Is Mosque Video Cognitive Dissonance?

Introduction – March 25, 2019

What follows makes perfect sense. Especially given that initial reports spoke of a total of FOUR individual being arrested in connection to the shooting.
So in addtion to Brenton Tarrant three others were detained by police. What happened to them? Who were they and what role did they play at Christchurch? Are they still being held or were they released without charge? Ed.

Is Mosque Video Cognitive Dissonance? — March 22, 2019

“There was a real mosque massacre by one or two gov-tied killers, and a fake video was made to sow confusion, and marginalise anyone who notices the fakery.”
They promote cognitive dissonance. Consider 9-11 when the government and media went with an official story that does not hold water. Jet fuel could not have caused the destruction. No plane hit Pentagon or crashed at Shanksville.

by Brabantian — (

There is intentionally-created confusion re Christchurch in order to foster the ‘conspiracy theory’ smear – in particular, a fake ‘shooter video’, with the likely purpose of distracting from real mosque killings done by government-complicit operatives, killings which we didn’t see on camera.
Every serious analyst reviewing the New Zealand Brenton Tarrant mosque shooting video, finds credibility-nullifying elements of hoax and fraud – the ejected rifle brass casings turning into vapour, obvious computer graphics; the lack of damage in walls and windows from rifle fire; the lack of physical reactions & screams in bodies being shot; the barefoot victim shot down, having socks on two minutes later, etc

(Barefoot shot guy then getting his socks back on when shooter returns, shooter video 6:49 then 8:41) Click to enlarge

But it’s not easy to accept this, as the next logical question is, how you can get an entire Muslim community to keep quiet about a ‘fake’ shooting, whilst ‘crisis actors’ give interviews etc
The logical conclusion is that, as Veterans Today suggests, there was a real mosque massacre by one or two gov-tied killers, and a fake video was made to sow confusion, and marginalise anyone who notices the fakery.

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One response to “Is Mosque Video Cognitive Dissonance?”

  1. The 16 minute Tarrant Video, probably taped before the actual shooting, was really a crises actor production and is used as the “official” video of the killing for public TV. A leaked video showing crises actors in a training exercise was released unto the internet. See

    In this video we see more than one crises actor being wakened from a drugging operation which I conclude was necessary to give “authenticity” to the 16 minute Tarrant Video. In the Tarrant video he is shooting what are probably rubber bullets as a Coup de Gras operation into already “shot” victims. “Victims” that are awake, as with crises actors, will flinch and react to such hits. Therefore the drugging operation as part of their contract keeps them asleep and therefore when hit gives the impression of an already unconscious or dead victim. Therefore the leaked training video could very well be part of the aftermath of the 16 minute Tarrant video. Possibly.
    The second reason for the Tarrant video was to give the one lone gunman aspect to this shooting which gives closure to the operation and allows the real shooters to get away. Tarrant here may be the Patsy so to speak. The killing operation probably required more than one professional to kill as many people and in more than one location. This seems to be a reoccurring theme to all of these shootings. Every last one of them. People who can get away from the mass media hypnotic agenda and with at least one neuron between their ears can see the pattern.