The Pressure of the Urban Cauldron will Make you Crazy or… make You Run for the Hills.

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 26, 2019

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So… the culture blog… It’s probably a good thing that I have stayed away from direct interaction with ‘kulchar’ because these days it really is a landfill burbling with toxic wastes and a disintegrating culture as the masthead states. I do call attention to any number of things, especially those having to do with sexual mores of which, ‘less’ would be a more desirable word. I’m not surprised by what I see (indirectly) and hear about (indirectly). I’ve long expected pretty much everything that has appeared since some while ago, because ‘trends’ can be predicted simply as a by-product of observing trends, the same way that you can predict winding up in Kansas City, if you are on the road to Kansas City. It’s not rocket surgery.
There ‘seems’ to be a lot of people screaming at each other. I don’t want to be anywhere near that. There was a time when I did a lot of performing. It went well mostly but it always ‘trended’ toward more and more exposure and fame. It did take a little while to realize I didn’t want to go there. After awhile I just did drugs all the time but it got in the way of drinking too much on occasion. In the end I just went with drugs. I’d convinced myself that I would find God; get God’s attention, if I just made a lot of noise in my head, if I stormed the Gates of Heaven. Since I knew that God was lurking in my head, this seemed (at the time) to be a good idea and it did work finally …but it also resulted in my having to give up drugs… drinking had already gone by that time. I didn’t mind. Having God is a lot like being on really good drugs all the time and that is why it is called ‘divine intoxication’. I can’t explain what it is like. You have to be there. Be relentlessly persistent and you will be there. Quite simply I wanted it more than anything else and that is why I often mention this; like the I-Ching says, “persistence furthers”.
Don’t do it the way I did. You need a special dispensation to do that. If you don’t have this dispensation you can wind up permanently disabled, or dead, in which case the latter would be preferable.
Once you have the company of the divine on a regular basis, nothing else and… I really mean NOTHING ELSE has any importance whatsoever, besides service. This is because service is the immediate and permanent offspring of meeting God and having God stick around. God will not stick around otherwise. This is best explained in the song, “Magic is Afoot”. You simply substitute the word, ‘God’ for the word ‘magic’.
Whenever we find an argument going on in our minds, or with another person concerning the existence of divinity. it is ALWAYS because of religion. Rather than go into why Religion (as it is generally understood- and not as another word for spirituality, as Vivekanada sometimes uses it, having come from another century) is a stumbling block, let me say with all brevity… just toss it to the side and forget about it. I’m not going to go on and on about this because that is just what ‘it’ does on its own. It goes on and on, like that terrible song by Stephen Bishop.
There is no such thing as forever. There is only eternity. There is no time. Time is within you, not outside of you and the same with God. Gee… that makes a whole lot of sense, Visible. That is the point of it, it does not make sense. Here, makes sense here, according to here. Outside of here, past the realm of the senses, here makes no sense. Here makes sense to itself. There… makes sense to itself and you do or do not make sense to yourself. The real question that should be asked is “do you make sense?”
Why do you insist on punishing yourself?
Because we do not comprehend or recognize the indwelling divinity, we are subject to the punishments of fate. Because we are attached to the results of our actions, we suffer under the lash of cause and effect. He who is not concerned with results is free of all that nonsense. Of course he/she was free to begin with. It was only thinking that made it seem otherwise. You have always been free… but then you talked yourself out of it, or got talked out of it. This is one of the jobs that The World does. It works to diminish you in your true being, by encouraging you to seek to amplify your false being. Don’t do that. You are the Crown of Creation! Simply go about your days, in all of your thoughts and speech and acts, as if the divine being were resident within. It just so happens that this is true and the reason so many of us are unaware of that is that we prefer to go about as the poorly constructed and imaginary self we like to think of ourselves as.
Going about your life as if God were resident within does not mean strutting about with your chest puffed out, or gazing at people with a far away and distant look of manufactured wisdom in your eyes. All I can say is that you will know it when it happens. It isn’t like anything else. It is unique. It possesses a startling sense of self assurance, while forever giving way before others. You don’t have to declare it or adopt any particular posture. It has a way of making it felt in a peripheral manner, just as the truth is at right angles to everything else.
We are living in an age of full blown and cultivated crazy. What happens when crazy proliferates through larger environments is visible in all manner of ways. Crazy generates its own environments. Crazy has a form of complexity to it that might not seem obvious when you see it in action. Sometimes Crazy takes over an entire neighborhood or even a city. How do you fix something like that? It will continue to get worse and urban environments everywhere are going to be exemplifying this sort of thing because when you jam people up against each other, strange and undesirable things happen. I suggest reading the article by Tom Wolfe titled, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink.” It contemplates experiments with rats and then transposes it to city life; New York City is the model used. One point I will reference, the mature male rats lose all interest in the females and begin buggering the younger male rats. Interesting? Ironic? It was an extended and involved experiment.
When people are pressed up against each other, certain behaviors begin to occur and whether it is Babylon or San Francisco, some things don’t change.
I sincerely and deeply wish I possessed the words… the talent… something… to transmit how incredible and astounding and joy drenched it is to have the ineffable interactive within. It is freely available. Anyone with the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination can have this. Think of it like muscle development. If you exercise something over the course of a certain length of time, you WILL get certain results. Certain laws are present in the universe. We experience the results of them every day such as; cause and effect, gravity, the law of reciprocity etc. There are a great many rules and laws in operation than are generally known.
When you want certain food items, you go to a grocery store or a supermarket. If it is an unusual item you might go to a specialty shop. Online you can order just about anything that is in common use and a lot of things in uncommon use. There are stores, both brick and mortar and virtual, where countless things are available. If you are looking for God then you must look within. Keep in mind that you would not be alive if God were not present because you are a part of God. You are a specific expression of God; ‘in development’. You don’t have to believe me on this matter. Many souls both here and gone elsewhere attest to what I have just said. Some of them are of the highest repute and of unimpeachable character.
Of course, if you want to argue about it you can find people to do that with. If you want to make excuses for not seeking God there are plenty of those too. If you are determined and persistent you WILL make contact. I am a person with a checkered history and someone who has made some number of errors of judgment in my life. Not being determined and persistent about searching for God is not one of them. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you have made, or whether you consider yourself unworthy. We are all unworthy. Hard as it is to believe, God desires our company more than we desire the company of God. However… it is without question that God will test your sincerity and the nature of your intentions. We are talking about the most priceless and desirable thing that has been or ever will be. Of course, it is not the same as wanting to meet someone else in this life but, once again, if you are persistent and determined you will have success.
I don’t know how much simpler or direct I can say this. For some, it just doesn’t seem that important; at the moment anyway. Some will scoff and mock the effort, or insist that no such creature exists. As a matter of first hand experience, I can state unequivocally that a divine being does exist. I can also state that this being is incomprehensible and indefinable but that is of no matter at all. The divine is a well spring of immeasurable joy and bliss. How could anyone not want this? Uh huh. That is something to think about. This is a personal matter and something to be considered and carried out in an internal manner. You will or you won’t. It is not my affair. I have taken care of my end of it and I will continue to.
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I have included here at the end, a discourse by Swami Vivekananda. It is taken from Book One of his complete works. It is in the section, “Letters and Discourses” and is entitled, “The Soul and God”. I give you this link and the information, if you should wish to read it online instead of here in this posting and that is because it did not transfer as well as one might have wished. It is still readable but if you want it as it was you can find it there. The few before this one are quite amazing and you might want to read those too. I cut and pasted this because people are lazy and this makes it easy. You will find he is not like anyone else you have ever read. I think he wrote this when he was quite young. He only stayed till he was 40 years old anyway.


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