Goyim are Squatters in a Jewish World

henrymakow.com – April 11, 2019

Organized Jewry believes non-Jews are squatters in a world made exclusively for Jews. The goyim have been anointed as wait staff.
This might be the essence of the New World Order. They have empowered a leadership class of goy traitors (Freemasons) by promising them a seat at the table.
This is why politics and media are at odds with Reality.

by Henry Makow PhD

I approached the above short film, “What It’s Like to Grow Up in an Israeli Settlement”with some apprehension because I oppose the theft of more Palestinian property and regard the settlers as fanatics. I have mixed feelings about Israelis in general. I identify with my fellow Jews but fear they’ve been duped and used for no good.
The girl in the picture above was interviewed. She’s attractive. Doesn’t look like a fanatic at all. But then she mentioned living in Hebron, a West Bank city. “I lived in fear,” she said plaintively. “The Arabs want to kill us.”
I turned off the video. This epitomized Jewish victimhood for me. They can never acknowledge that their actions inspire hatred against them. They have stolen Palestine. Their snipers are killing unarmed demonstrators as in a shooting gallery. But there is a child-like inability to empathize with non-Jews, a disconnect between cause and effect.
As I wrote in my book, IlluminatiThe python devours a mouse and portrays its death spasms as “hate.”
The term “pathological victims” popped into my mind. The holocaust covers for a satanic agenda to dispossess and enslave mankind. The Holocaust (note the capital H) is made the distinguishing feature of a war that killed 60 million non-Jews.
“Israel has a right to exist,” they say.
Excuse me, but I think it’s Palestine’s existence that is in question.
“Jews need a national homeland.”
Organized Jewry has an outsized influence throughout the world. It is the goyim who need national homelands.
The majority of Jews are no more cognizant of this sinister agenda than the goyim. The average Jew is mired in everyday problems like his Gentile neighbour. He senses that the world is tilted slightly in his favor but that’s as much thought as he gives it. He observes some Jewish holidays but he just wants to assimilate and be a good citizen.



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3 responses to “Goyim are Squatters in a Jewish World”

  1. According to the same philosophy that makes the non jews squatters , and declares that it is not a sin to rob , murder and rape them as we see constantly in the land of Palestine . How is it possible that the perpetrators of such injustice complain when somebody makes them slaves to work in camps as it happened during ww2 ?
    As a principle now, I do no longer believe anything those people say .

  2. If the Jews do not recognize and convert to the Prince of Peace, their own true Messiah, and God’s greatest gift to the entire world, their restlessness, exclusiveness, talents and deceptions will surely lead the world into more major wars and destruction. If not for Jesus of Nazareth, St. Paul, and all the early Jewish followers of Christ there would be no Christianity and likely much less tolerance such that the tribal group which rejected Christ would have been long gone. The Zionists have demonstrated that they have no moral limits to expanding their tribal interests, yet the only way they will change and for the world to have a chance for real peace and prosperity is for more Jewish people to convert. History is peppered with the great contributions to the world from great Jewish people, but the exclusive tribal interests and goals whereby the ten commandments do not extend to non-Jews leads to repugnancy and strife. There is no such thing as racial anti-Semitism because when Jewish people convert to any universal religion of good will to all, they are dearly loved and in my experience regarded as very special. Their whistleblowers such as Henry Makow and converts like Brother Nathaniel, Benjamin Freedman, and Bernard Nathanson are tremendously admired, loved and honored by many. The Jewish people must see their own great honor and purpose in being chosen as the people who in their history of suffering, tenacity and turmoil brought to all mankind reconciliation with God and the gateway to eternal life through the gift of Jesus Christ. Those who have been touched and changed by the universal love of God are the only really chosen ones, and perhaps the only true Jews in His eyes.

  3. There is no such thing as “Jews” or “Hebrews” and they most certainly not a chosen people. They’re not even a race ffs. The Irish are the chosen race. Thanks to the Romans rewriting history aided by the English they have erased the truth in all its,many forms. Everybody should read the works of Conor MacDari. The Chabad / Khazarian mafia run this world, impoverishing, poisoning and enslaving people while ushering I Satanism.