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Introduction – April 6, 2019

The following account is entirely plausible. After all the US also took in the most important Nazi intelligence personnel and scientists in Operation Paperclip, in an effort to beat the Soviets in laying claim to the Nazi’s scientific and weapons know how. A total of 6,000 former Nazi scientists, intelligence operatives and their families were given sanctuary, and ultimately citizenship, in the U.S.A.
In return some, like Wernher von Braun, went on to lay the foundations for America’s future space program.
There also have been numerous reports that Hitler himself was allowed to escape with Eva von Braun to Argentina:
Revealed: Hitler in Argentina
Hitler in Argentina & The US-Hitler Bargain Including NASA (as well as CIA)
Are these classified FBI files proof ADOLF HITLER escaped by SUBMARINE to Argentina?
Is this what Aubrey Temples, a decorated U.S. veteran saw unfolding on the morning of April 30, 1945? This was the very day that Hitler and Eva von Braun are alleged to have committed suicide in Hitler’s Berlin bunker. Yet no forensic evidence has ever been produced to substantiate claims that he committed suicide beyond claims of a body burned beyond recognition.
Were Hitler and a small entourage instead en route to a hideaway in Argentina having struck a deal with the Western Allied Powers? Is this what Aubrey Temples witnessed on April 30, 1945? Ed.

Seeing Hitler Escape Germany April 30, 2019

Dennis Fagan – Still and Moving Pictures April 2018