Why Do Cabalists Hate Married Love?

henrymakow.com – March 1, 2020

(I’m taking a break from Coronavirus hysteria, for a reminder how, for centuries, Satanists, like termites, have been gnawing at the foundations of Western Civilization, and won’t be content until it is completely destroyed. The Coronavirus is part of this satanic campaign.)
The point of marriage is for two people to love each other. Married Love is the best thing in life. Parental love is next. That’s why Satanists want to destroy it. They’re the antithesis of Love. God is Love. They are Hate. 
The movie, A Touch of Class, (1973) presented a man betraying his wife and children as the height of sophistication and fun.
Cabalist Jews used Hollywood to substitute their satanic vision of reality for the real thing. They have trashed marriage and family, and promoted sexual promiscuity and homosexuality. 
My generation was brainwashed!  They presented “crass” as “class.” Satanists invert everything.
Thus, my biggest regrets in life: 
1) My naive assumption that society was dedicated to improving its citizens lives rather than degrading and mentally enslaving, if not killing them. (See WW1 and WW2.) 
2) The prevalent Cabalist lie that sex is a religious experience, the highest experience life offers. This led to the worship of an imaginary female ideal resulting in a kind of male impotence. This is why so many men, (#MeToo), cannot see women realistically and establish healthy relationships. 

A Touch of Crass

by Henry Makow Ph.D, — (updated from Aug. 1, 2011) 

In a fit of nostalgia, I watched one of my favourite movies again, “A Touch of Class” (1973). I had fond memories of a classy romantic comedy starring George Segal and Glenda Jackson that had influenced me.
What a shock! I quickly realized why I was so messed up as a young man.
The movie presented a man betraying his wife and children as the height of sophistication and fun. It presented random sexual intercourse as if it were the Holy Grail.  As an impressionable 23-year-old, I adopted these attitudes which ultimately undermined my ability to form healthy relationships with women. (I am now on my fourth and final marriage.)
Then, I happened to see a trailer for an upcoming movie, “No Strings Attached”  which teaches  that promiscuous sex is the ultimate in modern thinking.
Both these movies were made by Jews. Although almost 40 years apart, Hollywood Jews are pumping out socially destructive agitprop in the guise of sophisticated comedy.  If “A Touch of Class” damaged me, I can’t imagine the damage Hollywood is now doing to the new generation.
Illuminati Jews Melvin Frank and Ivan Reitman directed the two movies respectively. Their sex for sex’s sake dogma is hardly the “latest thing.” The Illuminati are a continuation of the Sabbatean-Frankist Jewish heresy dating back to the 17th and 18th century.
The Sabbatean-Frankists were Satanists who believed in “redemption through evil.” The believed the Messiah would return when the world had descended into chaos. They advocated the destruction of marriage and family and engaged in adultery, orgies, incest and paedophilia.  They believed sexual intercourse was both divine offering and mystical union with God. Little did I imagine that society had been subverted by a satanic cult and these were occult teachings.


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  1. Notice the shapely and inverted butt, pardon me, “booty”, in the promotional thumbnail. “A Touch of Ass”, get it? I never considered Hollywood anything much more than a waste of time. I haven’t owned a TV for over twenty-five years and I’ve never seen a single Tarantino film either.

  2. Very astute Mr S

    The Open Scroll delves into this very subject
    In this blog series where the many evidences of ritual sodomy in the public domain are exposed I bring your attention to the symbol of the power button that may be found on electronic devices. Among the small number of interpretations of the symbol I perceive, the layer that seems most forceful is that of ritual sodomy, through which the light is turned on (activation of third eye – illumination) and victims acquire superhuman abilities and psi power.
    Part 25 – The Sodomite Gateway – Rosetta Stones Yielding the Secret of the Masonic 33
    Part 84 – The Sodomite Gateway – Super Bowl Ritual Delta Programming,


  3. I sincerely hope that people do not put very much stock in blaming Jewish people for all of the major problems our world, and the breakdown of Christian civilization. It would, however, help their image if so many of them did not occupy key positions of power and influence every where you go, which give rise to gentiles tending to blame them for all ills. Many elites and money moguls are Jewish, and in a tribal sense loyal to the tribe, and unfortunately to the machinations of the Rothschild money lords and ladies, and to the Zionist cause, where on one hand there is a history of promoting the world communist movement with a long-standing agenda to eradicate the basis of Western civilization, which historically has been the Christian faith. Also, there is a historical war-life motivation for the past 2000 years, where Christianity has been the main foe of Judaism, and this has added more fuel to the fire. On the other hand, there are the Zionists who seem to have little or no truck with the communist movement, (also, by the way, supported by the Rothschild cabal), and if ever there was ever a fascist movement in the world, it is Zionism.

    Despite all of this, plus a suffocating “control” of finances, the corporate media, and major political parties everywhere by the upper echelons of this exclusive tribal network, just about all the Jews I have ever worked with in my life have been fantastic people and completely loyal and reliable to any undertaking I have ever engaged in. Of course, none of them to my knowledge, even if they were on the so-called left or right, were anywhere near any of the tribal upper echelons. On that basis, I still believe it wrong to attack an entire tribe despite what their chiefs do.

    Also, there are numerous “Jewish” whistleblowers like Makow and Knaper, who are beautiful and brave people of Jewish descent, who see the same abuses of power as many of us do, and want to see some effective checks and balances to those abuses. I can totally understand the necessity and effectiveness of people like Makow in focusing on the errors in a group they still identify with, because I also support and contribute to strong and public criticism of the present hierarchy in my own Church, for its moral corruption, and its virtual abandonment and compromises to its supernatural basis of its real authority in matters of faith and morals, all for a pottage political correctness, cultural Marxism, modernism, and temporal ends.

  4. @ Fred B

    People of all walks of life are demonized by what others do in their name. For instance, the Catholic religion, A Paganistic adaptation of Satanic worship, has trapped millions of God fearing people who have no idea that they are blaspheming the Creator and worshiping rebellious Idols when they follow the false doctrines of the Pope.

    Other Christians sects/denominations do like wise in varying ways. The Crusades were considered a “Christian” ordeal and that couldn’t be further from Scriptural teachings and instructions. The Anti-Christ is at work in every facet of human existence rebelling against The most Supreme Creator. He works tirelessly to confuse,obfuscate and distort the truth.

    Some “Jews” have a doctrine for a future Messiah and others have accepted Jesus. Some Jews are Jews in name only and they follow a doctrine of the Anti-Christ. The “Deceiver” is at work in all religious sects, everywhere seeking who he may lead down the wrong path in any possible way, for he has studied the weaknesses in mankind and learned how to mold minds with clever and devious methods that go undetected to the average man.

    Only those who diligently search for the truth in all matters is going to come close to understanding the trials and tribulations that mankind must conquer in order to be acceptable into a world of true Love and righteousness in the purest form.

    We are here to qualify for eternity, and to help others achieve the same, those who are indifferent, stubborn or unwilling to accept the gift of eternal life will perish along with the wicked.

    We will all be judged by what we know and how we used that knowledge.

    Proverbs 25:2
    It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

  5. So Truthy1, are you saying that God didn’t establish the Catholic religion in approx 33 AD when He (Christ) made Peter the 1st Pope? A “paganistic adaptation of satanic worship” ?? Really? So Christ is a liar is He? In what way are Catholics “blaspheming the creator and worshipping rebellious idols”??

    “whoever does not believe will be condemned.” Christ.


  6. Catholicism is not from our father in heaven that is correct.
    The crucifix with the anti-Christ is displayed in the open in those place where Catholicism is practiced.

    Check your Bible for this passage : Leviticus 26:1
    Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.

    Watch the first 8 minutes of this video about how the Eucharist is displayed and handled
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCmSBfVXEmA&list=PLdbXyyVfVp-6TTHXK9aiIoFcBWWH59esb&index=17 You will not be able to deny the obvious ties to “Paganistic” adaptation into a supposed Christian religion.

    The Roman Catholic Church believes that their authority stands above the Word of God and that they can change God’s times and laws and God will accept their changes. You should note that they actually deleted out the second Commandment and also changed the Biblical fourth Commandment from God’s Sabbath to Sunday. They also split the tenth Commandment into two to get back to Ten Commandments. As a result, the Roman Catholic version of the Ten Commandment is always one ahead of the King James in the Decalogue until you get to the tenth Commandment which they break into two and make it the ninth and tenth Commandments.
    Bible Ten Commandments vs. Roman Catholic Ten Commandments https://www.preparingforeternity.com/biblevscat.htm

  7. P.S. if Jesus was sinless then he fulfilled all of the written laws and the oral traditions at the time. If he had had long hair he would have been an abomination to the Most High. Hence the crucifix has the anti-Christ displayed.

    Exodus 20:4 King James Version (KJV)

    4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.