Paris in Flames: Riveting Videos of Week 18 of Yellow Vest Protests

Russia Insider – March 19, 2019

French dissident website Democotie Participative has been covering the weekly Yellow Vest protests since they began 18 weeks ago. Below is their collection of the best front-line footage from French Twitter of this Saturday’s events, the most intense yet.

Enjoy the chaos.

One of the most chaotic days in Paris since the beginning of the movement. Antifa is back.

MAJ 10:

PARIS – Scene of chaos similar to December 1st 2018 on #ChampsElysees

Scenes of chaos on #ChampsElysees. Many fires and tensions in progress.

MAJ 9:

Several buildings on fire on the Champs Elysees

MAJ 8: Paris

The police are targeted on #ChampsElysees and must fall back #Placedeletoile. Very tense situation.

MAJ 7: Paris

MAJ 6: Paris

MAJ 5: Paris

MAJ 4: Paris

MAJ 3: Paris

MAJ 2: Paris

The famous Fouquet’s Restaurant was ravaged, most likely by the anarchists.

MAJ 1: Clashes in Paris near the Champs Elysees