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Reflections in a Petri Dish – January 24, 2011

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Back in the 60’s there was a book called “Morning of the Magicians”. It was a bit sensationalist and lacking in real scholastic backup (whatever that is), as well as hard and credible research. It was a little like the T. Lobsang Rampa books and the film, “They Live”. All of these grabbed the attention of a certain strata of society, whose critical facility was compromised to the point that they want to believe more than they want to prove the integrity of the foundation of what they believe in. People don’t like disappointment, so they cut corners on the important things, in order to create some kind of temporary coat rack in the unknown; something to hang their weather gear on. In most lives, that weather gear only gets used during the early period of life, where idealism and spiritual hunger still make for some competition against the compromises that comfort and imaginary protection demand.

Whatever the shortcomings of these examples may be, they had certain things in common that do rest on a foundation that can be proven to, and by, anyone willing to take the trouble. I know this to be true because I did and so have others. Many of the things that a person can prove to themselves cannot be articulated in any common way. They don’t relate to a common way, which reflects the general mass appreciation of and desire for a world of objects and opportunities; for the expression of common passions that replicate in an endlessly returning series of ghost bodies, looking for death in all the right places.

Truth is not truth until it has been convincingly proven, to the one claiming to be in possession of it. Anyone can go into the acclaimed great books, of any tradition or individual path, and become a parrot of something they were too lazy and timid to risk their lives and reputations to authenticate. If it’s true it can be proven and, even where the most obscure and elusive tenets may elude, enough can be acquired to allow faith to carry the rest.

“Morning of the Magicians” introduces us to the impact of secret societies and occult ritual upon political and social constructs. All wars are magical wars, I don’t care what excuses you are given. Self-interest driven representatives of temporal power serve an invisible intelligence of dark intent. Selfless and compassionate souls serve an invisible intelligence of animating light. In times of darkness the intelligence of dark intent ‘seems’ preeminent and the reverse is true in opposite times.

T. Lobsang Rampa spins fantastic tales about unique individuals possessed of remarkable powers and talks of third eyes beings opened by surgical means; ridiculous stuff but… unique individuals with remarkable powers do exist, both for good and ill, with the good always being stronger though less perceptibly present at certain times.

“They Live”, introduces us to subliminal programming that allows monsters to control the lives and destinies of the peoples of the world. It was a ham-fisted and sophomoric effort with very real principles behind it. We actually live in a very similar world today and it explains why it is so difficult for people to wake up and why they are so resistant to the truth that stares them in the face.

Before a certain carpet-bagging race appeared with a book of tales, that were adapted from previous cultures, we had the Chaldeans and the precursors to the Egyptian dynasties. We had cultures, whose presence is now obscured by the mist of time and relegated to myth and fancy. These cultures possessed a knowledge of the true magical arts. They understood the relationship between letters and numbers, as well as the science behind vibration and the application of things like electro-magnetism and adapted sunlight. Much can be made via the intuitive mind, concerning the Great Solar Disk of Lemuria and the Brotherhood of The Seven Rays. Remnants and even representatives of these modalities still exist in the high mountain ranges and hidden valleys of the world.

The present composition of these magics is what was stolen from the worlds of light and then perverted for a use other than what they were intended for. All bad magic is a travesty upon the enduring and original forms. However, the original forms are still around and can destroy all the perverted formulations without any trouble at all. You’re going to see this at some point and wonder why you ever thought differently, or lived in fear of a large shadow cast by a tiny form.

War is made against humanity across the span of every Dark Age and even in ages of a greater light. War is made and the technology of conflict improves and improves until the real goal of all these wars begins to emerge and that is the war against Heaven itself; however you may define it. It is at this point that Shambhala finally appears out of the hidden clouds that conceal it, here. You can understand this literally and you can understand it figuratively, if it’s true it’s true and these are the days in which it comes to pass and is proven one way or the other.

We are all born into certain times for a reason. The greater the opportunity of any particular time, the greater the darkness mustered against those opportunities, because the whole point of existence on this plane is about souls and who will harvest them, nothing else is relevant. Some of us can walk out into the world and see it in living color on any given day and some of us see only what ‘they’ are projecting upon the human mind with their magical arts of concealment and illusion. Awakening comes with risk. You can’t un-know certain things. You can’t get your virginity back once your ignorance has been violated by the lingam of revelation. This is why people hide so desperately from exposure to the truth. The truth is like acid. It will eat away all the foundations upon which people have built their false lives.

The truth destroys the veils which hide you from yourself. The truth sears its message upon the soul and it cannot be unwritten. Most of us would never risk the comfort of our illusions for the bright and initially painful light of what actually is. This is why it comes for us at regular intervals, breaks down our walls and gives us the chance, if we so wish, to rise to our real potential or go running in panic back into the warm darkness of attractive dreams and certain death. In most ages there are only a few souls with the courage to penetrate these veils. In this time we are all given this opportunity in varying degrees. “How bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Not bad enough!!!” Don Henley channeled a lot of interesting points in his time. Truth leaks into our world continuously through music and the various arts …and history saves the best examples for us to ponder at will, but most would rather read crap like Cosmo because the camouflage of cosmetics is the passport to appetite satisfaction, until you’re not attractive any more.

If you want to know the state of your culture, look at the art. If you want to compare the awareness of one time against another, compare the art. Is the art reaching for a more refined state of being; regardless of what the population may be laboring under? Is the art pulling the general consciousness into the cosmic toilet? Is Kanye West a modern Goethe? This brilliant lady, whose work will endure, says it all. When things fall apart, when they threaten to come unglued, you get redundant evidence that is pretty much the same no matter at what time it is happening. These cultures don’t just wake up and go, “Oh, that’s the wrong direction, let’s all turn around and go the way we should have gone and undo all this bad landscape”. That doesn’t occur. It’s kind of like trying to put the genii back in the bottle or reverse a pregnancy. The world of the moment is like a drunk who wakes up the next morning with a feeling of apprehension. He knows something happened last night and, even though he can’t remember what it was, he knows it wasn’t good. I think a lot of people are nodding their heads at this image because most of us have been there at least once.

In all cases the drunk says, “never again’. In some cases they actually make the change. The cost is the life that the alcohol fueled and all the acquaintances in it. You find out sooner than you might expect that you can’t remember any of those people anymore. It’s no accident that alcohol is the authorized lubrication for existence, during these thousands of years. Alcohol creates conditions of behavior that result in guilt and guilt is the whip used by those overseeing the chain gang. There is a practical reason for this and both the religious and social controllers use it to their advantage.

Imagine that you are in your house and you can hear a clock ticking. Your awareness of the clock comes and goes. If you look for the clock, you can’t find it because the sound of its ticking is always in the room you just left. The clock has an alarm. You can’t remember what you set it for; neither the event nor the time. Somehow you know if you can locate the clock, you will also remember why you set the alarm and what time you set it for. That ticking clock is your own heartbeat and it should remind you of something you carry with you everywhere you go. You carry it but you don’t exercise it fully, if at all. If you did, the power to truly rule yourself and the world would be yours in every moment.

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Those people setting themselves on fire is the signal of introduction for massive change. This is a truly significant feature of what’s coming and the sound of horns in the distance.

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