The “Forbidden” Christchurch Video – 22 Discrepancies – March 31, 2019

Brenton Tarrant. Click to enlarge

The video was suppressed because it is obviously bogus.
In 2003, German historian Wolfgang Eggert sounded the alarm about the Cabalist doomsday cult whose thinking now pervades the Trump Whitehouse. 
Today he says it is vital that the Christchurch massacre fraud be exposed. 
He says: 
“The Christchurch „massacre” is our chance to destroy the power of mainstream media narratives. Although in most cases I usually reject the classification of terror attacks as hoaxes, this one seems to be such a false flag non-incident. And it threatens all of us truthers. The looming threat for us to be muzzled by increasingly rigid internet legislation is now spread by the mainstream media on a daily basis since 15th March.
We have to fight this shutdown. We do that best by eventually (!) once (!) clarifying/solving one – THIS- “terror” case completely.” 

by Wolfgang Eggert

transl. by Laura Kölsch — ( 

What we know
  1. The official offender Brenton Tarrant. This unemployed man has travelled to exciting crisis areas halfway around the world in recent years, allegedly radicalizing himself to the far right. Whether this happened in North Korea or in the Balkans, in Israel, in Turkey, in Iran, in Afghanistan or China’s civil war region Xinjiang is not explained. In Pakistan, where the alleged racist and Islam-hater also stayed near the embattled Kashmir area only 5 months before the gunshots of Christchurch, he seems to have felt totally at ease. In a Facebook post he praises the inhabitants and indirectly also the government of the Muslim country.That is the vita, the official vita, which seemed “complete” until a few weeks ago.
By now we know that Tarrant was a member of the right-wing Knights Templar Order, which, among others, has the goal to “infiltrate Islamist groups to report their terrorist plans to the authorities”
Might one think of intelligence work looking at this vita?
  1. As already mentioned, a reality-based anti-terrorism exercise also took place in Christchurch on the very day of the drama, topic: how to deal with armed offenders.
Members of these training forces, not ordinary police, secured, possibly according to the training script, “explosives” in several cars, including the vehicle of the mosque shooter.
Commissioner Bush, three hours after the attacks: “several IEDs attached to cars have been made safe now.” “This speaks to the seriousness of what occurred.”
And it was they who arrested Tarrant. There is a video showing the “arrest”. The professional action – the car was rammed – may indicate that the “arrest” was part of the ongoing training.
Considering Tarrant’s resume, which suggests anti-terrorist activities, the headline could read: How special forces correctly retire a colleague. In fact, the New Zealand Herald reports that Australian snipers participated in this or an accompanying exercise and were also seen near the crime scenes.
3.The suppression of the “evidence video”

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3 responses to “The “Forbidden” Christchurch Video – 22 Discrepancies”

  1. Hi there. I originally thought the same thing; that… “the video was suppressed because it is obviously bogus.” But Max Igan has gone through it frame by frame and his analysis suggests otherwise. There’s no doubt it was a false flag but it’s well worth considering another POV before going with the non-incident theory, especially since the resolution of the video was so poor. Thanks.

    The March 30 and 24th videos in particular

    Supplementary explanation

  2. That this 16 minute or so Tarrant video is a complete fake is obviously a given to anyone with just neuron between their ears. The question is whether there were real Muslims killed that day. If so then the 16 minute Tarrant video will be used to convict Tarrant who now appears to be the Patsy as they say. Too bad that most of the population sucks up the main stream version hook line and sinker. No wonder they call them the Sheeple.

  3. ” 3.The suppression of the “evidence video” ”

    This can be the straw that will break the camel’s back.

    The faithful witness