Jussie Smollett Case Dismissed: Proof of Elite Corruption

Vigilant Citizen – March 27, 2019

For years, The Vigilant Citizen has been warning against the blatant agenda seeking to sow division in the masses, especially when it comes to race and political affiliation. The unrelenting efforts of the elite to create an ever-widening gap between blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives and even between men and women can be easily observed all over mass media and in the public space. And it is working.
The “hate hoax” perpetrated by Empire actor Jussie Smollett was a disturbing example of the dishonesty and unscrupulous nature of those who are looking to push this agenda. And, at first, it worked perfectly. The event succeeded in generating extreme outrage and animosity in the public space while prompting calls for urgent political action. The story had everything. I mean, Smollett was even wearing a noose around his neck, tapping into sensitive and potentially explosive imagery.
However, the arrest of Smollett and the exposure of this false flag event brought some relief: Justice will be served and, more importantly, the truth will come out.
But it didn’t. In a completely baffling turn of events, Smollett’s case was fully dismissed. Not only that, the case was sealed, meaning that its details will not be released to the public. How did this happen?
The answer is simple: Connections to the elite. Powerful people got involved and made a mockery of this extremely important trial. Let’s look back at what happened.

The Hoax


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