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 Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon April 7, 2019

Is Donald Trump a copycat Stalin?  Does he have the makings of a dangerous dictator? 

Is Donald Trump the New Stalin? A bizarre question, it would seem. To most people, I believe, it wouldn’t even occur. To answer it, a few words first about Stalin. We can then return to Trump. 
First and foremost, the conspiracy theory that Stalin was a “Jew” and that all his wives and mistresses were “Jewish” needs to knocked on the head with a sledgehammer at once. And buried in unholy ground. Nothing could be further from the truth. The simple truth is that Stalin was a Georgian, and a proud one,  and he would have been the first to get very angry if someone had dared to suggest he could be Jewish.
Curiously enough, both Stalin and Trump have been accused by their respective haters of being crypto-Jews. There is no reliable evidence for this groundless suspicion, but conspiracy theorists and peddlers of misinformation are not troubled by lack of evidence. This is because they are astute  psychologists and know the human heart: that the will or believe and its corollary, the will to disbelieve, override any need for evidence. We see this process in operation most clearly in regard to the existence of God, where we find the world is divided into two warring camps: the theists or believers in God, who are driven by “the will to believe”, and the atheists or disbelievers in God, who are driven by “the will to disbelieve”. There is a third category of course: the agnostics, the “don’t knows” or ditherers who have yet to make up their minds.
In regard to Stalin and Trump, the world is equally divided. There are those who adore Stalin and Trump even though there is no evidence to support the view that these men are fundamentally adorable. But never mind that. The Will to Believe produces the adorability, irrespective of mountains of factual evidence that lead the average onlooker in an opposite direction, showing that adoration of either man is unjustified.
Take the accusation that Stalin was “Jewish”, for example.  This unfounded allegation is specifically designed to create hatred of Stalin among the vast numbers of anti-Semites who fill the world. “Stalin is Jewish, so he has to be evil”; or “Stalin is evil, so he has to be Jewish.” Thus the illogical argument runs. The possibility that non-Jews can also be evil  is strongly resisted by those who firmly believe that evil is a Jewish monopoly. The goyim are also capable of wickedness, these people concede when hard pressed, but not on the same scale as Jews. We’ve all heard the mantra, “Never trust a Jew.”
Could Stalin have had a few drops of Jewish blood in him from his Georgian ancestors?
Well, of course! But the same thing  applies to all of us: we could all have a few drops of Jewish blood in us from our ancestors, without even knowing it. Maybe my great great great great great grandmother was a Jewess. If so, I hope she was a beautiful one—like this gorgeous creature. But I’m not betting on it. My Jewishness, like Stalin’s putative Jewishness or that of the average non-Jewish reader, is at best a remote possibility.
There seems to be an unfortunate tendency among extreme anti-Semites to label as “Jews” anyone they don’t like who mixes with Jews and supports Israel to the hilt. Such people exist, but there is a correct name for them: shabbos goyim or “spiritual Jews”. My own name for these sycophants who suck up to Big Jewry and are mostly Christian Zionists or secular non-Jews — people like Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, John Bolton —  is the word “Jewling”; literally, “Little Jew”.
The Trump administration is not only full of Jews but also of these Jewlings or imitation Jews.


These are people who think like Jews, feel like Jews, and support all Jewish causes. Some of my nominally Christian relatives have been Jewlings all their lives, even going so far as to change their names in order to appear Jewish. What made them like this? Indoctrination from an early age by the media. They are the products of their own influences: the Jew-controlled mass media, steeped and marinated in cultural Marxism and the toxic teachings of the predominantly Jewish Frankfurt School of thought. (See here and here)
Trump is no exception.
He is known to spend most of his time watching trash television. So what can you expect? His daily mental diet is dished up to him by Jews. As a man thinks, so he is. Assuming he is a bona fide Zionist and ardent supporter of all things Jewish, as indeed he says he is, Trump can be described as a “Jewling”, a shabbos goy or a “spiritual Jew”.
But this is only the case if the original assumption is correct that Trump is fanatically pro-Jewish. It is not correct if Trump is only pretending to like Jews. If he is playing a double-game. If, as some of Trump’s most ardent and openly anti-Semitic admirers believe, Trump is patiently biding his time and will one day—hey presto!—pull the rug away from under the Jews’ feet and wipe them out in substantial numbers.
According to this bizarre conspiracy theory which I now propose to discuss, Trump has been happy to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, to more or less hand over the Syrian-owned Golan Heights to Israel, to surround himself with Jews and Jewlings in his administration, to jack up America’s generous handouts to Israel, to cuddle up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by arming him to the teeth and offering to get tough with Iran for him, and, finally, to allow his daughter Ivanka to marry a Zionist Jew called Jared Kushner and give him Jewish grandchildren—and all this the incredibly devious Trump has done in order to deceive the Jews into thinking he loves them!—yes, worships the ground they walk on!
Move over Machiavelli.
Trump’s secret aim, these conspiracy theory Trump zealots keep telling us, is to hit the Jews really hard one day and destroy their power structure. Not now, but in the fullness of time. When he’s ready.  When the fruit is ripe for plucking.
One! — Day! —  Soon! 
How do they know this is Trump’s “secret aim” if it’s a secret? Ah ha! they’re not saying! Because that, too, is a secret!

“I’m gonna get the Jews one day!”
One! — Day! —  Soon!

—   §   —
We started with Stalin. We then digressed to Trump. But the digression was planned and is more than permissible. This is because the same conspiracy theorists who have sung the praises of Trump on our site—not once but several times ad nauseam—have also sung the praises of Stalin here and marked out Donald Trump as THE NEW STALIN.
Yes, Trump is the New Stalin!!!
Even more bizarre, the comparison of Trump with Stalin is not meant to be an insult. As when unpopular leaders are compared to Hitler. In this case, the comparison of Trump to Stalin is meant to be a compliment. An accolade.
This hagiography of Stalin and his alleged understudy and copycat disciple Donald Trump comes to us from an admittedly brilliant (if somewhat eccentric) thinker of Croatian ancestry and Canadian citizenship who has delighted our readers on the Darkmoon site for many years with his charm, his wit, and his penetrating insights. His pen name is  “Lobro van Helsing”.
Dr Van Helsing, the reader will recollect, is the name of the hero in Bram Stoker’s sensational novel, Dracula. Armed with his trusty crucifix, he is the ultimate Vampire Slayer. (See here). Lobro van Helsing, one might say without exaggeration, is an intellectual vampire slayer and is an authority on exorcism, demonic possession, and other such esoteric subjects too numerous to mention —  as indeed this impressive article on contemporary demonic possession will testify. This mysterious individual’s  real name I am naturally unable to disclose to the reader because this is privileged information. However,  just let me say that Dr Van Helsing knows more about Mathematics  and Quantum Physics than anyone else I know. He is also a fund of invaluable information on philosophy, economics, politics and current affairs.  So he has to be taken seriously when he says Trump is “the New Stalin”.
Stalin killed at least 20 million people in his own backyard, the Soviet Union, and Solzhenitsyn gives an even higher figure of 66 million. So if this highly intelligent Canadian commenter on world affairs is to be believed, Trump, the New Stalin, has a lot of killing to do in order to catch up with the great dictator he has modelled himself on.
So far the Copycat Killer Trump is lagging far behind his heroic exemplar in the Soviet Union.  66 million dead bodies is a pretty steep target figure, after all,  and I don’t Trump is going to meet those targets. Not the way he’s going. He’s just not killing enough people. At this rate, compared to Stalin, he’s going to turn out a huge disappointment as a homicidal maniac.
So this is the bottom line: if Trump is going to meet the minimum target figures set for him by Lobro et al — say 20-66 million — he’d better get on with it!
Theoretically, I guess the target figures could  be reached pretty soon. Before the end of this year, I’d say. After all, Iran has a population of 81 million. With NATO’s help, and with assistance from Israel, the 20 million figure could easily be reached and surpassed in no time at all. Then of course there’s Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan, countries all asking for trouble (according to the neocons surrounding Mr Trump) and yielding huge possibilities for anyone planning genocide on an epic scale.
The reader will pardon me, I hope, for using irony to make my point. Which is that the comparison between Stalin and Trump is most unhelpful, if not bordering on the absurd.
If there is one thing for which Stalin is well known and which remains his enduring legacy, it is this: that he made his country great through mass murder. In order to pull Russia out of its straitjacket in the Middle Ages and modernise it thoroughly into an industrial powerhouse, he had to starve millions of his own people to death and immiserate  vast numbers of innocents in his Siberian gulags, slave labour camps and torture dungeons. Donald Trump, for all his faults, simply cannot be compared to this monster.
Even more ridiculously, Trump cannot be praised for modelling himself on this mass murderer and following in his blood-spattered footsteps.