The Moon Landings: A Giant Hoax for Mankind?

Moon Landing Skeptic – April 1, 2019

Are believers in danger of extinction?

Coming up is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In 2016, a survey showed that 52 percent of the British public thought that Apollo missions were faked. Skepticism is highest among those who were too young to see it live on TV: 73 percent of aged 25-34 believe we didn’t land on the moon, compared to 38 percent of those aged 55 or more. These numbers seem to be rising every year. British unbelievers were only 25 percent ten years ago. It is not known how may they are today, but a 2018 poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center revealed that 57 percent Russians believe that there has never been a manned lunar landing. The percentage rises to 69 percent among people with higher education: in other words, the more educated people are, and the more capable of rational reasoning, the less they believe in the moon landings. In the US, the percentage seems much lower: A 1999 Gallup poll indicated just 6 percent Americans doubting the moon landings, and a 2013 Pew Research showed the number to have risen to a mere 7 percent. Not surprisingly, then, a 2010 Pew Research poll showed that 63 percent of Americans were confident that NASA would land an Astronaut on Mars by 2050.

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5 responses to “The Moon Landings: A Giant Hoax for Mankind?”

  1. I have found the same skepticiam about not just moon landings but anything to do with the British zio-government. The underground student magazine R souls held a poll of intellectuals on the jewish holocaust and 82% did not belive 6 million jews went up the chimney.
    As a boy i read everything i could on this and even 50 years ago many ex servicemen back then did not believe it, i did but talking to thes emen who felt the lie was to cover for Britiah atrocities in Germany

  2. Whether or not men went to the moon, the photographs had to be faked because film images would not have survived, and I say that as a serious photographer with more than fifty years experience of camera and darkroom work.

    I don’t believe that flimsy foil-covered “lander” could have made the trip, so it seems likely that the whole thing was a hoax, but I KNOW it would have been impossible to bring photographic images back because the “latent images” on the film would have been destroyed by the radiation of space.

  3. while independent experts mostly say there is no evidence to support the death of 6 milion jews in the work camps, even jews themselves have reduced the numbers killed drastically
    Some jews such as Moshe Solomons and Dr David Cohen claim most of the deaths were from British Bombing and Typhus outbreaks. Sir Anthony Blunt claimed that the British RAF was full of Poles Czechs and Hooray Henry types why were told the war would be over by Christmas and Germany would be a pushover as its forces were fighting Russia.
    The RAF on bombing German Military targets found them defended and so many were just turning round over the sea dropping their bombs and returning home.
    This was why Rothschld ordered Churchill to refuse all German peace offers and to bomb the undefended Dormitory towns where the Soldiers familes lived, these were wooden houses so were firebombed, Rothchild also wanted the factories laft un bombed so he could seize them after the war as reparations. Incidentally the Hitler Dr ferdinand Porche ” peoples car ” or folkswaggon, was offered to the British who said No it would never sell, so far Hitlers cheap car for the people has sold almost 6 million and can still be bought in mexico. Sir Anthony Blunt according to the Queen Mothers footmen would take his young boys to tea with her, so she knew what he would do to them and aquiesed. Blunt was adamant that the RAF were the biggest cowrds of the war

    First of all think about this. You go all the way the Moon, and nobody takes pictures of the Earth. You’d think that doing something as extra-ordinary as going to the Moon would trigger hundreds of Photos of the Earth, with the astronauts in all sorts of positions. But no, nothing like it. (yes there are a couple of very non nonsensical photos, think about the angles they don’t make any sense.)

    Secondly, look at the radiation that the Chinese had to deal with for their plants. Look at this image:
    This was just to protect one small plant which eventually died anyway!

    Thirdly. Why is the Hubble Telescoped forbidden to look at the Moon on close up! You know why! The USA HAS AND STILL ARE LYING ABOUT THE MOON LANDINGS.

    The RACE IS STILL ON. Neil Armstrong and every other astronaut are the biggest bold faced liars in history.

  5. The big readio telescope at Jodrell bank in Cheshire followed the lander in the final stages of its decent to the surfae of the moon.