Seeing Hitler Escape Germany April 30, 2019

Introduction – April 6, 2019

The following account is entirely plausible. After all the US also took in the most important Nazi intelligence personnel and scientists in Operation Paperclip, in an effort to beat the Soviets in laying claim to the Nazi’s scientific and weapons know how. A total of 6,000 former Nazi scientists, intelligence operatives and their families were given sanctuary, and ultimately citizenship, in the U.S.A.
In return some, like Wernher von Braun, went on to lay the foundations for America’s future space program.
There also have been numerous reports that Hitler himself was allowed to escape with Eva von Braun to Argentina:
Revealed: Hitler in Argentina
Hitler in Argentina & The US-Hitler Bargain Including NASA (as well as CIA)
Are these classified FBI files proof ADOLF HITLER escaped by SUBMARINE to Argentina?
Is this what Aubrey Temples, a decorated U.S. veteran saw unfolding on the morning of April 30, 1945? This was the very day that Hitler and Eva von Braun are alleged to have committed suicide in Hitler’s Berlin bunker. Yet no forensic evidence has ever been produced to substantiate claims that he committed suicide beyond claims of a body burned beyond recognition.
Were Hitler and a small entourage instead en route to a hideaway in Argentina having struck a deal with the Western Allied Powers? Is this what Aubrey Temples witnessed on April 30, 1945? Ed.

Seeing Hitler Escape Germany April 30, 2019

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  1. This Hitler escaped story is an big a pile of bullshit, same as the Hitler was a rothschilds
    Angela Merkel is Hitlers daughter, Hitler was a spaceman, Tony Blair is Rothschilds son etc.
    Hitlers staff, chef valet secretary driver etc were captured and interrogated under horrific tortures for years by the Soviets and never deviated from the story he took his own life.
    The war was concocted because Hitler took over the German economy from the banks,
    they had ruined Germany and it took a wheel barrow full of marks to buy a loaf of bread,
    Hitler gave the prosperity to his people.
    Putin in Russia did the same took the economy away from the banks that why our government wants a war with them, its nothing to do with the skripal nonsense .
    Mr Rothschild and his banks run the UK, they are threatening to ruin the UK if we leave the EU, we are only in the EU for the banks, it gives us no benefit, and all the jobs and homes in the UK now go to foreigners, the government has perpetrated the most malignant hate crimes against its own electorate
    If hitler did escape it would have come out long ago not 75 years after his death

  2. Synagogues world wide take donations on a regular basis to kidnap and prosecute German soldiers from W W 2, we are talking millions of pounds here, do you think they would allow the very man who took the German economy away from the jews, would be allowed to live out his retirement in Argentina Chile or Scotland depending on which theory you follow, ? No way would Adolf Hitler have been allowed to do this
    jews will take revenge on your descendants down to the 7th generation, remember Max Mosely almost ruined and all because his father Oswald Mosely wanted to keep the UK out of w w 2
    When the jews were offering thousands of pounds for information on any German soldiers from the war still alive in the UK. There was an old man who was a German soldier he was a POW here in a Norfolk village, he had no home or family to go back to so stayed and did farm work here in the UK, he married a British lady, and every day he would attend to his large allotment, and used to leave bags of vegetables on peoples doorsteps, and do odd jobs for people, the whole village knew who he was,
    i was always worried some one would take the jews money and betray him, but no one ever did. He died in 2002, the little church was so packed people had to stand outside in the rain all down the church path. No one ever gave him away to the jews.

  3. As time goes on one can see more and more people ares eeing through the official narrative on Hitler.
    People are now realising the continual lies told about the man.
    We see so much on spurious websites how eveil he was.
    Did you know Hitler gave all his people the worlds first free NHS and with real medicine
    not the rothschild chemical pills we get, they all had a free holiday ata purpose bult holiday resort, mothers got very genourous weekly payments for giving birth, he asked Dr Ferdinand Porche to design a cheap peoples car the Folks waggon, and put the umemployable to work building proper roads called autobahns, he made Germany prosperous by stopping the jewbankers.
    But how can one tell if a website is genuine ?
    The PTB never attack these false websites, Henry Makow tells a lot of truth but his website had never been attacked because of the bollox he puts out about Hitler,
    as a jew he is bound to attack hitler, so yes he is fake

  4. The 3 people – closest to Hitler (the driver, valet and someone else, can’t remember right now) – at the time of the supposed suicides all gave conflicting testimonies at what actually happened that day (morning?) in the bunker. If the story were true – the suicides, why the major contradictions in their stories? They should all coincide. Contradictions in reports tell me something: A lot of lying/cover-up is going on. Source of these conflicting reports can be found in the book, ‘Hitler in Argentina’. That being said, I do not believe Hitler escaped to Argentina. I suspect this is misinformation, after all, even though a lot of Nazis escaped to Argentina, there really is no proof that Adolph Hitler was with them. There is one William R. Lyne who claims he saw Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun at an art show in the US. It was the very first Hemisfair held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, in 1967. The report of this sighting is in the book, ‘Pentagon Aliens’ by William Lyne. Mr. Lyne says there was no mistake as to who those 2 people were. His friend Bob Stuart who was with him (Lyne) also – according to Mr. Lyne – recognized Adolph and Eva. Both were debriefed later by security so there was no mistake as to the identities of the two seen. I did phone up Mr. Lyne to ask him more about that sighting and I can say quite confidently that I have no reason to believe Mr. Lyne is lying, or that he is mistaken in any way. Mr. Lyne says Adolph and Eva were living in Cassels, Germany at the time invited over by Lyndon Johnson for the art show. Cassels is probably where they lived out the remainder of their lives, but for me this part is not that important. I see the official story as bogus as hell and that doesn’t surprise me.

  5. The supposed escape of Adolf Hitler to South America may very well be an unofficial part of Operation Paperclip. The western view of his possible escape seems incomprehensible due to the many years of the mass medias coverage of Hitler last days. Actually common sense tells you if so many Germans escaped to South America then why not Adolf Hitler ? Of course there is that forensic or ” forensic ” report of linking a jaw bone fragment found near his compound that of his supposed dental records. One must understand that Adolf very well likely had several doubles. Another element we have to view is the fact that the western central bankers funded Adolf before and into the war. The Brown Brothers Harriman Bank ( USA ) has been linked to funding Adolf well into 1942 when the U.S. was at official war with Nazi Germany. So there may very well be more to this matter than meets the eye.

  6. Paul wilson. You are wrong about Henry Makow. He has since about a week ago had his Twitter account closed. In my view Henry telling the truth about Hitler, that is not attacking Hitler on orders of the Tribe. Makow thinks Judaism is Satanism.

  7. I still think think that ‘Gregory Douglas’ stuff of Mueller’s and Crowley are showing to be quite accurate… people ridicule him, but not the books/material…. and that author seems to encourage it… .which works well if you want ‘plausible denibility’ etc….. but the data is them remains accurate… same with this ‘escape’ to Latin america…. thru Purtugal I think it was…. same with the ‘suicide’ of one of the look alikes… too bad for that guy, but when you ‘dance with the devil’ it’s to be expected that strange things will happen.. and it fits with all the Antarctica data as well…. especially since Hitler wasn’t needed, nor wanted down there where the real action was… as Ad Byrd discovered the hard way.

  8. The worlds leading authorities on Adolf Hitler David Irving Robert Faurisson Moshe Solomons ( ex Mossad ) and several others all say the book Hitler in Argentine is bunk
    it did not happen.
    TV news covered the story of Hitler and Eva being seen by several people in Aberdeen
    and outside Edinburgh castle, it was the gossip of the early 70s
    does anyone think that the milions jews pour into finding Germans from the war
    would let Hitler live unhindered.
    BTW its true the jewbankers did fund hitler right up until he took away the economy from them, the same as Ebe Linclon JFK and Oswald Mosely wanted to do

  9. My cousin Roger was for some years secretary to the Elvis Presly fan club
    when he died in 2003 there were to that date almost 3000 positive sightings of Elvis Presly alive and well from all over the world. A japanese camera crew went to investigare some of these sightings, it made an interesting programme hearing people swear they saw Elvis Presley, of course none was true, and neither are the stories of Hitler being alive and well.
    Not is it true Hitler was jewish a rothschild, a sexual deviant, a spaceman a clairvoyant a freemason, for gods sake he rounded up all the masons and put them to work in the camps
    and neither did he do out and spend time with tramps
    use your brains ITS ALL BULLSHIT

  10. Thank you for posting this information. Regarding some of the comments above, I am thankful to see that people ARE using their brains, and that they have the courage to challenge the “official story”. I remember reading the info. that Hitler lived quite a long life all the way back in the 1970’s, so this is actually nothing new. In addition, one of the commenters noted that “Synagogues world wide take donations on a regular basis to kidnap and prosecute German soldiers from WW 2, we are talking millions of pounds here, do you think they would allow the very man who took the German economy away from the Jews, would be allowed to live out his retirement in Argentina Chile or Scotland depending on which theory you follow, ? No way would Adolf Hitler have been allowed to do this”. Please be very careful when saying what Hitler and other world “leaders” have not been allowed to do. Unfortunately they have been enabled to do plenty of evil, and also get away with it. Executive privilege. Now, If the story of the donations (to hunt down Nazis) is true, I have to wonder how much of these donations ended up in someone’s offshore account, and did the people who contributed actually ‘get their money’s worth’– (in terms of hunting down old Nazis)? How many were proven cases, actually apprehended? Let us now examine others who were allowed to do terrible things to their fellow Jews: please “wiki” the topic “Judenrat” (Jewish councils), and regarding that sad chapter of history I wonder how many Jews who sold out other Jews were ever hunted down and brought to justice?

  11. My father Herbert Jaschke was as captain with his storm artillery unit the last mil.
    protector of the Reichskanzlei and AH! He told me that he has seen the burned
    Body of AH near the bunker.

  12. there are so many accounts of sightings of the Lock Ness monster, the Abominable Snowman big foot, mermaids and fairies at the bottom of the garden, we are talking about thousands of people who claim they have seen these. I spoke to a man who has lived in a caravan for 15 years beside Lock Ness and sits there every day in all weathers with hs cameras set up to photograph the lock ness monster, even though intricate underwater sonar has been used many times to scour the loch and found nothing.
    Its an exercise to demonise Adolf Hitler, now i am no supporter of his policies
    but lests stick to the truth, makow has said in the past he was a homosexual a tramp a male prostitute black magician etc, do you think he would have got the massive support he did from all over the world if it were true ? people flocked from every country to support Germany in its struggle againt the jews

    intell files from British intell claim that Hitler was definately seen lying dead and burnt by Russian soldiers, Constantin Volkov passed the NKVD file on this with photos of the burnt Hitler and Eva Braun.
    The file on this was removed from the RAMC archives by Sefton Delmer.
    make no mistake Hitler commited suicide the jews always want to muddy the waters
    and lie to us, lies is what they do

  14. The great inflation ended six days after the Beerhall Putsch.