Ole Dammegard & Alfred Lambremont Webre ask you to question the Christchurch event

Alfred Lambremont Webre – March 18, 2019

2 responses to “Ole Dammegard & Alfred Lambremont Webre ask you to question the Christchurch event”

  1. A very long but very interesting and enlightening interview. As the days go by after this incident I believe that there is the chance of the following what I believe occurred. There was DEFINITELY a massacre in Christ Church New Zealand involving the deaths of many Muslims. However there is a cell phone recording showing at least 2 other individuals with weapons leaving one of the mosques. Sure, could be made up by a conspiracy group but on the other hand could be good and is convincing by the total number of individuals I see ( a large production). What may support this is that the police arrested several individuals which I believe were later released. Releasing does not automatically mean any one individual is innocent of a crime. Deep state organizations can often get their man released so to speak through official channels and we will never know for sure and the police are not talking.. Another tape released


    shows (and it is quite convincing ) what appears to be crises actors in a mosque or what looks like a mosque area some of whom ( alive ) are “bloodied” and are being awakened up as if they have been drugged. One conclusion from internet sources suggests that these actors were drugged so that they would not react as a live person would ( flinching ) be if hit by rubber bullets. Rubber bullets were used according to the conspiracy theory to produce the hitting effect on the clothing on dead bodies in a Coup De Gras attempt by the assassin to further create the “reality” for the TV viewers. What may be the case is that these crises actors were used in a video version ( the now famous 16 minute tape by Brenton Tarrant ) of the attack to incorporate the 1 man assassination theory for closure as well as enable Tarrant as the Patsy. In other words we have the real massacre ( more than 1 professional used ) and the television “Massacre” filmed perhaps before hand done by the Patsy for the public to see. This analysis sounds plausible and would answer to all what we have seen.

  2. at 8:58 then empty shell casing vanish before they hit the ground.