Vanessa Beeley Interview – White Helmets Alleged Involvement In Organ, Child Trafficking & Disinfo

Vanessa Beeley – April 6, 2019

My latest interview with Last American Vagabond: 

“Joining me today is Vanessa Beeley, here to discuss a very important subject. With all that is happening in Syria today, and all that is going on the world, it is important to understand the inner working parts of the West’s regime change machine that’s being sold to the world as one of peace and liberation, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. One very integral part of this machine is the White Helmets. Their actions, specifically in Syria, give us an insight into the true nature of those behind the scenes actually in control. And some of what we will discuss today, about the West’s operatives, might shock you.”  

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2 responses to “Vanessa Beeley Interview – White Helmets Alleged Involvement In Organ, Child Trafficking & Disinfo”

  1. The first casualty of war is truth, it is said.
    The book ” lies in wartime ” by A Ponsonby explains that its excatly the same pack of lies said by government every time to get the poeple to fight the government wars.
    The S O E had one remit, to set Europe ablaze and they firebombed their way all across France, they did this because there wa sno French Resistance as everyone claims they belonged to, but once the Germans clamped down, resistance began although it was almost all Communist.
    The British and USA bombing killed far more French than did the Germans, and our own SAS are just plain terrorists.
    The lies told about Hitler being alive and going to Argentina Chile or Russia, is as big a nonsense as the holocaust. There was only one reason for us being involved in W W 2
    and that is beacuse Hitler took the economy away from the jews

  2. How Stupid Are These White Helmets? As Stupid As The Western Press Is.

    The title to this comment is a legitimate question. How stupid are these white helmet characters? Look closely at any white helmet “saviors” and you will always see something very disturbing. These characters are always clean! Here they are supposedly carrying out children from underneath collapsed buildings, and yet they never get dirty.

    This isn’t propaganda for the West. This is propaganda for idiots. You want more proof, look closely at these photos (you can search google everywhere, there are dozens of them, all with the same problem):

    ABC News showing impeccably clean white helmets saving dirty, dusty children

    Once again, white helmets save the day, but notice all impeccably clean again, and all of them with masks (supposedly to block all that dust! that they seem to have on them)

    This one takes the prize! Note the man in the middle that is all dusty, he is not white helmets, why? Because he doesn’t have that impeccable clean uniform of those around him that do! He looks sad, I wonder why? (whouldn’t you be sad/afraid with those White Helmet monsters around you!)

    The White Helmets have been reported many times to be a fraud. Yet the United States of America heroes them. Who are the real bad guys in this war? What kind of despicable person does it take to fake (or do they force children in dangerous collapse buildings first!) these photos? What kind of horrible world do we live in, where countries like the USA and Britain turns these White Helmets into heroes, when in actuality they are the worst kind of publicity monster that is! The kind of monster that puts children in dangerous places just for a photo opportunity and of course to curry favor to the West to attract money.

    Think about that ladies and gentlemen. The West supports monsters that put children in dangerous places for a photo opportunity, so these cowardly White Helmets can save the day and not get a drop of dust on their pretty uniforms, no doubt bought and paid for by the West.

    This isn’t propaganda, this is out right fraud and endangerment of children.