Moroccan Migrant Says He Killed Italian Man Because He Was ‘White’ And ‘Happy’

Chris Menahan – Information Liberation April 3, 2019

I wonder why the Western media is ignoring this story?

From Breitbart:

A Moroccan migrant has admitted to murdering Italian man Stefano Leo [pictured above], claiming that he wanted to kill someone “young, white and Italian.”

Said Mechaout, 27, born in Morocco but a naturalised Italian citizen, confessed to the killing, which occurred on the banks of the river Po in Turin on February 23rd, claiming he had purposely been waiting to kill a white Italian near his own age, Il Giornale reports.

“I hit a white, based on the obvious fact that a young Italian would have caused a sensation,” he allegedly told police.

“I looked at him and I was sure he was Italian. I wanted to kill a guy like me, take away all the promises he had, children, remove him from his friends and relatives,” Mechaout said.

The Moroccan-born young man then described the attack to police saying, “I sat on a bench. I smoked a couple of cigarettes. People were passing by. I chose that place because you can run away immediately.”

He added that he had been looking for someone “happy” to kill when Stefano Leo passed by him wearing headphones and sunglasses. As Leo walked up the stairs to the street, Mechaout stabbed him in the throat.

“Among all the people who were passing, I chose to kill this young man because he looked happy. And I couldn’t stand his happiness,” Mechaout said according to Voice of Europe, citing state prosecutors.

Monday on Twitter, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini quoted the killer’s statement that “I chose to kill this young man because he looked happy” and said he will fight to bring Stefano’s family justice.

In March, an African migrant set fire to a bus full of Italian school children after releasing a video on YouTube calling for Africans to “rise up” and punish Europe for it’s “unacceptable politics.”



3 responses to “Moroccan Migrant Says He Killed Italian Man Because He Was ‘White’ And ‘Happy’”

  1. I live in the UK i cannot abide racism in any form.
    But the government here is the most racist you could ever imagine, bringing in as New Labour said ” the dregs of the world to the UK” This is a hate crime against the Britiah people of monumental proportions.
    If we had bags of spare jobs and homes it would be one thing, but we dont, we have loads of our own people with no work just sitting idle, youth leave school in many cases unable to read and write, the skills are there to teach the kids because jewish schools teach their kids properly. In w w 2 the people the bastard churchill taught us to be racist, as did Tony Blair and the thatcher woman, imagining up enemies just to go fight brown people.
    We cannot go indiscriminately bombing brown peoples families homes and country
    herding them over here, and expecting them to like it.
    They dont and should not be here, and the politicians who commit these hate crimes against their own electorate, bombing them and bringing them in should put put against the wall and shot

  2. Much has been made of the fact that over 200 Muslim men had groomed under age girls to be passed round and used for sex.
    Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned for drawing attention to this.
    What Tommy Robinson does not say is that the other semitic race, the Jews also had child rape gangs.
    People like Greville Janner Leon Britten Yuri Geller Peter Mandelson Clement Freud Peter Tatchell Lionel Blue Paul Gambaccini Peter Wyngarde Jimmy saville Alan Freeman |Menachem Begin the Kray twins, were all part of large jewish rape gangs, but these were mainly after under age boys.
    What both groups have in common is just one fact, Circumcision.
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    Lord Longford was comissioned by the British government to go into prisons and speak to child sex offenders, such folk as Myra Hindley Fred West Robert Black etc all said that it was childrens bottoms the men wanted as they were tight enough for a circumcised man, often the sex of the child was unimportant.
    Part of this was in several pages of the Nene report which was D noticed by Tony Blair.
    Tommy Robinson glosses over the jewish gangs as it has been proved he is paid by extreme jewish groups to cause problems with Muslim communities.
    Without the protective covering men are more likely to catch veneral diseases such as AIDS.
    This is why many doctors want all child sexual mutilations stopped, Princess Diana was a patron of the stop all circumcisions movement.
    Culturally Muslim and Jewish men want to marry virgins, but they also know men need the release of sex, so they will search for soft targets like British children, the government and police must stop dragging their feet and prosecute all offenders, not just Muslims, it was described on TV by a politician as ” youthful boy-nobbing”, it is not it is child abuse

  3. I want to ‘up-vote’ that post by ‘withheld’ – it’s Spot-on.