively promote homosexuality….Take “housing related” programmes…nine times out of ten fronted by Jews.The actual number of homosexuals/lesbians featured is not in proportion to the incidence of sexual deviance within society….therefore you can only assume the programme is promoting sexual deviance.
    Jews totally control the BBC…most are crypto Jews who keep their ethnicity hidden…Very few people would know that David Levi Attenborough is Jewish..ditto for other top BBC people.

  3. The bbc is the propaganda machine for mi5 and mi6 in Northern Ireland and uk for at least 4 decades the lies they have told put fuel on the fire to keep the murder going in Northern Ireland