NZ PM Jacinda Ardern has a bulge in the wrong place.

Courtesy Henry Makow – March 19, 2019

2 responses to “NZ PM Jacinda Ardern has a bulge in the wrong place.”

  1. Hello , Well hello again, Jacinda has a bulge in the wrong place? Really? Yes I did catch that recent hot shimmy by Jacinda.This may her carry weapon just incase someone tries to raise that skirt. Did she not give birth to a baby recently or was that a False Bulge? What about that recent so called Terror attack, was that also somewhat strange/fake? Come on Jacinda lift that skirt and prove them all wrong.I am sure once you show us what you have all thoes pesky terrorists will leave for Israel without even taking a second peek. We all loved the show and its about time you joined a real HAKA with the boys to put NZ on the world map.

  2. Ladies, gentlemen, undetermined and undecided,

    From the land of the sheep, New Zioland, it is my distinguished horror to present to you, the Crime Sinister of New Zioland:

    Jacindarn Herder

    Christchurch Mosque Massacre EXPOSED, Vinny Eastwood,
    The Big Puzzle With Barry Prince

    Jacindarn Herder is yet another phony goof putting on a show of fake sincerity for a crowd of trained seals so stupid one is left absolutely gaga…like Fony Blare for instance, George Wonderful Bush, “Michael” Hussein Obummer, Donald Trampenstein, Bull Clinton, Clitory, Narcy Pelousi, Shmuck Schumer, Mike Pompedo, John Dolton, Bibitte Sathanyahu, Amanual Macrob, Justine Trou d’Eau, Mengela Merkl and the rest of these well organized lying machines that have been disgusting normal, decent and sane people at an ever increasing rate. The Great Globalist Freak Show has moved its traveling circus to New Zealand. John-Pedo Podesta called New Zealand a “juicy target”…Houmm…

    Mister Molesta was on site 4 or 5 days before the Christchurch media extravaganza erupted. It is presumed that he was greasing the wheels of the sloppy psychological operation the crazies ran in order to bamboozle the public once again into believing a stinky mountain of lies. They manufactured an event which allows them to direct their slanderous and vitriolic HATE SPEECH towards all these “white supremacists” and
    other whites because they’re racists…So let’s help those African blacks in South Africa kill the Boers and other white oppressors!

    Make Moronica Great Again!
    Three Stooges – Moronica 1941 (Great Stuff)