Blair and Friends Kick David Kelly’s Corpse

…. Suicidal people generally do not politely walk out into the woods and bring double methods to ensure the suicide is successful the first time (i.e. painkillers to ensure that panic after the wrist slashing did not lead to calling off the suicide.)

And it is still absurd that everyone so openly accepts that a short stint of media pressure drove this previously fine man to suicide. That is not realistic. Where is all the questioning? The British press is questioning whether the BBC or Blair is to blame for his suicide, but who is questioning the suicide?

Just a few days before his death Kelly had written in an e-mail to a friend regarding the scandal, “Hopefully it will soon pass and I can get to Baghdad and get on with the real job,” according to the Washington Post. These words reflect exactly what one would expect in the situation – a discomfort rather than suicidal despondency. Even with this quote, who is questioning that it was suicide?

There is more to this. Period.

We are not asserting that we know it was a murder. Maybe he did kill himself, calmly, methodically, walked out to the woods, brought pain killers to ensure his slash would be successful, succeeded in killing himself with a wrist slash on the first try – when the reality is that wrist slashing is an incredibly unsuccessful method of suicide, and usually ends up in the ‘attempted suicide’ category.

But this man, from this short bit of media pressure, was so clear in his mind that he needed to end his life on that day and at that time, that he got all the implements, the back-up pills behind the more than adequate knife. This man of peace, without drawing alert from his family members, walked out of his house in the middle of the day, took a nice long walk in the rain, remained steadfast and unwavering in his plan, and carried out his death mission perfectly.

And now it is confirmed, he is the one who spilled the beans on Blair.
The response?

1) Blair’s people assert that, now that they know for certain the dead Kelly was the source of the damming BBC story, they can discredit this dead man and his accusation.

Excuse me? Now that he is conveniently dead they won’t even let the body cool before trying to discredit the words of a man who only days ago could have defended himself but now can’t?

2) People are attacking the BBC for printing what he had said.

3) Blair’s people are asserting that maybe the BBC reporter who wrote the story incorrectly or dishonestly related information Kelly had given him.

If this was the case, Kelly would have clearly forced Gilligan (the BBC reporter) to write a retraction, would have simply told another reporter that the information reported was inaccurate and had a story written about that, or publicly would have had the information corrected.

He did not do any of these things.

Previously, we had said regarding this case some things that were certain, and none has turned out to be other so far.

Now, we can clearly say one thing is certain: if Kelly had made an untruthful assertion to the BBC reporter, he would have recanted, not killed himself. If he was the type of person who sought to bring the mischief that such a false statement would bring, he would have been the type of person who would be able to deal with the fallout of such a situation. Liars and anyone who would play a game on that level are prepared to continue to lie and lie and live and live as liars.

Kelly had clearly unleashed a truth larger than the man could survive. That is the inescapable reality, whether it turns out to be suicide or murder.

Blair and folks will kick his corpse, discredit the man who had earned a long life worth of credit. Anything but admit a lie.
Courtesy Rowena Thursby

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