How To Identify A Globalist Criminal

Brandon Smith – Activist Post March 21, 2019

In my work analyzing the behavior and motives of globalists I often hear people question the validity of the label.

Obviously, one cannot outline a long list of globalist names in every essay or article.


Frankly, I do not care what other people believe as long as they keep to themselves and leave others alone.

Globalism threatens them just as much as it threatens others.


Globalists treat the idea of sovereignty with disdain.

The 1318 transnational corporations that form the core of the economy. Superconnected companies are red, very connected companies are yellow. The size of the dot represents revenue. Click to enlarge




Full-blown narcissistic sociopaths (or psychopaths) make up around 1% of any given population, but are responsible for the

There is a long list of character traits that make a narcissistic sociopath, but the defining features are a complete lack of conscience and empathy, a propensity for moral relativism (the ability to rationalize any and all destructive behavior), a desperate need to be adored or admired by everyone around them, a feeling of being “more special” than most people, a feeling of superiority, delusions of grandeur or an inherent right to manage the lives of others, an obsessive need to control and manipulate, impulsive desires and deviant sexual inclinations, and elitist associations (they will only associate with people they feel are like them and are “equally superior”).

Their motivation at bottom is to condition or tear down normal, moral and free society until it becomes a place in which they can openly be what they really are without fear of judgment or consequences.


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One response to “How To Identify A Globalist Criminal”

  1. This guy needs to go ‘esoteric’ to understand the real “NWO” and not the OWO BS generated by their puppets. Old Zionism isn’t the New Zionism we see today…. same with all the isms… neo this, neo that… most all of them perverted forms of the original…. as forewarned by the studies on pyschopathy, such as Political Ponerology…. the psychos are just tools… it is the Satanists that control them like puppets, as these Satanists are but puppets themselves and so on up that ladder of ‘success’… as the Masonic pyramid demonstrates…. not that most Masons realize what they are tied to… same with most groups…. the sheeple simply ‘know not’… by design… as that Ponerology books shows…. infiltrate and control… divide and conquer, it’s all classic for life here in our one realm of Purgatory, as David R. Hawkins once said….. the tree of life…. EU theory…. that center axis needs the dark to create the light…. the positive needs the negative to create energy and matter from thought…. all for the same meaning of life… ‘to know thyself’… simple yet infinitely complex… all the neurons in our bodies connected like the galaxies and super galaxies in the universe… fractal formation… quantum entanglement…. it all makes sense once you start to understand WTF is really going on and why… then you realize the need to Choose sides… then empower that choice to ‘graduate’. I doubt if many of those evangelicals realize that they are supporting the dark/satanic energies when they promote, give their money to those groups… when they ‘support the troops’…. I don’t they realize they are still sheep, thinking they are shepherds for their own soul….. if they support the troops, they support the empire… and all empires operate alike…. there’s always an ‘evil empire’ or Axis of Evil here in Purgatory…..which is just a school in consciousness… first we walked with the ‘good shepherds’ here on Earth when it was in Eden…. positive polarity or the good shepherds, good gods…. but as we grew in awareness, we wanted more, more catalyst, more experience like a little child learning to walk…. thus the “Fall” into the ‘dark shepherds’, bad gods… the negative polarity crew took over the planet…. we switched sides on the tree of life…. they provide this ‘school’ with the catalyst we need to learn our ‘lessons’… no pain, no gain here in Purgatory…. it’s simply how we all learn… the hard way….
    Plato’s Cave analogy…. choose sides… stay and support the dark shepherds in their herd management or find the exit and leave.. walk into the light. Point it out to others who awaken and start questioning WTF is going on… as they get ‘as mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more”… the examples are endless… .as shown in the Matrix films…. et al.
    Mother Nature will swing in to ‘clean house’… as ‘she’ always does…. to potentiate the next classroom… the NWO… which polarity will win? That is what’s going on…. this battle over control of the planet in the next density of awareness… 4d… The evangelicals are being ‘played’, same as always…. but that is how we all learn… just a question of how many lifetimes it takes for the Adamics….
    Time is running out before this school term ends…. said to start the ‘thousand year transition period’ within a decade…. so the stress levels are being pushed higher on both sides…. can you handle it? are you ready? Have you empowered that Choice?
    Both sides have to deal with this need to finish their lessons, to strengthen their choice.
    THe SG is ‘outing’ their OWO, so they can blame all the crap on it and then replace it with their NWO…. so they hope. Others have said they’ve already lost the war, but simply can’t see reality with their wishful thinking…. so easily on display these days as the OWO is pushed over the cliff of sanity into abyss of insanity… neo this, neo that… contards, libtards etc…. The dumbing down and doping up of the masses, the herd, the goyim, the sheeple is about to end…. as is school… the planet is showing this stress as well… as its EM field is affected and preps for the transition…. same with our own bodies….. our OWO religions, ideologies, beliefs, practices etc… all man-made… for control of other people… to keep them in the Cave.