Putin Explains How Obama Created ISIS

IWB — April 5, 2019

Obama would like to paint Russia as the bad guys in our world, but as we at LibertyNEWS have explained countless times, U.S. policy has created evil for years on end. Putin is exactly right in saying Obama created ISIS.


2 responses to “Putin Explains How Obama Created ISIS”

  1. That is a powerful piece of video – and did you notice the respectful attention paid to Putin?

  2. ISIS was/is ‘ex-CIA’ group, later name change to SIS… and so on.. training the leaders for our jihadi regime change ops in the ME etc….. JimStone.is site had a screen capture years ago… I can email it if you like.. typical op, same as those ‘Boston bombers’… the elder brother worked with his uncle… another ‘ex-CIA’ official that setup a destabilization training op for Dagestan… etc e tc…. Same BS everytime… like all those fake school shootings etc.