Awaiting the Unshakable Vision and Experience of Every Single Mind in a Unison of the Shared Awareness of One Mind

Visible Origami – March 30, 2019

When life is at its best is when it goes on around us, without causing discord and chaos inside us. Some things just don’t feel right. Certain scientists can say they are working to cure cancer but then you see pictures of a human ear grafted on to some animal. This could make a sane person wonder if there isn’t some other route to solving the problem they are allegedly engaged in solving.
There wasn’t as much Cancer around in earlier times and certainly never the myriad of kinds of Cancer we see today. I’m not a scientist, being nearly entirely, right brain operative. I do pay attention. I find that not paying attention can have painful and even fatal results. I use tools like ‘logic’ and ‘reason’. I know they’ve gone out of fashion for the most part but I still find them incredibly useful. One of the reasons they aren’t employed very widely these days is because they get in the way of the agendas of certain powerful cabals that are engaged in promoting illogical and unreasonable trends and lifestyles on the majority of us, who have no great attraction for behaviors, whose sole purpose is a pathological exhibitionism, being exercised by those in search of some legitimizing identity because they no longer know who they are. Another factor is a raging hunger for sybaritic experiences.
What those so driven do not realize is that the motivating force for these things is not self generated. It’s coming from pernicious enterprises who have an end in mind that is unknown to those being manipulated by them.
There’s a mob mentality on the loose these days, screaming about Equality and Freedom for the so called downtrodden and persecuted classes, no matter what such freedom might entail in its effect on everyone else.
All the political correctness + identity politics + diversity brain power-washing, is for one objective only; the manifestation of Stalinesque Communism on the American landscape. This is the end game that certain forces have in mind for the American people and…
…as far as Cancer goes, it is one of the most profitable conditions that exist for the medical community. They have no intention of curing it and have gone so far as to kill maverick scientists who have discovered cures. The majority of cancers are the result of rampaging appetites and toxic lifestyles. Certainly some amount comes about through environmental poisoning and other causes but mostly it is generated as a guaranteed byproduct of bad lifestyles and a culture in decline.
If you want to know who is behind most of the horrors being visited on humanity, you have only to look at who controls our information portals and especially who is making money from the lies being generated. ALWAYS follow the money.
If you have studied how Communism comes into power; who it is that promotes Communism and what occurs on the road to Communism becoming the governing mechanism in a country, where it has taken over, you find that Political Correctness, identity politics and diversity, or other like terms, directed to the same end, were at work in the run-up. You don’t have to study the conditions in Russia before and during the Bolshevik Revolution for any great length of time before certain things become clear. We aren’t all equal and never will be on this plane. When someone comes along and starts telling you they can make this happen, you had better watch out. In truth we would not want it that we were all equal. That would manifest a bland and insufferably pedestrian world, where aspiration and certain forms of excelling would no longer exist. It would be a gray world.
When you start seeing people like Alexandria Cortez and others of the new crop of freshman firebrands now in Congress, you should know there is trouble on the horizon. One should also be aware that Hollywood and the other entertainment industries are extremely powerful in affecting how the public is manipulated into believing lies and acting against their own best interests. There is a revolution in consciousness taking place and because we are in a time of apocalypse, where lies, old and new, are being exposed, certain entrenched forces are going all out to counteract the positive changes happening in the human mind. The status quo will stoop to anything, no matter how depraved, in order to remain in power and one of the ways they do that is to accuse others of committing the very crimes they are, in fact, guilty of.
We must ALWAYS be on guard against the efforts of those who seek to convince us of what is not true. Many have died or experienced awful pain from having believed what is not so. I don’t think I need to provide any examples; the examples are everywhere. We may not, ourselves, know what is true but… what is not true, is an easier reach.
In these times, the lies proliferating across planes, platforms, lifestyles, infrastructures and institutions around the world is breath-taking. The audacity of certain liars is also breath-taking. Lying is no longer lying, it is just another form of creative self expression. It is what allows for people like Jussie Smollet to saunter off in an exaggerated, plucked eyebrow, huff for having been accused of something he did. He was accused and charged for something he flat out did. It allows for massive international corporations to engage in outright blackmail over positions of legitimate conscience; I am not arguing a ‘for or against’ here. Behind this posing and posturing is another front in the war against Christianity and everything like it, that stands in the way of a culture destroying free for all. I am not a Christian but I am a follower of Christ.
What is presently at work is a abominable attack on moral structures of any kind. It has less to do with the issues presented as it does with something deeper and broader, beneath the madness of the crowds, and those who inflame it. It is an assault on the family unit, which is the cornerstone of civilization. It is an intentional blurring of the lines of what is natural, for the promotion of what is not and it leads from one thing, to the next thing, to the next thing, until the next thing is something that might have awakened horror and outrage, a few things previously. It is a incremental shepherding of the ignorant, inattentive and indifferent in the footprints of a Judas Goat, through the paddocks and out upon the killing floor. It is clear and inarguable to any ‘objective’ observation of ‘the evidence’ but objectivity is now a crime. Anyone who calls attention to the visible war on harmony and balance, is now subject to be reviled and is a target for the truly crazy inhabitants of the asylum.
Step by step, powerful and lunatic, well funded aggressions against any form of normal are now routine. News Flash! “Today a wheel of Parmesan Cheese was arrested by empowered authorities from The Tribunal for Social Justice and jailed for the crime of illegal inter-species comestible appropriation.”
Today… as I scanned the news sites, across the spectrum from Left to Right, I saw the inescapable evidence of a country in free fall toward something as yet undefined …but under no circumstances is it to be a positive outcome. Only The Divine can halt the runaway -out of control- catastrophe bound carriage now. How this may come about is unknown to me. Perhaps some spontaneous awakening in the hearts of humanity might occur. Perhaps, the day will break and many will have vanished to some undiscovered location.
At the same time, there are strange events taking place on the legal front, concerning several major courts withdrawing in unpredictable fashion from an issue in the military. Years long investigations against the president are coming up empty. Reporters are being caught out in false news reportage. There is outrage across the country and around the world against undesirable trends being forced on the youth though the education system. Forced immigrations are being met with force. For such a time there was a trend of many things toward particular ends and now there is a noticeable shift taking place. What are we to make of all this? Perhaps it is simply a correction thru imbalance seeking balance. It might be something else. We will surely see as time passes.
Each of us are responsible within ourselves, within our own hearts and minds, concerning the manner in which we live our lives. It could be that whatever judgment is upon the horizon is of a type to take place in an individual manner. A moment comes and the veil upon our eyes, that hides us from ourselves, is lifted and each of us is compelled to see ourselves for what we are, measured against the eternal measure of what eternally is. This is as possible as anything else.
Anyone who is still able to look upon life in a truly impartial way, knows that some summing up must come to pass, one way or another. Part of a continent might disappear and shake everyone in their shoes at the awesome spectacle. The heavens could open. The Earth might open. Both might happen, simultaneously. Speculation is idle for the moment. Eventually, Reality will rear its head, at a wide reach, or within millions of minds, suddenly presented with the unshakable vision and experience of one single mind in a unison of the shared awareness of one mind. Time will tell and we shall see.
End Transmission…….
I know you probably expected an Origami that fit the usual expectation of the presentation being… being… I don’t know. The blogs tend to switch places now and again and it can be said that you get much more Origami now than was ever the case before. Hopefully it all works out in the end (grin). Be well my friends! Much Love and many blessings upon you!!!


Right Thru my Heart.



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3 responses to “Awaiting the Unshakable Vision and Experience of Every Single Mind in a Unison of the Shared Awareness of One Mind”

  1. Logos is rising! The JQ is being normalized, thanks to people like you. There is a huge awakening happening, which makes me a bit nervous because they may have to do something Big if it gets too big.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree Duff,
    I was hesitant to write this, fearing it was just wishful thinking but it was encouraging to see that you agree.
    I think that E Micheal Jones pinned it perfectly with his “Logos’ – the concept has united ALL the opposition. Suddenly it ALL makes sense under a single concept.

    I’m just waiting for Sheik Imran Hosein to start using the word.

    ps Look up the Sheik on youtube if you’re not familiar with him.

  3. Thank you for this fine, enlightening, balanced post Sir Visible.

    Peace and love